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40 Apps That Can Make You More Productive – The 40 programs, mobile apps, plugins, and services in this list are among our favorites for helping anyone be more productive. It’s by no means a comprehensive list, but we hope it lets you explore your options among the truly necessary productivity tools, as well as introduce you to some hidden gems that you might have missed while you were busy getting things done.

Whispercast turns Kindles into viable business tools – Amazon unveiled a new service this week—Whispercast. Whispercast is a tool for schools and businesses that allows them to centrally manage and deploy content for Kindle devices and Kindle apps. Whispercast could make the Kindle much more attractive as a legitimate business tool.

Complete guide to using Windows 8 – Microsoft’s newest operating system has a whole new interface and loads of new features. Here are CNET’s best tips for getting up to speed quickly and getting the most out of Windows 8.

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Start8 – Stardock fixes the biggest complaint against Windows 8 before the OS even launches: bring back the Start menu! Get the new exclusive version 1.0 release of Start8. The free trial gives you 30 days to play, tweak, and set everything up just the way you like it before asking you to purchase the full version for $4.99.

U.S. Now 9th Best in the World for Average Broadband Internet Speed – The second quarter 2012 Akamai State of the Internet report found that global average connection speeds grew 13 percent in the second quarter, to 3.0 Mbps. The Global average peak connection speed is growing even faster coming in at 16. Mbps for a 19 percent year over year gain. The U.S is still not the leader in speed, but it is still growing. South Korea, a country that has dominated Akamai’s speed ratings, once again had the highest average connection speed. During the second quarter, the average speed in South Korea was 14.2 Mbps.

Google threatens to omit French media from search – If a proposed French law passes that would require search engines to pay for news articles, the Web giant says it would simply stop linking to the country’s media sites.

Yelp to Issue Warnings About Paid Reviews – How do you know if a review on a site like Yelp is legitimate or from someone paid to sing a business’s praises? Starting today, the reviews site will be displaying warnings on the profiles of those they believe to be gaming the system.

Many Dell, HP printers won’t work with Windows RT – Hewlett-Packard and Dell have published compatibility lists of printers and multifunction devices for the upcoming Windows 8 and RT tablet OSes, with a large number of models listed as bring incompatible with Windows RT.

Windows 8 delivers the goods on benchmarks – Most people may swear by the number seven for luck, but results from CNET Labs show that Microsoft’s new favorite very well could be lucky number 8.

Create binders full of women with your Android device – Using this nifty photo-effects app for Android, you can create and share your own mashup photos.

Bitten: Apple’s ‘blasphemous’ logo under fire in Russia – Some Russian Orthodox Christians see the iconic logo as a symbol of sin that they would like to see outlawed.


“Im getting paid!” – Websites hosted on WordPress hacked due to users’ poor password security – Millions of blogs hosted on can breathe a sigh of relief – although a hacker did manage to break into thousands of sites and publish a make-money-fast advert, it wasn’t because of any vulnerability on the site. Instead, it seems users had simply been careless with their password security.

Verizon Wireless raises privacy ire over data collection – Verizon Wireless is in the crosshairs of privacy advocates challenging the company’s claim that it may legally collect customer data on app usage, geographical locations and Web browsing and sell it to advertisers. The carrier’s data-gathering activities drive its Precision Market Insights service, which also provides demographic information, such as age range, gender and the zip codes of where groups of customers, work and shop. Verizon also combines its information with data drawn from third-party databases to provide more detailed segmentation of its customer base.

National Weather Service website hacked by Kosova Hacker’s Security – Hackers have breached servers belonging to the National Weather Service, and released data online, after exploiting a vulnerability in the website.

Most believe free Wi-Fi can lead to identity theft – A new study by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and PRIVATE WiFi, revealed that 79% of respondents believe that using a free Wi-Fi connection can lead to identity theft.

Illegal content on YouTube? Beware spammed-out malware attack – Internet users are being warned about a malware attack that has been spammed out widely, posing as a communication from YouTube about copyrighted video content. The emails, which have the subject line “Your video may have illegal content”, pretend to come from Google’s YouTube team.

Company News:

Apple ordered by U.S. court to reveal iPhone profit margins – The company must now make public certain information used in its U.S. patent battle against Samsung.

Google, Samsung offer $249 Chromebook with ARM chip – With a $249 Chromebook, Google is taking its biggest shot yet at bringing Chrome OS to the mainstream. The new Chromebook—that’s its official name—is built by Samsung, just like the Series 5 550 that launched last May. But unlike the earlier Intel Celeron-based model, the new Chromebook announced Thursday uses an ARM-based processor, making it thinner, lighter and about $200 cheaper.

Check Point unveils security appliance with 110GB/s throughput – Check Point launched its new 21600 Appliance that provides throughput of up to 110 Gbps, a 30 percent boost in SecurityPower units (SPUs) and ultra-low latency for transaction-oriented environments. The 21600 Appliance is a high-performance system designed to optimize a full range of Software Blade protections, providing large enterprises and data centers with industry-leading security and performance.

Google quarterly financial statement out early, shares pummeled – Google’s third-quarter financial results are out early and its shares are taking a beating because the company missed revenue and net income expectations.

Microsoft Sells Out of 32GB Surface Tablet – According to the Microsoft online store, the $499 32GB Surface model (without the Touch Cover) has sold out in a day

Webopedia Daily:

What is a Surge Protector? – A device that shields computer and other electronic devices from surges in electrical power, or transient voltage, that flow from the power supply. Standard American voltage for home and office buildings is 120 volts. Anything over this amount is considered transient and can damage electronic devices that are plugged into an outlet. Even though power surges are so brief that they are measured in nanoseconds, they can cause considerable damage to electronic equipment.

Off Topic (Sort of):

What I Want in a New Email Program – I am sick of the crummy email systems that have come and gone over the years. They have all failed to address the needs of modern power users like me.

Silence Noisy Neighbors by Transmitting Your Music to Their Speakers – If you have a neighbor that’s playing their music too loudly, you can get them back by hijacking their speakers with a little DIY project.

Man hires woman to slap him every time he’s on Facebook – Maneesh Sethi goes on Craigslist to find a woman who will hit him and therefore make him more productive.

Apple Must Publicly Apologize to Samsung – Apple must say Samsung did not copy the iPad design patent with its Galaxy Tab tablets.

The Best Productivity Tricks Used By Evil Dictators – The Best Productivity Tricks Used By Evil DictatorsHistory is full of evil dictators, and while the had their share of bad qualities, it’s undeniable they were efficient at getting things done. Here’s what we can learn from them, despite their evil nature.

Today’s Quote:

There comes a time in every man’s life and I’ve had many of them.”

–      Casey Stengel

Today’s Free Downloads:

VirtualBox 4.2.2 – VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware. Targeted at server, desktop and embedded use, it is now the only professional-quality virtualization solution that is also Open Source Software.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker 4.0.10 – This programs enables you to tweak your Windows 7 taskbar. Reorder items within a tab group, close, minimize, change application ID and more.


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