InternetOff – Or Not?

imageI’m not in the habit of leaving the door to my home wide open – unlocked perhaps – depending on circumstances. But wide open? No. Nor, have I ever developed the habit of leaving my Internet connection wide open – unless I have a need to do so. Otherwise – I break the connection.

My Tablet computer is subject to the same set of rules. Unless I’m actively engaged with the Internet – off goes the Wi-Fi.

As a one-time user, and a big fan of the free ZoneAlarm Firewall (since the “olden days”), disconnecting from the Internet was as simple as flicking a switch from within the ZoneAlarm GUI –  “Stop All Internet Activity”. Until, that is, ZoneAlarm underwent “improvement” to the point that it became useless for my needs. But, that’s another story.

Next up, on the Firewall scene, was PC Tools Firewall Plus which offered the same – “switch off” capabilities. Unhappily though,  PC Tools Firewall Plus, went the way of the Dodo Bird (on Windows 8) – at least as a stand alone application.

Now running to catch up, I finally relented and activated Windows 8 internal firewall which, with the addition of the freebie application, Windows Firewall Control, suits my needs – for now.


Still, this is a fairly clunky method to accomplish a simple task such as shutting down a Network Adapter (Ethernet Card) – there has to be a better way. Other than pulling the Cat 5 cable.  Smile  And, there is.

Regular reader Hipockets, has reminded me (thank you Sir) that the freebie application – InternetOff – is designed to do just that – turn off an Internet connection.


A couple of clicks ……..


…………… and, you’re finished.


Following the installation, you’ll find a “Globe” icon in the system tray which when activated, will bring up …….


Click – and you’re done – as shown in the following screen captures.



Reverse the process and, you’re back online. Quick, simple, and painless.

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, 32/64 bit (Tested on Win 8/32 bit under which the application must be run as an administrator).

Download at: The developer’s site.

From the – “he got there first files.” Good friend and fellow blogger, Rick Robinette, posted on this application previously. You’ll enjoy reading Rick’s take on this neat little freebie.


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13 responses to “InternetOff – Or Not?

  1. delenn13

    You got “From the – “he got there first files.” and I have a folder “Because I have CRS”…CRS standing for Can’t Remember Sh..err..Stuff. I used to have a tee shirt that said that but I don’t remember what happened to it. 🙂

    I had this program to be set up from Rick’s post and somehow, I lost the program and it never got installed. So now it’s installed..Thanks to both of you..

    • Hey Delenn13,

      Most users, I think, won’t see the advantage, or have a real need. But, for those of us who do; this is a great little application.



      • delenn13

        Probably not..but I do..just for the gaming experience plus a bit of added security at night.

        That little task that Zone Alarm used to was one of the things we both used every night. I was so upset when they “new and improved”.

        • Hey Delenn13,

          I looooved ZoneAlarm! Just blew me off my chair when they “improved” it by bolting on a security suite.

          And you’re right – locking down an Internet connection at night (assuming the machine is running/working) is just common sense.



  2. bob

    what is the point of being anonymous? I have been on the Internet for years and I am a member of scores of websites and are known to many companies including government websites through my real email address. Is this not a case of bolting the stable door when the horse has long since bolted? What or how I am supposed to do delete ALL the traces of my IP and and real email address! How would you do this?
    I began another tread here and it never got to be seen here will this post be another one?
    Then I have a “smart television” (Internet enabled what do I do about that.

    • Hi Bob,

      I must admit to some confusion as to your comment, and how it applies to this article. There is no issue here with privacy.

      Choosing to disconnect from the Internet when there is no benefit in being connected can be advantageous. Some examples-

      Preventing application auto updates while running graphically intensive games. Ask a dedicated gamer just how annoying that can be.

      Preventing applications from “phoning home” and eating resources while running PhotoShop like applications.

      Disallowing applications, while being installed, from connecting to the developer’s site. A common occurrence.

      Security concerns.

      You write that you have commented here in the past, and that the comment was not posted. If so, please accept my apology.

      As for the privacy issue in general – either you’re on side with the backlash against the massive invasions of privacy currently occurring – or, you have taken a more liberal position. In either case, a comment response is not the place to address this issue.

      If you like, you may query the search box on this site re: “privacy” which will return 30+ articles on this issue.



      • John Bent

        Hi Bill,

        A measured, polite and helpful response to a comment that was none of those things; no more than one would expect and another reason why your blog is popular.

        I am still hanging on to PC Tools Firewall, as I have not upgraded to Win 8. In fact my daughter has just bought a new laptop and, on my recommendation, has gone for Windows 7 (she was on Vista before, how great will that be!). It’s also an Acer which, if it’s anything like mine, will have a little button for turning the internet on and off :). The Win 8 thing is, of course my personal preference. I’m not a luddite, just not into upgrading unless I see a real benefit

        Kind regards,

        • Hi John,

          Trolls? Well, we know about those, don’t we? 🙂

          Good advice to your daughter – as you know, she’ll LOVE Win 7 after her Vista experience.

          I’m with you on the Win 8 issue – despite the fact I’m running my principal machine on Win 8. I have to really – otherwise, I’d be behind the curve.

          Win 8 vs. Win 7? On the surface (no pun intended MS), other than the GUI (a very small learning curve despite the BS pumped out by “caught in the past” tech writers (funny how most have very positive things to say – now), the differences are marginal.



          • John Bent

            Hi Bill,

            As I suspected, but good to have confirmation from someone who’s actually tried it :).

            Kind regards

  3. redbug

    In Windows 7, here is how I easily enable and disable my Internet connection:
    Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings
    Right-click Local Area Connection > Create Shortcut
    See box saying “Windows can’t create a shortcut here. Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop instead?” Click Yes.
    Right-click that shortcut on your Desktop and choose Disable or Enable when you want to disconnect and connect to the Internet.
    No extra software is needed.
    You can also create a shortcut for your Wireless adapter in the same way.

  4. Hmm, this is what I need instead of turning off my pc.. 🙂