Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – January 28, 2013

Google rallies troops to restrict government access to cloud-based data – The tech giant is throwing its weight behind measures that would restrict governmental access to digital communication.

Facebook legal notice could get you cash, so don’t trash it – To settle a class action lawsuit (Angel Fraley v. Facebook) resulting from those allegations of unlawful use of its members’ content, the social network is proposing to pay $20 million into a fund to be used to pay members who appeared in the sponsored stories. If you received the legal notice from Facebook, you may be paid up to $10 as part of the settlement.

Pornographic video clips show up on Twitter’s Vine – Less than a week after Twitter unveiled Vine, the video-sharing app apparently has developed a porn problem. Released Thursday, the app for iPhone and iPod Touch lets anyone create and share six-second clips, but it also has become a popular venue for male genitalia and pornographic movies taped off TVs and laptops.

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CCleaner – CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download. This powerhouse utility stays ahead of the game by learning what your computer needs and doesn’t. The latest update adds support for cleaning Internet Explorer 10 Metro.

Hands on with Swipp: Compare global opinions in real time – The latest contender in social networking emerged from stealth mode this week, offering yet another forum to share and compare opinions in a social stream of your acquaintances and the web at large. Swipp offers a graphical representation of its participants’ opinions about a variety of topics, such as a movie or a restaurant, a city or a celebrity. Your rating on a 10-point scale (+5 to -5) contributes to a graphical map of those opinions, which can also be sorted by gender, location and other factors.

China considers lifting games console ban – While consoles have been available on the black market, it’s been illegal to manufacture, sell or import them since 2000, thanks to concerns over the health of young people. Even the makers of mobile or PC games are required to include ‘anti-addiction’ features such as a built-in timer, and gamers are required to verify their name and age. Now, though, according to the China Daily newspaper, the policy’s being reconsidered.

BlackBerry 10 essentials: What you need to know – The launch of RIM’s new BlackBerry 10 handsets and operating system is just around the corner; here’s what you need to know.

Review: UnoDNS frees you to stream from other countries – All of the computers on my home network can enjoy the same content, and I didn’t have to install any software or flash my ADSL router with custom firmware for this to work. This is all thanks to innovative $5/month (eight-day free trial) service UnoDNS–and before you ask, no, it is not a VPN.


Can You Trust Your Browser With Your Passwords? – Having your Web browser remember your passwords and/or credit card details can be convenient, but it poses some security risks. How much of a risk depends on which browser you’re using, whether you sync with other devices, and whether you’re using any of the browser’s extra security features.

Facebook’s Graph Search raises concerns from security experts – Facebook’s new Graph Search has security experts warning people who use the social network to raise their privacy settings in order to avoid embarrassment or becoming victims of cybercriminals.

Anonymous hackers sentenced for denial-of-service attacks – A student at Northampton University and a man from south London have been jailed for taking part in an unsophisticated but effective 2010 DDoS rampage that reportedly cost PayPal £3.5 million ($5.6 million). One particular DDoS protest in December 2010, “Operation Payback,” severely disrupted PayPal after it refused to process payments from the campaigning Wikileaks website beloved of hacktivists, the court heard.

Anonymous re-hacks US Sentencing site into video game Asteroids – The U.S. Sentencing Commission website has been hacked again and a code distributed by Anonymous “Operation Last Resort” turns into a playable video game. Visitors enter the code, and then the website that sets guidelines for sentencing in United States Federal courts becomes “Asteroids.” Shooting away at the webpage reveals an image of Anonymous.

Pentagon to boost cybersecurity force numbers: report – Faced with rising cyberattack numbers and becoming the target of Anonymous heckling, the Pentagon has decided to boost its cybersecurity team.

Memories of the Slammer worm – ten years later – Ten years ago to the day, we published an FAQ about a computer worm called Slammer. It was aptly named. If you were in IT back in 2003, I’m sure you remember it well…

Company News:

Nokia Launching ‘Music+’ Subscription Service on Lumia Smartphones – According to a blog post from Nokia’s Ian Delaney today, the company is officially unveiling a new “Nokia Music+” service that basically serves as an add-on to the smartphones’ existing radio music capabilities.

China Mobile eyeing investment in five countries – Chinese telco has invited bids from consulting firms to do market research on opportunities in Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, and North Korea.

IBM relying on more cloud services, software to accelerate social business – IBM is putting its acquisition of Kenexa to the test with the introduction of new cloud and software services for its social business unit.

Webopedia Daily:

Private cloud – The phrase used to describe a cloud computing platform that is implemented within the corporate firewall, under the control of the IT department. A private cloud is designed to offer the same features and benefits of public cloud systems, but removes a number of objections to the cloud computing model including control over enterprise and customer data, worries about security, and issues connected to regulatory compliance.

Off Topic (Sort of):

The Bathroom of the Future – Bathrooms are getting cleaner, more water-efficient, and more tailored to you thanks to technologies like these.

MUG SHOTS: All Celebs – Without the aid of fancy lighting, makeup, and wardrobe, these works of mug shot art–taken by countless clerks, cops, and sheriff’s deputies nationwide–are likely the most candid photos of celebrities that you’ll ever see. (checkout Bill Gates!)

Dvorak: Next-Gen Gaming Consoles Are Waiting in the Wings. So What? – Too much effort is put into creating new video games gaming consoles while not enough effort is put into fixing essential software programs.

Why the One Laptop Per Child devices are white and green – The white case and bright green trim of One Laptop Per Child’s laptops have made them among the most recognizable in the world, but what’s the story behind the choice of colors? Last week, Nicholas Negroponte, former head of the OLPC project and co-founder of the MIT Media Lab, explained the backstory.

Apple wants to let you know when to buy new shoes – Recently published patent application describes an embedded sensor that would measure repetitive activity and indicate when a predetermined metric has been reached.

Today’s Quote:

“Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it political? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular – but one must take it simply because it is right.”

–    Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today’s Free Downloads:

GMER – GMER is an application that detects rootkits and allows you to monitor system functions including drivers loading, libraries loading, file functions, registry entries, TCP/IP connections and more. – svchost.exe Lookup Tool – Another tool I made for my fellow techs toolboxes and for users who need the extra information. With this tool you can see all currently running svchost.exe on the system and what service each one belongs to. As an added feature you can view detailed information about the service right from the program.


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