Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – November 26, 2012

Turbo-charge your browser with these top add-ons – Take browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera to the next level with these 15 pro extensions that boost productivity, safety, and more.

2012 Holiday Game Guide – Which games are you going to buy for that special gamer on your list this holiday season? Our list can help.

The 10 Best Shopping Apps to Compare Prices – The latest price-comparison apps are ringing in some new features that will spread holiday cheer. There are apps to help the tech-deficient choose a gift for the tech-addicted, lighten the load of loyalty cards, predict prices and product releases to minimize buyer’s (and receiver’s) remorse, rate the environmental friendliness of a friendly gesture, and offer up rewards.

10 reasons to choose Ubuntu 12.10 over Windows 8 – Initial uptake of Windows 8 has been unenthusiastic, according to reports, and a full 80 percent of businesses will never adopt it, Gartner predicts. As a result, Microsoft’s big gamble may be desktop Linux’s big opportunity. So, now that Canonical has thrown down the gauntlet, let’s take a closer look at Ubuntu 12.10 to see how it compares with Windows 8 from a business user’s perspective.

Linux Mint 14 released: It’s like Windows 8, minus the bad bits – Following the release of Ubuntu 12.10, Linux Mint 14 Nadia is now available to download. It brings several under-the-hood tweaks, a new software manager, and an overhauled Cinnamon 1.6 desktop environment that makes Mint speedy and user friendly.

Quick Tip: Create a tile on the Windows 8 Start Screen – Sometimes you have to create a tile on the Windows 8 Start Screen manually.

Samsung’s Windows 8 Ativ convertible grossly misrepresents available storage – When a vendor tells you a device has 64GB of storage, you would expect to get just that. Sure there is a little overhead for system software. But 32GB? That is just wrong. Worse, it is just one example of a disturbing trend.

Cutting the Confusion of Microsoft’s End-of-Life Support for Surface RT – Four years? Five years? Hardware? Software? Microsoft’s support policies vary for its Surface RT

Desktop Wallpaper: Warm tropical beaches – Winter has been particularly harsh for many this season, so perhaps it is time to picture yourself on a warm tropical beach with this Desktop Wallpaper Photo Gallery.

How to unlock Android 4.2’s hidden Daydream ‘BeanFlinger’ – Android 4.2 Jelly Bean includes a new feature called Daydream. Daydream is nothing more than a different name for a screensaver, but for your Android device. You can choose from one of the five default Daydreams to start playing when your device is docked, charging, or both.

Are sub-$200 laptops too basic to be useful? – For one, you can’t play the latest games or run intense applications with these lightly configured laptops, and the machines are not the easiest to carry around. The laptops are adequate for basic Web surfing, word processing, or casual gaming; and one could replace an aging desktop or laptop at home.

Before you buy an expensive Bluetooth, AirPlay, or docking speaker, read this – Wireless single speakers systems are an attractive solution for a lot of buyers, but are there better-sounding alternatives?


Hacker selling $700 exploit that hijacks Yahoo email accounts – A hacker is selling a $700 zero-day exploit for Yahoo Mail that lets an attacker leverage a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability to steal cookies and hijack accounts.

Technology built into mannequins helping stores track customers – Facebook and Google aren’t the only companies with the ability to spy on you. Brick-and-mortar stores can too – thanks to some creepy technology.

Xtreme RAT malware targets US, UK, other governments – The hacker group that recently infected Israeli police computers with the Xtreme RAT malware has also targeted government institutions from the U.S., U.K., and other countries, according to researchers from antivirus vendor Trend Micro.

Share via email “Friends” spam via The Daily Mail leads to 419 scam – Spammers seem not to realise that Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross stopped being Friends years ago.

Company News:

Facebook Asking its Employees to ‘Droidfood’ Android – Propaganda posters and all, Facebook is pushing its employees to get more on board with Android.

Salesforce on Track to be a $3 Billion Company This Year –, which generated $788 million in revenues during its fiscal year 2013 third quarter, up 35 percent over the same period last year, expects to break the $3 billion revenue mark by the time the fiscal year ends in January.

Apple acquires use of Lightning trademark in Europe from Harley – The iPhone maker secures a partial transfer for the term it uses to describe its new device connector, according to the EU’s Trade Mark and Design Office.

Apple’s Futuristic Cupertino Headquarters Delayed – In the pursuit of perfection, the building’s planned completion date has been bumped to mid-2016, according to a report in Bloomberg News. Delays in submitting proposals to the city council pushed back the projected move-in date from 2015, although the main building’s design has not been changed.

Webopedia Daily:

Enterprise Whuffie – A slang term coined by Steve Gillmor to mean “the reputation of importance that employees would be able to acquire by becoming known as experts in different areas”. The reference originally appeared in Steve Gillmor’s eWeek column on Messaging and Collaboration that discusses Socialtext and the nature of relationships in enterprise social software.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Shoppers spent record $1B online on Black Friday – Bargain hunters’ spending leaps 26 percent over last year’s Black Friday, surpassing the $1 billion mark for the first time, ComScore reports.

Think you have a big screen TV? Check out these monster video walls – In honor of National Big Screen TV Day, aka Black Friday, we thought we’d share a couple massive screens unveiled by GE and by Stony Brook University that you can drool over.

Skyrim running 100 graphics mods looks almost next-gen – Any fan of the Elder Scrolls series knows that extensive modding communities quickly spring up around Bethesda’s games. Unreal is one such community member, and started what is perhaps one of the most impressive gaming mods to date. He managed to get Skyrim to simultaneously run 100 graphics mods, creating a gorgeous graphics package that makes it looks like a next-gen game.

iPad Mini Has More Than Smaller Size Going for It – To suggest that the iPad Mini is just a shrunken iPad isn’t exactly correct. It’s a hybrid tablet that’s smaller, thinner and lighter than other iPads, but that has the features such as a high-quality camera that records in high definition, and has LTE and global radios. We give you a closeup of it here.

Raspberry Pi hackathon set – Electronics distributor CPC is inviting entries for the first Raspberry Pi “hackathon,” a competition to see which individual or team can come up with the most interesting hacked innovation based on the famous ARM computer.

Today’s Quote:

“It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.”

–      William G. McAdoo

Today’s Free Downloads:

MailEnable Standard 6.72 – MailEnable Standard Edition provides robust SMTP, POP3 and web mail services for Microsoft Windows servers. Simple to install, with powerful administration software means that your mail server will be up and running quickly.

PicPick 3.2.0 – PicPick is an all-in-one graphic program that provides full-featured screen capture tool, intuitive image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair and even whiteboard.

Top Process Monitor 5.5 – Top Process Monitor is simple Sidebar gadget shows the top processes on your system – the processes that are consuming the most CPU, Memory (Working Set), IO (Bytes read/written) and others.

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