– Cracked, or not?

imageEvery now and then , I’ll reference a article in the Tech Thoughts Daily Net News column, under the sub-heading – Off Topic (Sort Of).

Today, for example:

Cracked: 5 Reasons You Should Be Scared of Google – You’d be hard-pressed to find a company more beloved than Google. And why not? They make the Internet easier to use, pamper their employees and foot the bill for YouTube even though it loses money like it’s got a gambling problem that’s made of cocaine. Unfortunately, much of what is awesome about Google also makes them increasingly terrifying with each passing day.

I sometimes wonder, if readers might consider me to be a little “cracked”, when I shine a spotlight on a tech article from a site which is noted for both its humor, and entertainment value.

That’s not an idle question. More than once, I’ve gotten a comment along the lines of – Hey, this is a tech blog – so stick to tech – we don’t need humor here. Funny (pun not intended   Smile ), I’ve long held the view, that most people could use a hell of a lot more humor in their lives – a lot more. Why should it matter where it comes from?

Since readers can occasionally find a little humor here – turnabout seems like fair play. Why not then, refer readers to a humor site which often meshes technical expertise (believe it – these writers are good – very good), with  educational value – both of which are bolstered by spicy commentary. Spicy commentary, of course, is not to everyone’s taste – but, if it helps the medicine go down – then, I’m all for it.

Sad to say – virtually none of my non-techie friends subscribe to my blog – “too complicated”, “don’t understand a thing you’re saying” – are some of the more complimentary comments. More often than not, the comments are far less complimentary.   Smile

Still, I feel that I have an obligation to continue to play the role of “tech guru”, for want of a better description. So, how to do that? If they won’t read me – for all the right reasons, I suppose – then how to hammer home the facts concerning, in this case, Google, as an example.

That’s where comes in. Perhaps not as scholarly an approach as main stream tech journals, but often I find – far more readable. If it helps my friends get their heads out of the clouds – if their view of Google goes from “Google is so cool” to a more realistic view, which might include – “Google is not so cool” – then, it’s met my criteria for an educational site – of a sort.

So, has it made a difference in helping me spark an interest, amongst my friends, in things technical – especially Internet security? To quote the unlovable ex-governor of Alaska – you betcha! So, thank you You often help to get the message across when I can’t.


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  1. I am one of those who are under the Google boot since I use many of their services. When I first started using their services, they weren’t the giant they have now become.
    I also use a lot of Microsoft services but that also started a long time ago when they weren’t so big and powerful.
    There are many other companies that I can think of whose free services I use that started out small and have now become big. Wow, I wonder was it really my fault that they all became big, powerful and popular ???
    Most companies start small and if they are good, offer service that appeal to a great number of people, eventually become big and powerful.
    I thought democracy and free choice allowed any one of us to start one of these companies that might become a “Google” or a “Microsoft” or, an “Apple”.
    I remember when that freedom was what attracted people to this great country? (I was one of them back in 1953.)
    What has changed? Should we now squash anything big and powerful?
    Is it only OK when Government becomes big and powerful?
    I was tough that people power is what makes this country great.
    Lets not change that and become like some of those other countries that many people want to escape from.
    Freedom, liberty, choice, equal opportunity and, the ability to reach the top is what med this country great.

    • Hi Bob,

      The feverish consolidation of power in the IT sector is astonishing. Big becomes bigger – bigger becomes enormous. Google, which has been on a buying spree for years, doesn’t appear to be satisfied quite yet. I can’t see how this can be good for competition – and ultimately, with fewer competitive forces, consumers feel the pressure.

      No – “big” doesn’t always translate into “bad” – but as we know only too well – “power” tends to corrupt. Google is hardly alone in recognizing the advantages of weilding its power – Facebook has learned only too well how to marginalize the concerns of both its users, and governments.

      As a realist though, I can’t see any changes any time soon. Not yet – but, changes are coming. Driven, I suspect by the European Union.



  2. I love! Their dry humor can bring hilarity to any situation, primarily terrible movie lists, which is what I generally click on from following them on Facebook–or social commentary, which a personal favorite (such as habits at jobs or ‘5 reasons why I love being married’). I agree; go ahead and use It’s humor, but with a college degree. Don’t worry about those who can’t take a joke 🙂

    • Hey Taylor,

      I love John Cheese – love all the rest to, but…..

      John’s article on the lessons he learned while he was poor is a classic. Should be required reading for all social “do-gooders”.

      Nice – ” humor, but with a college degree.” I’m definitely with that.

      Good to get your comment.



  3. Mark Schneider

    Hi Bill,
    The cracked article is right on the money. And it was pretty funny, (How many fists indeed).
    Google now is the Microsoft of the 1990’s in many ways, in many ways worse. They are just as predatory but with an information base that would make Fort Knox blush.

    Great article!

    • Hi Mark,

      Yeah, I was kinda curious about the fist thing myself. lol

      If any other enterprise/industry sector had the unbridled power (an information base that would make Fort Knox blush) of Google, there would be riots in the streets. We totally deserve to be classed as “sheeple”. Hard to believe (after all this time), that we have virtually no restrictions on an organization that’s proven to be more predatory than MS.



  4. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    If humour is what’s needed to get people’s heads out of the clouds or, in some cases, a much darker place, then go for it.

    I believe it’s your decision what you write in YOUR blog. If people don’t like it, or it’s not their style and they don’t want to learn, they have a choice.

    Here’s another saying: Those who can, do; those who can’t, criticise.

    Kind regards

  5. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    If we couldn’t have a little humour on the site, it would be boring. But I have read many an article here which had me rolling on the floor laughing. Officer Bubbles comes to mind.
    Never heard of before I started coming here, now I head over there quite often for a giggle.

    • Hey Mal,

      Officer Bubbles – what a hoot! 🙂

      Have to say – I enjoy the readers’ comments (often hilarious), over at Cracked, as much as the articles.



  6. delenn13

    WOW, I checked out that site..and it was like deja vu.It was so strange. I had been there before..but I knew I hadn’t. Then it hit me.

    When I was a kid, I used to buy 2 magazines faithfully(besides my comics)..Mad and Cracked Cracked (magazine) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia…hence my warped at times humour. I’ll be damned..if it isn’t Cracked Magazine online. – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Thank you for “nudge” to go there and check it out. Usually I just check the articles through Cool Preview and never go to the actual pages.

    I even signed up for their weekly newsletter… I just spent a week going through some of my subs and unsubcribing to a lot I hardly read. So here I am, adding to the list once again. 🙂