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6 Common Tech Myths That Cost You Money – Ever scoff at someone for buying refurbished? Or found yourself dropping $40 on an HDMI cable? We all hear (and spread) tech myths to mostly harmless ends, but in some cases those myths end up costing you a lot of money. Here are a few of the worst offenders.

The Fastest Browser – Google’s Chrome hit the world with blazing speed, but is it still the fastest browser, or have IE, Firefox, and Opera caught up? The answer might surprise you.

Speed up your PC games without hardware upgrades – You don’t always need a new video card for higher frame rates. Instead, tweak those cryptic in-game settings and driver options.

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Windows 8: New File Explorer features – Greg Shultz introduces you to the Windows 8’s new File Explorer and some of its time-saving features.

Infographic: 365 Days of Social Media – Was 2012 really the year of social media? A new iStrategyLabs infographic, based on statistics published by the Huffington Post, points directly to that conclusion

Negative reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List allowed to stand – The Supreme Court of Virginia has vacated a preliminary injunction against reviews posted by a woman on Yelp and Angie’s List, in an outcome that is being described by civil rights groups as a victory for freedom of online speech.

Open webOS runs on Google’s Nexus 7 tablet – Interest in Hewlett Packard’s (Palm) Open webOS remains higher than ever, despite the fact that HP is no longer actively promoting the stalwart OS.

Illegal file-sharer gets hit with 5-year prison sentence – A U.S. judge gives the leader of the IMAGiNE file-sharing group a record prison term for camcording movies in the theater and distributing them on the Web.

Anonymous: ‘Expect us 2013’ – The hacking group issues a statement boasting of its cyberattacks against the U.S., Syrian, and Israeli governments in 2012, while warning people to continue to expect this type of activity.

The 10 biggest tech innovations (that we personally use) of our lifetimes – If you were to make a list of the 10 or 15 biggest tech innovations that you use personally, what might it include? Here’s one tech fan’s list.

Sony files patent for tech to block used games – Technology giant submits application for “Electronic Content Processing System” that would tie individual game discs to one user account.


Fake Turkish site certs create threat of bogus Google sites – After a Turkish Internet certificate authority “mistakenly” issues two unauthorized e-documents used to verify Web site authenticity, another organization creates a fraudulent certificate that could let it impersonate various Google sites. Browser makers have responded.

Software update reportedly fixes Samsung’s Exynos security hole – Update being rolled out to owners in the U.K. addresses vulnerability in select Samsung devices that allowed access to user data.

Pirated copies of Windows OS in China prone to security issues – PCs running on pirated copies of Windows wide open to malware, says Microsoft. The company has launched an anti-piracy campaign to address such risks.

Microsoft to patch Windows 8, but stays mum on IE zero-day fix – Microsoft Thursday said it will release seven security updates next week—including one rated critical for Windows 8 and Windows RT—to patch 12 vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, SharePoint Server and the company’s website design software.

Company News:

FTC Gives Google Slap on Wrist Over Patents, Search ‘Scraping’ – The Federal Trade Commission today concluded its far-reaching investigation into Google with a two-pronged order. Going forward, Google’s Motorola subsidiary must license its standard-essential patents on a fair and reasonable basis, while Google has also agreed to stop certain practices that unfairly burden its rivals.

Sprint expected to launch prepaid service on January 25 – The service, slated for launch on January 25, will cost $70 a month for unlimited voice, text and Web, and includes two smartphone models that will be offered at unsubsidized prices, according to the leaked documents.

Polaroid launches 7-in Android tablet for kids – As part of its effort to rebrand and rebuild, Polaroid has launched an Android tablet aimed specifically at children.

Pinterest Makes Recipe Site Punchfork its First Acquisition – Pinterest has officially acquired recipe discovery site Punchfork in its first big business move.

T-Mobile Offering New BlackBerry Curve Ahead of BB10 Launch – With an updated operating system and two new handsets expected for release before the end of the month, Research In Motion announced a new BlackBerry device set for release under T-Mobile contract.

Barnes & Noble Nook Shunned by Holiday Shoppers – Barnes & Noble reported poor overall sales, including the retail and Nook segments, for the nine-week period ending Dec. 29.

Webopedia Daily:

Siphoning – In SEO, siphoning is a technique used to “steal” traffic that would normally be directed to another website in search engine results. Siphoning could be the fraudulent use of spyware or cybersquatting to steal the traffic, or it could refer to those who copy a webpage with the content slightly altered to direct the Web search engine to show results of another webpage.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Gary Reback: FTC blew it with Google decision – Noted antitrust attorney slams FTC for “naive” approach in settling with Google, warns of anticompetitive impact on smaller companies.

Future Tech 2013: The PCs, tablets and cutting-edge hardware of tomorrow – The forward march of technology moves at a dizzying pace. Yesterday’s gadgets look like quaint antiques. Today’s gadgets are already tainted by the mark of familiarity. And tomorrow’s gadgets appear to be magical, enchanting, engineering wonders.

Dvorak: Television Watch: Don’t Touch That Dial – With CES on the horizon and Apple TV rumors abuzz, we can expect televisions to get a lot of attention. It should get pretty boring fast.

Teen boasts of drunken driving on Facebook, arrested – An Oregon teen posts a boast on Facebook that he has been tipsy at the wheel. He apologizes to owners of cars he hit. Police are less apologetic when they arrest him.

Teen poses with gun for Facebook photo, accidentally kills brother – In a situation that appears to have involved drinking, a 19-year-old Phoenix woman may be charged with manslaughter after shooting her brother while posing for Facebook.

NASA might try to bag an asteroid, make it orbit the Moon – Most of the asteroids that we encounter pass by Earth without any cause for alarm because they’re so far away (in some cases they appear without any warning at all , so we don’t have a chance to get freaked out about them). Now NASA is planning something that sounds slightly crazy: to catch an asteroid and literally drag it to the Moon’s orbit.

Our galaxy contains 100 billion planets – There are at least 100 billion planets in the Milky Way alone, say Caltech scientists, based on extrapolations from the Kepler-32 system.

J.J. Abrams grants movie wish to dying Trekkie – A Trekkie fan with cancer wants to see the latest “Star Trek” movie, but may miss the May premiere due to declining health. A friend makes a plea on Reddit and “Trek” director J.J. Abrams comes to the rescue.

Today’s Quote:

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.”

–     Voltaire

Today’s Free Downloads:

Free Ringtone Maker – Free Ringtone Maker is an extremely simple and handy Windows software for making your own free ringtones. Make Your Own Ringtones in 3 Easy Steps.

Dropbox 1.6.12 – Dropbox is a useful tool that will enable you to instantly store your files online and share them. It can also synchronize the files from your offline directories and online storage.

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