Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – November 16, 2012

Don’t Pull a Petraeus: How to Keep Your Private Email Private – CIA Director David Petraeus thought his email was private. Was he ever wrong! If you need to communicate secretly, here are some better ideas

Meet the PengPod, a ‘true Linux’ tablet starting at $120 – We’ve already seen Linux-powered tablets including the Vivaldi and the rugged Trimble Yuma, of course, but the new PengPod line from Peacock Imports includes both 7- and 10-inch tablet models as well as a mini PC, all running the free and open source operating system. All three devices in the PengPod line feature the Allwinner A10 system on a chip and come with the user’s choice of Linux or Android 4.0.

SkyDrive Gets Selective Sync, Easier Sharing – Microsoft today started rolling out an update to its SkyDrive cloud service that lets users pick and choose which files they sync to their devices.

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What you need to know about accessing the Internet on a smartphone – Not so long ago, it didn’t matter much how you accessed the Internet from your smartphone. Changes in most people’s service plans, however, are altering that condition. Use the wrong technology, and your mobile phone bill will go up.

Firms face ‘bill shock’ from smartphone use – Employees that are using their own smartphones for work rank connectivity cost as the least important factor when choosing a mobile network, creating the potential for “bill shock” for enterprises that don’t have cost control policies as part of their BYOD plans.

Add Gmail, Yahoo to Windows 8 Mail – The Windows 8 Mail e-mail app works automatically with your Microsoft account, but you can also add Gmail, Yahoo, and others.

Retro gaming challenge! Windows 8 versus classic PC games – Windows 8 is great for running today’s games, but what about classics from PC’s golden age of gaming? The results are mixed.

5 ways to use your bounce rate to improve your website – Many website owners focus on the quantity rather than the quality of clicks when they open up their Google Analytics dashboard. But the quality of your clicks is far more important. Luckily, you can determine that easily by your bounce rate—the percentage of visitors who come to your site but leave shortly after arriving.

Inside Ingress, Google’s new augmented reality game – Google reveals a strange new game from its Niantic Labs project this week — and we’re among the first to play it.

Play with Firefox OS in your desktop Firefox – Mozilla marches toward Firefox OS’s release in 2013 with a new browser-based simulator designed to help app developers.


Infographic: How to Combat Mobile Spam – It’s easy to roll your eyes at the unsolicited messages piling up in your email spam folder. But what about when they start filling your phone’s message inbox?

Opera homepage spotted redirecting visitors to Blackhole kit – If you are an Opera user who hasn’t changed the browser homepage or has visited Opera’s Portal homepage ( on Wednesday, you might want to check you computer for malware.

Feds target bogus web businesses – Three U.S. agencies and a group of state attorneys general have filed more than 70 civil and criminal cases against defendants offering allegedly bogus business opportunities, with some of the defendants offering to help customers set up online businesses.

Windows 8 vulnerable to 15% of most popular malware – As users start to (very) slowly adopt the newly released Windows 8, researchers are intent on finding out whether the new OS version is more secure than the previous ones.

LTE networks vulnerable to inexpensive jamming technique – High-speed wireless networks being embraced as the future of wireless communication could be taken down with an inexpensive transmitter, researchers warn.

Company News:

WordPress begins accepting Bitcoin for service upgrades – The popular blogging platform will accept the controversial peer-to-peer currency without the traditional “confirmations” for establishing a trustworthy reputation.

Web-Based Version of Spotify Launches in Beta – Spotify confirmed that it has launched a beta version of a Web-based Spotify player. The company said in a statement that it is currently testing the browser-based Spotify “with a small number of users.” It did not have an exact date for when the option might open up to a larger audience.

Dell profit slides 47 percent amid weak PC market – Dell Thursday reported a sharp drop in revenue and profits for the third quarter as the weak PC market continued to weigh on its results. Dell’s revenue for the quarter, ended Nov. 2, was $13.7 billion, down 11 percent from a year earlier and shy of the $13.9 billion financial analysts had been expecting, according to a poll by Thompson Reuters.

