Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 20, 2013

Cloud Computing Explained – The ‘cloud’ is a real buzzword these days, but what exactly is the cloud, how does it impact what you do, and is it anything really new?

Should you leave a hard drive running when it’s not in use? – These things are fragile, and there’s little agreement on how best to treat them. I checked with two experts on hard drive technology, and got two very different answers to the leave on/turn off controversy.

View lyrics for YouTube videos without looking them up – Frequent YouTube music video watcher? This extension will help you learn the lyrics so you can sing it like a pro later.

Losing your Google Reader? Try Tiny Tiny RSS instead – Marco Fioretti recommends a free software RSS reader that won’t leave you in the lurch.

How to get the most out of Feedly on your desktop – Google Reader users are flocking to Feedly as a potential Reader replacement, now that Reader’s expiration date has been announced. We’ve got some tips to help you get the most out of Feedly on your desktop.

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Google undeletes RSS extension for Chrome browser – It’s not dead after all. Google has resurrected an extension that lets Chrome handle RSS and Atom feeds, even though it’s not resurrecting the related Google Reader service.

How (and why) to set up a VPN today – Lost amid today’s VPN conversation, however, is the fact that virtual private networks are much more than just pipelines for connecting remote employees to central work servers. And that’s a damn shame, because VPNs can be helpful tools for protecting online privacy, and you need not be an office drone to enjoy their benefits.

25 Kindle Fire Apps You Need Now – Get the most out of your Kindle Fire by downloading a wide range of apps for work, play, and more.

Five cloud sync apps that rise above the rest – Along with the cloud comes the ability to sync your data between desktops. This service allows a much more seamless flow of work between home and business, home computers, desktops, and mobiles, and much more. But no matter what you’re syncing, it all starts with the desktop and the syncing app. Some of the apps, associated with cloud sync, are much better than others.

Google Adds GIF-Finding Filter to Image Search – Google is expanding its image search tools to include a section for the animated clips.

Google Drive goes down for many users – Google’s status page showed a service disruption for the online storage site that left many people unable to access their online files.

Is Windows 9 Coming Sooner Than Later? – Rumor has it that Microsoft is currently developing Windows 9 and intends to release it late next year. I would argue that there is some truth to this gossip based on Microsoft’s past practices with Windows 98 and perhaps Windows 95.


Pope sued over sexual abuse and not wearing seatbelt? Fake CNN and BBC news alerts spread malware – Malware campaigns spammed out in the last 24 hours have pretended to be breaking news stories from the likes of CNN and the BBC.

Rent, Buy, or Lease? Exploit Toolkits A La Carte – Cybercrime has evolved into a complex enterprise complete with leaders, engineers, infantry, and money mules. Mirroring legitimate businesses, cybercrime organizations follow the fundamental laws of economics. In order to make profit, organizations price their products or services based on demand.

EA Origin Security Flaw Could Expose Tens of Millions of Players – When it rains, it pours: Electronic Arts, currently grappling with game-breaking SimCity server issues as well as the surprise resignation of CEO John Riccitiello, might have to add “millions of players at risk of being hacked”

Cyberwar Manual Lays Down Rules for Online Attacks – Even cyberwar has rules, and one group of experts is putting out a manual to prove it. Their handbook, due to be published later this week, applies the practice of international law to the world of electronic warfare in an effort to show how hospitals, civilians and neutral nations can be protected in an information-age fight.

Chameleon botnet steals $6M per month in click fraud scam – More than 120,000 Windows-based computers running Internet Explorer 9 are infected in the U.S., researchers say.

Stolen credit reports: What you can do to protect yourself – Patrick Lambert follows up on the stolen celebrity credit reports. You don’t have to be famous to be at risk. What can individuals and businesses do for protection?

iOS 6.1.3 released – Apple fixes iPhone/iPad passcode-bypass security loophole – Apple has just released iOS 6.1.3, an operating system update for iPhones and iPads that is said to fix a high profile flaw that could potentially allow someone to bypass your device’s lock screen.

Company News:

Microsoft taking bribery allegations ‘seriously’ – The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating Microsoft for possible kickbacks made by a Microsoft representative in China, as well as looking into the company’s relationship with some resellers and consultants in Italy and Romania.

Samsung confirms a smartwatch is in the works – Hot on the heels of speculation that Apple is developing a smartwatch, Samsung confirmed reports that it too is preparing a connected wristwatch, probably under the Galaxy brand.

Nvidia aims for late Q2 launch for Project Shield handheld – Nvidia hopes to make its ambitious break into the portable handheld gaming market in the next few months, the company’s CEO said Tuesday. Speaking to analysts on the sidelines of the company’s annual developer conference, Jen Hsun Huang said he “hopes” the Shield will be available through retail outlets in the latter part of the second quarter.

