Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – December 2, 2012

Google: This is your Knowledge Graph on drugs – Google rolled out an update to search today injects key facts about medicine into the results page. You’ll find side effects, warnings, related medications and other information on the right-hand side of the screen.

Surface Pro: tablet, laptop, or something in between? – Everyone’s saying Microsoft has priced itself out of the tablet market. But that’s only true if you believe Surface Pro is just a tablet.

A Program To Create and Customize Your Own Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles – The cool thing about OblyTile is that you can use your own images and icons to create your own tiles using a selectable background color. OblyTile also has a built in quick list of programs and icons already built-in. For example, OblyTile gives you the ability to create a shutdown tile, a task manager tile, a control manager tile, etc.

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Why ‘Six Strikes’ Could Be a Nightmare for Anyone with Shared Internet – The “six strikes” anti-piracy warning system — coming in early 2013 — is designed to track copyright infringers. But what happens if you’re on a shared Internet connection?

Top streaming-radio apps for iOS and Android – This week’s collection of apps gives you three ways to listen to streaming music on your smartphone. If you want to find new music, this collection is for you.

Better know an airport with iOS and Airport Guide – To get the lay of the land for an airport you may be passing through or stuck in this holiday season, make sure you have access to TravelNerd’s Airport Guide. It’s both a free and universal iOS app and a Web app.

War-torn Syria sees restoration of Net after two-day outage – The Internet is back online in most of the country after an outage some say was orchestrated by the government to disrupt opposition forces.

McAfee nabbed? His blog says maybe, following CNN interview – Not long after a secretive CNN interview with fugitive software pioneer John McAfee, McAfee’s own blog posts an item saying he may have been captured. True? Or another twist in an already odd tale?


US Homeland Security To Monitor Twitter, Facebook – Be careful what you say to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers in the future. According to a Sacramento Bee article, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has formed an initiative aimed at monitoring social media sites for emerging threats.

Cracked: 5 Things We All Do That Make Hackers’ Lives Incredibly Easy – Hollywood portrays hackers as superpowered math geniuses who can intimidate computers into giving them whatever they want through intense keyboard mashing. But in reality, almost every “hacking” exploit that you hear about compromising some database or other is done with very simple methods that, many times, require no computer at all. They can do that because our computers aren’t secure, and never will be, thanks to the fact that …

Romanian hackers busted with half a MILLION credit cards from Australia – how could THAT have happened? – A Romanian carding crew allegedly made off with half a million Aussie credit card numbers, racking up charges averaging more than $1000 each on 30,000 of them. Half a MILLION cards from Australia. And the crooks didn’t even need to leave Romania. How could THAT have happened?

Albania Pirate Group thrown off Facebook for second time in a month – Hackers who have been sharing information publicly on Facebook about how to break into computer systems have had their pages shut down for the second time in a month.

Company News:

HTC’s budget-friendly Windows Phone 8S not coming to U.S. – The company says the handset “is not currently planned for distribution in the U.S. market” and that HTC will throw all its weight behind the higher-end 8X.

Sharp wants to take on Samsung’s Galaxy S III – Sharp says its new 5-inch smartphone can go head-to-head with Samsung’s best. Although the company may have some issues taking on Samsung’s flagship handset, the SH930W from Sharp does pack some pretty sweet specs, including a 5-inch 1080P display.

Yahoo hit with $2.7 billion judgment by Mexico court – The 49th Civil Court of the Federal District of Mexico City issued the non-final judgment against Yahoo and Yahoo de Mexico in a case brought by Worldwide Directories and Ideas Interactivas, Yahoo announced on Friday. Yahoo said the plaintiffs’ claims are without merit and it will appeal the judgment.

Who’s to Blame for Hewlett-Packard’s Multi-Billion Dollar Autonomy Debacle? – The fallout from Hewlett-Packard’s purchase of software company Autonomy has turned into a multi-billion dollar debacle — and it keeps getting worse.

Webopedia Daily:

HortonWorks – An enterprise software firm that specializes in open source Apache Hadoop development and support. HortonWorks was launched in 2011 by Yahoo and Benchmark Capital, and its flagship product is Hortonworks Data Platform, which is powered by Apache Hadoop. Hortonworks Data Platform is designed as an open source platform that facilitates integrating Apache Hadoop with an enterprise’s existing data architectures. In late 2012, Hortonworks collaborated with Rackspace to provide an OpenStack-based Hadoop offering for the public and private cloud.

Off Topic (Sort of):

How the PC Market Became a Zombie – All us older-timers—we who remember when the PC was first called a “microcomputer,” then a “personal computer,” then a “desktop computer,” and then a “workstation”—wonder if there will ever again be a boom in sales during the mobile era. My guess, at this point, is no. This is because there is nothing left to invent for the PC that anyone can leverage.

Singer forced to pay promised $1M reward for found laptop – Singer Ryan Leslie makes a YouTube video offering $1 million for the safe return of his stolen laptop and an external hard drive. A German man finds them. Leslie refuses to pay. A court decides he has to.

16 Splurge-Worthy Gifts – Got thousands of dollars to spend? Check out this cool stuff reserved for those at the very top of your holiday gift list.

The real joy of the Powerball Facebook fake – A man claims to be a Powerball winner and offers $1 million to anyone who shares the picture of him and his ticket. Almost 2 million share it. But it’s the messages they leave that show humanity for what it is.

Watch the X-47B make its first catapult take-off – The pilotless aircraft needs to prove that it’s up to the rigors of the kind of slingshot launch that it can expect soon from an aircraft carrier.

Today’s Quote:

“Everybody, soon or late, sits down to a banquet of consequences.”

–      Robert Louis Stevenson

Today’s Free Downloads:

Opera Portable Edition – Take one of the fastest, most modifiable browsers on a portable drive and use it on any computer. With Opera Portable Edition you’ll never have to settle for using on-board options like Internet Explorer on any public computer again.

Best Windows utilities apps – The number of tools available to enhance Windows is enormous, so we’ve narrowed down a list of freeware essentials to get you going. We focus on seven key areas: defraggers, system cleaners, uninstallers, launchers and docks, and replacements for Notepad and Task Manager. “Essential extras” contains two must-have utilities that defy category and, for now, competition.



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