Texas Instruments to Slash 1,700 Jobs Worldwide – Technology giant Texas Instruments on Nov. 14 announced plans to eliminate 1,700 jobs worldwide as the company seeks to reduce costs and focus investments in its wireless business on other markets, such as home appliances and cars, that offer greater potential for growth. The 1,700 jobs represent roughly 5 percent of the company’s workforce of 35,000.

Time Warner Cable Sued Over Internet Modem Lease ‘Scam’ – Time Warner Cable was sued this week over a recently imposed “Internet modem lease,” which attorneys in the case claim is nothing more than a scam. “It’s a massive hi-tech consumer fraud accomplished by low-tech methods,” Steven L. Wittels, the lead lawyer for the class, said in a statement.

Mozilla Pulls In $163.5 Million in 2011 Revenue – Mozilla released its 2011 financial report today showing staggering growth in revenues for the open source browser vendor. In 2011, Mozilla generated $163.5 million in total revenue, up from $123.2 million in 2010. Of that $163.5 million, royalties account for the biggest share coming in at $161.9 million.

Webopedia Daily:

Moved to Atlanta – A reference to Web pages that disappear and leave only “404 File Not Found” errors in their place. The reference comes from the telephone area code of Atlanta, Georgia, which is 404. Web pages that produce 404 errors are said to have “moved to Atlanta.”

Off Topic (Sort of):

Touch-Screen Desktops: A Hazard to Your Health – Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is floating around extolling the virtues of Windows 8. Reviewers are giving more positive reviews than negative reviews. Smart people I know have actually changed their minds, agreeing that Windows 8 is great. Life is good at Microsoft. That said, I personally do not like it. Using a touch-screen desktop computer goes against ergonomic principles and poses a major health risk.

Take engaging photos using the rule of thirds – Want to improve your photos? With a little practice, you can easily take advantage of some of the established rules of composition that photographers have relied on for well over a century.

Lawyer Sues Microsoft Over Surface Storage Space – A California-based lawyer is suing Microsoft for not providing the advertised amount of storage space on its Surface tablet.

Google Launches Stunning ‘100,000 Stars’ Chrome Experiment – Google today launched a new Chrome Experiment called “100,000 Stars,” which provides a stunning look at the stars that are relatively close to Earth

Use Nextdoor to prepare your neighborhood for disaster – The service helps you organize your neighbors into a social network, but sharing emergency-preparedness information customized to your area may require a free site-building service such as Google Sites.

Today’s Quote:

In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.”

–      Louis Pasteur

Today’s Free Downloads:

Filelocker – Filelocker is a web based secure file sharing application which facilitates easy file sharing between users at an organization and promotes secure data sharing habits.

ContaCam 4.0.9 – Free Video Surveillance and Live Webcam software for Windows is extremely easy on system resources, and does not contain unnecessary bloat. It is fast, light, and versatile enough to meet all your security needs while still being very user friendly.



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2 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – November 16, 2012

  1. Fred

    Touch-Screen Desktops: A Hazard to Your Health
    Bill I recall years ago reading that monitors would “flake off” and could be inhaled. I didn’t think that was good for you and this article confirms my own suspicions. I think these major companies don’t give a care about the consumer, the customer. We are nothing to them, just $$$. There is almost no alternatives to this push, then again I am not the kind of person who would stand online overnight for a cell phone or a tablet.

    This quote from yesterdays Tech Thoughts is true, it is so true that I didn’t even laugh, even though it is funny, it is THAT true:
    “Remember that as a teenager you are at the last stage of your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you.”
    – Fran Lebowitz

    • Hi Fred,

      LOL – yeah, gotta go with the phone quote. 🙂

      Agreed – broadly speaking. Given the lax laws in China (the source of most of our consumer grade products), it’s hardly surprising. Although, I think that it’s fair to say the Chinese government makes some effort to address the problem.