Intel vs. AMD: Battle of the world’s smallest PCs – These incredibly tiny, amazingly quiet computers can fit almost anywhere and perform most any task.

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch resigns, headed for Apple – Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch has resigned, departing the company to go work at Apple as the VP of technology.

Microsoft buys analytics firm Netbreeze, readies CRM updates – Microsoft has acquired social-monitioring analytics vendor Netbreeze and is readying the next two updates to its Dynamics CRM platform, officials announce at the Convergence conference.

Webopedia Daily:

MEMS – Short for micro-electromechanical systems, the name for a micro fabrication technology used in making systems-on-a-chip (SoC) that embeds mechanical devices such as fluid sensors, mirrors, actuators, pressure and temperature sensors, vibration sensors and valves in semiconductor chips. MEMS combine many disciplines, including physics, bioinformatics, biochemistry, electrical engineering, optics and electronics. Typical MEMS devices combine sensing, processing and/or actuating functions to alter the way that the physical world is perceived and controlled. They typically combine two or more electrical, mechanical, biological, magnetic, optical or chemical properties on a single microchip.

Games and Entertainment:

SimCity – Cleverly integrated online elements. Introduces impressive algorithms for road design, sim tracking. New features simplify, expand traditional SimCity game play. Improved city reporting, tracking of statistics. Even with its much-publicized server problems resolved, the latest SimCity installment fails to excite or addict as much as previous games in the series.

ABC may offer live streaming apps, but not for cord cutters – ABC is reportedly planning a mobile app for live, streaming television in an attempt to keep cable and satellite TV subscribers from jumping ship. Would-be cord cutters need not get too excited, though, as the New York Times reports that the app would require a pay TV subscription. The Times’ unnamed sources say the app could be available to some subscribers later this year.

LEGO City Undercover (Nintendo Wii U) – LEGO City Undercover isn’t a game-changer for the Nintendo Wii U, but it’s a compelling argument to dust off the four-month-old system and play something that isn’t a Nintendo franchise or a port of a game released a year ago. It’s fun, friendly, and funny, even if it’s not especially deep or remotely challenging.

TiVo adds Mini piece to its whole-home system – This little box allows TiVo users to extend viewing of live and recorded TV and streaming content to another room without adding an entire DVR. But, boy, are you gonna pay for it.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Politician arrested over Facebook IPO – A US Republican politician has been arrested and charged with using the Facebook IPO as a Ponzi scam.

Urban wingsuit flying into Rio de Janeiro – Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer (video 2:46) – Ludovic and I doing a wingsuit flight into Rio de Janeiro. We did not have permission to fly into the city, but to respect the commercial air traffic we did the jump 05:45 in the morning. The first flights arrive at 06:05

Gender gap? In tech salaries, it’s all gone, Dice reports – The field of IT is notorious for being persistently male-dominated, but that doesn’t mean women still suffer from a gender gap when it comes to pay. In fact, the compensation gender gap has disappeared for tech workers, according to the latest salary survey from IT careers site Dice.

U.S. Now Has 500M Internet-Connected Devices – In 1993, the word “Internet” had barely entered the public lexicon. Twenty years later, the Web is inescapable, connected to more than half a billion devices in the U.S. A recent report from The NPD Group points to smartphones and tablets as the driving force behind the milestone, though PCs are still king.

Cracked: The 5 Most Popular Ways Statistics Are Used to Lie to You – Humans are terrible with numbers. They just don’t fit in our brains. It’s why scientists can hammer us with statistics about global warming but we will stop believing in it as soon as it gets cold where we live. You don’t have to understand long term data trends in order to change a goddamn light bulb. But there are some basics that everyone should know. Each of them sounds incredibly simple when it’s explained, yet each of them will fool you again within days of reading this article. So try to keep in mind …

Americans Prefer Native Mobile Apps Over HTML – A recent BiTE Interactive survey showed that most Americans prefer native mobile apps over HTML5 standard-based apps, and one in five Americans will not consider switching mobile operating systems once they have spent $25 on apps.

Today’s Quote:

Absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power.”

–      Eric Hoffer

Today’s Free Downloads:

EverNote – Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.

Skitch – Skitch is a free, innovative, easy-to-use application that’s changed the way people capture, annotate and share images. You can take screenshots or open photos, add arrows, shapes and text.

Tweak-SSD – Compared to competitive products, Tweak-SSD does not require any user knowledge when it comes to activating SSD related system tweaks. The included wizard guides the user from one tweak to the other and suggests the best setting by intuitive red-green switch buttons, and an additional system status gauge visualizing the system’s optimization status. Tweak-SSD works on Windows 7 and Windows 8, both on 32bit and 64bit editions. It includes an English user interface.



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