Google Nexus 4 – The Best Android Device Ever?

Google’s Nexus 4 might just be the best Android device around. Guest writer Allison Foster walks you through a comprehensive overview – see what you think.

imageIn keeping with the aesthetics and innovative features of its bigger brothers, the Google Nexus 4 is a smartphone to contend with. This device has the technological benefits of the tablet line condensed into a small pocket version with access to telecommunications.

Providing overwhelming graphic capabilities as well as processing power, the Nexus 4 is loaded with the hardware it needs in order to accomplish virtually any task. It is a phone that can engage a person on a variety of levels whether it is for entertainment, professional, or personal use.

1. Display – Using a 4.7-inch display, the Google Nexus 4 runs at a resolution of 1280×768 with 320 pixels per inch. This provides an amazing clarity for video and graphics, making it ideal for streaming movies or playing games. Operating at such resolutions also makes web browsing ideal as one would be able to see the website as it would be on a desktop computer system or view the condensed site if it had been optimized for smartphones. Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2, one could feel comfortable with carrying the Nexus 4 in his or her pocket without worry of keys or other materials scratching the glass.

2. Connections – The Google Nexus 4 is compatible with a number of carriers as it uses GSM, EDGE, and GPRS on 850, 900, 1800, and 1900MHz bands. This unlocked smartphone is capable of using 3G networks, support for more than 200 service carriers, and can connect to virtually any wireless access point supporting 802.11 a/b/g/n. As an added bonus, Bluetooth and Android Beam technologies increase connectivity across millions of devices.

Keeping true to using innovative technologies, the Google Nexus 4 is capable of wireless charging. This form of replenishment is also called inductive charging and uses electromagnetic fields in order to transfer energy from a charging base to the receiving unit. This technology has been utilized in the past in key-cards and readers.

3. CPU and Memory – Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 CPU, the Google Nexus 4 operates at 1.5Ghz with a quad-core chipset. Backed by 2GB of memory, this smartphone has power to burn for running multiple apps simultaneously. Even Google admits to the Nexus 4 as being, “our snappiest smartphone yet.”

4. Features – Loaded with the standard apps that accompany any Android device, the Nexus 4 also supports:

i. An 8MP rear and 1.3MP front facing camera – This provides amazingly clear and detailed images

ii. A built-in microphone – When combined with one of the built-in cameras, this phone can utilize video conferencing through Google+ with exceptional quality

iii. The ability to voice search – Searching the Internet is easier if you don’t have to type in the letters. Just tell the Nexus 4 what it is you need to search

iv. Gesture Typing – No longer will you have to press each letter individually in order to create sentences. With Gesture Typing, you simply run your fingers across the letters of the on-screen keyboard in a fluid motion

Google Wallet – Contain the information of your credit and debit cards within Google Wallet in order to use your phone for wireless payment at one of more than 200,000 locations around the United States

The Google Nexus 4 is a premier phone that is built for longevity and multitasking. With access to apps such as Google Play, Netflix, and more this phone can provide a wealth of entertainment and communication wrapped in the sleek and elegant design of its chassis. This impressive addition to the Nexus family is more than a simple smartphone; it’s a tool of unlimited possibilities.

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Blogging was a natural progression for Allison once she graduated from college, as it allowed her to combine her two passions: writing and children. She has enjoyed furthering her writing career with She can be reached through e-mail – allisonDOTnannyclassifiedsATgmail – the rest you know.


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8 responses to “Google Nexus 4 – The Best Android Device Ever?

  1. It’s not all that dissimilar to the Samsung Galaxy S3. In comparison to the S3, the Nexus 4 has the wireless charging, a slightly faster processor (although I doubt anyone would notice the difference), a slightly smaller display (although I doubt anyone would notice the difference here either). That’s about it. Their practically identical in everything but price, and OS. The S3 is upgradable to JB, but the Nexus for comes with it stock.

    The big difference is the Nexus 4 retails at 300 bucks unlocked. The cheapest I’ve found an 8GB unlocked S3 is around 350.

    What I’d like to see is a phone with more user-configurable accessory buttons on the side, IR transmit capability to act as a remote, bug fixes so it stays on in the cradle even when connected with Exchange, and a stylus like the Note.

    Don’t get me wrong though. The Nexus 4 is a great phone, beating the S3 by a hair on specs, and by 50 bucks on price.

  2. nice phone, looks like google phones/android phones are finally maturing from the devices they were in the beginning. Lets hope the OS matures as well.

  3. g

    Got my eyes on this one. I have the Google Nexus Galaxy and love it! Does this phone work on Verizon or Sprint?

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  5. I really liked this phone, but ended up buying the Galaxy S3 for two reasons.

    1. The Nexus didn’t have a removable battery

    but what completely killed the deal was
    2. No micro-SD slot.

    I can’t believe a modern phone would lock you into the internal storage limit and not allow any expansion slot!

    I know the iPhone doesn’t have one, but that’s also something I don’t like about the iPhone. I can’t believe it would have cost that much to add the slot. Anyone know why they made this decision? They did the same thing with the Nexus 7, which baffles me as well.

    • John Bent

      Hi TucsonMatt,

      I agree about the lack of an expansion slot. I have a 32Gb Nexus 7 and it’s just about OK. I think the theory is that increased use of the Cloud will mean less need for onboard memory. In my opinion, it will be some time before the Cloud is used so routinely.

      It is possible to connect a USB flash, or external hard drive to the Nexus 7. It requires a transfer cable and an application called Nexus Media Importer. I do use this occasionally for backups and it works well. Some may find it a bit cumbersome for frequent use.

      The lack of a removable battery in the Nexus 4 is a concern to me. If I had my sceptical hat on (heaven forbid!), I would think the assumption is that most people will upgrade their phones before a new battery is necessary.

      John Bent

  6. John Bent

    Hi Allison,

    Thanks very much for this comprehensive write-up. The Nexus 4 sounds like the perfect companion to my Nexus 7 tablet when it’s time to change.


  7. I’ve had my Nexus 4 since Nov 2012 and I absolutely love it. It even ‘feels’ like a quality product in the hand (no plastic here, it’s all glass – Samsung take note!)

    I’ve not missed having a removable battery or SD card slot. I simply plug the phone into my PC and upload my videos and pictures on a regular basis.

    One thing to note as well when this thing charges it charges FAST, I’m talking about half the time it would take my old Samsung GS2 to charge.

    But the best thing – with this phone I’ve managed to free myself from the shackles of a long contract with my network provider which means I pay less on my monthly rental.

    Best phone I’ve ever owned and it makes the iPhone 5 almost seem irrelevant!