Free Security Software Downloader – Download Multiple Security Apps And Tools In One Go

imageIf you’re into helping your less experienced friends/relatives deal with computer issues, then I think you’ll find that Security Software Downloader (SSDownloader) is a terrific way to help those less experienced users install the freeware security applications that you know, through experience, are a “must have”.

Talk about small!

Security Software Downloader is a tiny open source executable (669KB) – designed specifically as a bulk download manager which focuses on security applications and, security related specialty tools.

A quick walkthrough –

The tab based user interface – Free Antivirus, Security Suites (Trial Versions), Malware Removal, Firewalls, and Other Tools, is uncomplicated and checkbox simple.

In the first screen grab, referencing “Free Antivirus”, I’ve selected three popular applications for download. Notice the languages which are available, as well as the OS “auto detect” feature. According to the developer – changing the language will automatically download your selection/s in the chosen language.


Total download time – 2:37.


The default download location is the Desktop. You will however, have a chance to select an alternative location.


For this test, I’ve bypassed the Trial Versions opportunity. Still, there’s a good selection of well know applications to choose from.


In this screen capture, you’ll note that I’ve focused on two tools which, I know from experience, can get the job done with a minimum of fuss.


From the “Other tools” menu, I’ve selected three more applications which have served me well in the past.


As each download is completed, a system notification area popup, tells the tale – as illustrated below.


Fast facts:

  • Download the most popular free and paid security software with only one click.
  • Don’t worry about OS or 32bit/64bit, the right version will be automatically downloaded.
  • Stay up to date, the newest versions of the selected software will be downloaded.
  • Choose what you want to download and you will see a notification as soon as your download/s finish.

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 (32 bit and 64 bit). Tested on Win 8.

Download at: Sourceforge

For those of us who are geek inclined, SSDownloader (especially given its small footprint), would make a nice addition to a Flash drive toolbox.

Download times will be system specific. In this case, I ran on a 1.7 MB/sec  connection.


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10 responses to “Free Security Software Downloader – Download Multiple Security Apps And Tools In One Go

  1. delenn13

    Hi Bill,

    Anyone else noticing a trend here? In the past, we got toolbars and home page hijacking bundling en mass…….

    Now we get BUNDLES we get to pick with NO toolbars or hijacks..

    First, programs…Ninite – Install or Update Multiple Apps at Once

    Now, Security….

    ****Starts waiting for the gaming bundle****

  2. Thanks Bill,
    The idea is good but without the ability to choose a custom install for the software packages you choose, how do you avoid the installation of unwanted items ? (Toolbars, additional software installs, etc)

  3. Hopefully you’re in a position to answer. I’m in Fla on business so I am actually enjoying the weather.

  4. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    Added to my armour, thanks

    Be interesting if they came up with a multiple toolbar downloader with no software. Wonder what the takeup would be? 🙂

    @delenn13. “****Starts waiting for the gaming bundle****” You used to get these on CDs attached to the covers of PC mags – 700 mb of cr@p as I recall.

    Happy shovelling y’all…

    Kind regards