Nader, The Once And Former Raider – Needs to Stay “Former”

imageRalph Nader, was identified as a “former presidential candidate” by CNET several days ago – hardly his claim to fame – old guys like me, remember him more for his 1965 expose – Unsafe at Any Speed – which took a powerful swing at the North American auto industry.

His evisceration of the Chevrolet Corvair (my first car incidentally), established Nader as a rogue consumer advocate. It is fair to say however, that all consumer advocates were viewed as suspicious by the establishment at that time.


So, was Nader correct in his condemnation of the Corvair as a “death trap.” Not exactly. At least, not according to a 1972 study (completed well after the fact, you’ll notice), conducted by Texas A&M University on behalf of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Their conclusion – “the 1960–1963 Corvair possessed no greater potential for loss of control than its contemporaries in extreme situations.” In other words, Nader’s “study” was bullshit.

Taking advantage of the truism that “bullshit baffles brains” – not a detriment it seems, to a media created legend – in the following years, Nader stayed in the public eye pontificating on issues as diverse as –

Ralph Nader on Abortion, Ralph Nader on Budget & Economy, Ralph Nader on Civil Rights, Ralph Nader on Corporations, Ralph Nader on Crime, Ralph Nader on Drugs, Ralph Nader on Education, Ralph Nader on Energy & Oil, Ralph Nader on Environment, Ralph Nader on Families & Children, Ralph Nader on Foreign Policy, Ralph Nader on Free Trade, Ralph Nader on Government Reform, Ralph Nader on Gun Control, Ralph Nader on Homeland Security, Ralph Nader on Technology, Ralph Nader on War & Peace.

Believe it or not, this is an incomplete list. The full list is available at On The Issues.

It’s clear to me, that this man is a studious expert on EVERYTHING. So his observation, that “Video game firms are ‘electronic child molesters’”, recently spewed out during an interview at Politico, must have value. It must be an astute and educated observation – one that’s denied to the average person.

We just don’t have the background I suppose, to be able to digest a complex set of issues like video games –  gun violence – and, the existence (or not), of a link between them – readily identified by Nader.

We just don’t understand as Nader puts it – that video games producers “odious fare is becoming more coarse, more violent, and more interactive to seduce these youngsters into an addiction of direct video game involvement in the mayhem.”

It’s extraordinary that none of this has anything to do of course, with the ready availability of sophisticated weapons, a culture of gun insanity, a heritage of violence as a method of settling grievances, in the United States – a set of circumstances shared virtually nowhere else in the developed world.

Nader would have us set all that aside (along with our common sense), and have us instead, be guided through the forest of his misconceptions, distorted studies, and outright lies (most particularly on this issue) – by an expert at everything – Ralph Nader.

Just thinking about this moron makes my head hurt. Why, for the love of all we hold sacred, does the media give this idiot a forum in which to push forward his nonsense – his facts – his simple solutions to complex issues. Poorly identified issues at that. But, then it’s the media – isn’t it?

The media and the “facts” – an oxymoron if there ever was one!

As regular reader and occasional guest author Mark Schneider remarked here yesterday – “Ralph Nader – desperate for attention and relevance. I’ll continue to ignore him as I have for 40 years.”


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12 responses to “Nader, The Once And Former Raider – Needs to Stay “Former”

  1. Fred

    Corvair, oh does that bring back memories of a 6′ tall tanned Airline Stewardess for Eastern Airways. She wore the uniform when she would come home, what LEGS!!! She drove a powder blue Corvair, the only problem was she had a boyfriend who was an airline pilot who was even taller than she was. But right then and there I KNEW that the Corvair was a COOL car, oh yeah. She had that car for at least 3 years with no troubles. Did I mention her LEGS??


    • You just made my day, Fred. lol And yeah – you did mention her legs. 🙂

      Had that car for couple of years (bought it used and loved it) – then flipped over to an ancient Beetle.

      Hadn’t though of this before – but, my first 2 cars were air-cooled rear engine beasts. Huh?



  2. “odious fare is becoming more coarse, more violent, and more interactive to seduce these youngsters into an addiction of direct video game involvement in the mayhem.”

    If Ralph’s games are being odious, he should turn off the smell-o-vision.

    The smell of rotting zombie flesh always makes me want to ralph.

  3. BillyJoBob

    “Had that car for couple of years (bought it used and loved it) – then flipped over to an ancient Beetle.”

    Flipped over? Flipped over in a piece trying to discredit ol’ Ralph trying to discredit the flipping Corvair? My, my. Can’t decide if you meant it or if it was ‘Freudian’ or …

    I, too, could go on forever with stories about my relationship with women who owned Corvairs or friends who lent them to me at college so we could, yaknow, get away from it all. I have always owned sports cars and loved driving the Corvair

    Thanks for the info


    • Hey BillyJoBob,

      Yeah, you’re probably right – a flipping slip of the tongue. Freud will have me for that. 🙂

      Interesting that you were into sports cars. And, “loved driving the Corvair.” Loved it too – a much under appreciated car.

      Next up after the Bug I bought a 64 Triumph TR4 (in ’67) – drove it until ’71. That was back in the day that whenever you saw another sports car – passing or approaching – a wave of the hand was a natural. Yep, loved those days of the tonneau cover and “top down, summer in the city.” They passed far to soon.



  4. Corvair, Oh yah, that was the one that always had a problem with burning oil. Or, was that only the one that I owned ???
    Thanks for the memories…….

    • Hi Bob,

      You know, I’d totally forgotten about that. I had exactly the same issue. I gotta start watching that selective memory stuff. 🙂

      And that reminds me – also had unreasonable wear and tear on the rear tires.



  5. hipockets

    Are you suggesting that Nader has reached his nadir? :>)

  6. delenn13

    Hey Bill,

    I remember Nader’s Raiders..the kids in the t shirts..

    Hey, Ralph, our kids are playing video games IN the library under the watchful eye of a reporter..NiagaraThisWeek Article: Teens, tweens and toddlers all flocking to local library

    I saw his remark a few days ago but I was trying to ignore it. I mean after all, I thought the dude was dead. Now I know it’s senility settling in..

    • Hey Delenn13,

      Well, the heart may be ticking – but this guy is brain dead. Like – where’s the EVIDENCE Ralph! Oh, I know – you don’t have any evidence. Just another sound bite from a legend in his own mind.

      Re: your link – “We always come here after school because there’s not a lot of other places for us to hang out.” Duh, Ralph!! 🙂