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Attention shoppers: Patch Internet Explorer immediately before you shop online – Today is the eleventh Patch Tuesday of 2012, but the first since the official launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT. There are six new security bulletins—a couple of which are particularly urgent, especially for anyone planning to do any online shopping this holiday season.

Google Warns About Increased Government Surveillance – Google released its latest stats about government requests for data and content removal across its products, and the search giant said the feds are showing no signs of backing off.

FileLocker offers 25GB free end-to-end encrypted cloud storage – FileLocker, a folder sync and collaboration service, claims to provide end-to-end military-level encryption of files stored on its servers. That means that data is encrypted at its source (on your desktop), in transit (256-bit SSL), and in the cloud. Typically, web storage services offered to consumers don’t encrypt data at all three of those stages. Although primarily targeted at small and home businesses, the service, which offers 25GB of free online storage for up to five users, can be a good deal for consumers, too.

Free ebook: Introducing Windows 8 – Get a head start evaluating Window 8—guided by a Windows expert who’s worked extensively with the software since the preview releases. Based on final, release-to-manufacturing (RTM) software, this book introduces new features and capabilities, with scenario-based insights demonstrating how to plan for, implement, and maintain Windows 8 in an enterprise environment.

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Beyond antivirus software: Eclectic PC security tools for system-wide audits – Welcome to a harsh reality: Relying on an ostensibly comprehensive antivirus suite just doesn’t cut it in 2012. Luckily, a number of tools and services can simplify all the extra security precautions that modern PCs require. They go above and beyond what’s offered in antivirus suites, performing security audits of vulnerabilities that the big-name software packages miss. Here are five to check out.

Google Nexus 10 – The first 10-inch tablet from Google, the Nexus 10 is gorgeous, but even with the latest Android version (4.2), the software still feels like a beta test.

Microsoft Surface update tweaks performance – Microsoft releases patches for the Surface RT tablet, which include performance improvements.

Tiny $57 PC is like the Raspberry Pi, but faster and fully open – All CAD files are available for the customizable A13-OLinuXino, which runs Linux and Android.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 – IE10 is certainly the best browser for Windows 8, adding speed and support for touch interfaces, but Chrome still leads overall.

How to Import and Organize Your Photos – Shot some great photos? We’ll tell you how to get them off your camera and keep track of them.

Halo 4 Earns $220 Million in First 24 Hours – Microsoft’s Halo 4 topped $220 million in global sales during its initial 24 hours on the market.

10 ways to stay productive when you can’t get an Internet connection – When you’re stuck offline for a while, you can still get things done. Here are 10 suggestions for keeping busy until you can get back online.


Skype users warned of serious security problem – accounts can be hijacked with ease – A serious security problem has been uncovered in Skype, which allows hackers to hijack accounts just by knowing users’ email addresses.

OpenDNS introduces VPN, content filtering for mobile devices – New security services from OpenDNS are meant to provide safer browsing outside of a corporate network.

Samsung Galaxy S3 found storing passwords in plain text – Samsung Galaxy S3, currently one of the most popular smartphones on the market, stores passwords in plain text. The culprit is actually Samsung’s S-Memo app, and all the passwords stored in it can be accessed by anyone who has root access to the device.

CloudFlare users targeted by phishers – Popular content delivery network and distributed domain name server service CloudFlare has issued a warning to its users about an ongoing phishing scam. The embedded link takes users to a spoofed login page that forwards the entered login credentials to the crooks behind the scam.

Company News:

Papa John’s pizza chain accused of SMS cheesiness, faces $250M class action – US pizza chain Papa John’s is in the firing line of a class action lawsuit over SMS marketing. The lawyers are saying that this could be one of the largest awards of its sort, at over $250 million – that’s 658 Spicy Buffalo Wings for every SMS.

Qualcomm, Intel consider $375M investment in Sharp – Qualcomm and/or Intel may be aiming to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in struggling display maker Sharp.

TED Talks Reach Milestone 1 Billion Views – Nonprofit organization TED today announced that its cumulative talk views have surpassed the one-billion mark

Foxconn reportedly installing robots to replace workers – Following a rash of suicides and criticism of factory working conditions, the Taiwanese hardware maker announced the move last year, saying it was designed to improve efficiency and combat rising labor costs.

ManageEngine Delivers SIEM for Cost-Conscious SMBs, Enterprises – ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced the availability of its Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software for cost-conscious SMBs and enterprises, EventLog Analyzer. Previously dedicated to log analytics and compliance reporting duties, the latest version of EventLog Analyzer enters the SIEM arena with the addition of IT data indexing, universal log parsing and universal log search capabilities as well as a streamlined user interface.

Webopedia Daily:

Botnet – A botnet refers to a type of bot running on an IRC network that has been created with a trojan. When an infected computer is on the Internet the bot can then start up an IRC client and connect to an IRC server. The Trojan will also have been coded to make the bot join a certain chat room once it has connected. Multiple bots can then join in one channels and the person who has made them can now spam IRC chat rooms, launch huge numbers of Denial of Service attacks against the IRC servers causing them to go down.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Petraeus tripped up by trust in supposedly anonymous email account – The US’s top spy guy, who resigned abruptly on Friday, conducted a romantic affair behind the thin sheet of a pseudonymous email account. It’s a good reminder to us all that email headers often spill the beans, revealing IP addresses that lead to our webmail hosts and geolocation. It’s a short hop from there to our identities.

Is Microsoft Planting Windows 8 Comments? – Munchkins are commenters who I believe work directly for Microsoft or for its public relations agency. They scour the comment boards and rebuke with high authority all criticisms of specific Microsoft products. The reality of these people was well-documented during the Windows versus OS/2 days and I can only suspect that the practice continues to this day.

Cyber-tension between nations fuels public desire for action – The UK public is growing increasingly concerned about national cyber security, following the number of high profile security incidents and malware discoveries reported this year, according to LogRhythm. In a survey of 1,000 consumers, 65 percent of respondents stated that pre-emptive strikes on enemy states that pose a credible threat to national security are justified, and of those, 46 percent believe it depends on the level of threat posed.

Retail Workers Lash Out Over Early Black Friday Sales – A flurry of online petitions on sites like are pleading with big box retailers like Target, Walmart, and Sears to give employees their Thanksgiving holiday back.

UAE tightens Internet law, cracks down on bloggers – The Middle Eastern country changes its laws to dictate that anyone who insults or mocks government authorities on the Web may face jail time.

Today’s Quote:

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”

–     Bertrand Russell

Today’s Free Downloads:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Preview – IE10 Platform Preview 2, available for download today is the first step in delivering the next wave of progress in native HTML5 support. Web sites and HTML5 run best when they run natively, on a browser optimized for the operating system on your device.

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