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28 pieces of computing advice that stand the test of time – Technology never stops moving forward. Hardware gets faster, and operating systems gain new features and (we hope) finesse. This is natural computing law. But just because computers are one big exercise in evolutionary progress, that doesn’t mean certain computing maxims ever go out of style. Take, for example, the nuggets of wisdom in the following list. All of these things are as true today as they were 2, 5, and in some cases even 10 or 20 years ago.

Proof of concept Android malware creates 3D maps of your home – Researchers have created a malicious mobile phone application that uses phone and other sensors to create 3D visual maps of the owner’s home and other spaces.

Antivirus: What it does and doesn’t do – Patrick Lambert looks at the shortcomings of antivirus solutions and takes a practical look at what you can expect to get out of them.

Travel tech security tips – Whether you like holidaying with your gadgets or you’re required to travel for work, there’s going to come a time when you have to consider the safety of your gear, or the data it holds.

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A Cloud Bill of Rights – ExtremeTech has come up with a list of five basic individual freedoms that must be protected as the cloud battles hackers and competing government and commercial interests.

Police raids controversial Swedish web host, Pirate Bay site is down – The Pirate Bay’s website is unreachable and has been down for over a day now, prompting speculation that Monday’s police raid of the premises of Stockholm-based web host PeRiQuito (PRQ) might have something to do with it.

Build a foolproof home-media network—without any wires – If you want to run Apple TV in your living room, keep a connected Blue-ray player in the bedroom, and have a Logitech Squeezebox music system piping music throughout your home, you need reliable and plentiful bandwidth. But here’s the problem: Your computer is in the den and your broadband router is stuffed in a closet. You have TVs in the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom—plus a laptop that migrates all over the house and into the yard, too.

Japan rolls out stiff fines and jail times for illegal downloads – Japan has changed its copyright law to criminalize downloaders for the first time, raising what were previously civil penalties to criminal penalties of up to two years prison time or fines of up to 2 million yen.

Ten Sites to Enhance Your Networking – Though online professional networking via sites such as LinkedIn is beneficial, it’s not enough. You also have to go to physical events and interact with people in your industry. But don’t let this prospect alarm you. Like committing to going to a gym, the hardest part is getting started. So consider this top 10 list of sites as a great way to do just that.

Five indispensable apps to carry on a USB stick – You can’t always anticipate which tools you’ll need to fix a tough problem in the field. Here are some handy ones to take with you… just in case.

The Fastest ISPs in the U.S. – PCMag readers spent months testing their Internet connection and the results are in. So, how does your service provider stack up to those around you? Take a look.


What is your phone saying behind your back? – Do you always turn WiFi off on your smartphone before leaving the house or work? You might think there’s no harm in having your WiFi turned on but not connected to a network, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Bogus AT&T notification leads to phishing – Another month, another bogus AT&T notification, warning recipients to verify their email accounts or they will have them suspended. But where previous fake emails supposedly coming from AT&T more often than not carried malware, this one is a straight-up phishing attempt, where the included link takes the recipients to a spoofed login page.

Cyber security flaws exposed at Washington, D.C. Airports – The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) earlier this year published a document to its website containing sensitive security information that terrorists could potentially have used to launch cyber and physical attacks against Reagan National and Dulles International airports in Washington, D.C.

Hackers leak 120,000+ records raided from top universities – Team GhostShell, a hacker group affiliated with Anonymous, has leaked online information from over 120,000 user accounts stolen from the databases of over 100 higher education institutions. The operation – dubbed “Project WestWind” – was apparently executed as a protest against the ever-rising tuition fees and the declining quality of higher education all over the so-called Western world.

Company News:

Google’s Market Value Now Greater Than Microsoft – Google’s market value has topped Microsoft’s for the first time in the history of the two companies. Right now, Google’s market value stands at $249 billion, while Microsoft is at $247 billion, based on the companies’ stock prices.

Oracle gears up to challenge Amazon Web Services – Oracle is planning to roll out a new infrastructure as a service that will compete directly with Amazon Web Services, along with a service called Oracle Public Cloud that runs inside customers’ facilities, CEO Larry Ellison announced at the keynote address of the OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.

Samsung Wants iPhone 5 Added to Apple Patent Complaint – Samsung has officially requested that the iPhone 5 be added to its patent complaint against Apple.

Microsoft to build its own Windows Phone, reports say – Rumors of a Microsoft-made phone have resurfaced, with three new reports claiming the Redmond-based company has mobile hardware ambitions.

Webopedia Daily:

Linux Small Business Server – A small business server that uses Linux or a variant of the Linux open source operating system. A Linux small business server is designed to handle the more demanding needs of business applications such as network and system administration, database management and Web services. Leading Linux server operating systems include CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu Server, Slackware and Gentoo.

Off Topic (Sort of):

UK at greatest risk of identity fraud in Europe – The UK is at the greatest risk of identity fraud throughout Europe, according to new independent research. As National Identity Fraud Prevention Month starts, a taskforce of partners from the public and private sector embark on a month-long initiative to help UK residents combat personal identity fraud in four simple steps. Don’t let it be you is the message of this annual campaign which addresses the issue of ID fraud and is backed by Action Fraud, CIFAS -The UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, Equifax, Norton by Symantec, Get Safe Online and Fellowes. One in four residents in the UK (24%) has been touched by identity fraud compared to 17% average across Europe.

Five ways to remember people’s names – Put these tips to work at your next meet-and-greet. And if they don’t work, well, there’s always an app for that.

iOS 6 on 60 Percent of U.S., Canadian iPhones – Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 6, is now installed on approximately 60 percent of iPhones in the U.S. and Canada.

HDTV buying guide: How to select the right set – You want to buy a new big-screen HDTV for your home. But where do you start? You have so many options, features, and specifications to choose from that it can be confusing. And since you’re likely to keep this set for at least the next five years, you want to make a smart choice that you can live with for a long time.

Today’s Quote:

Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.”

–     Albert Einstein

Today’s Free Downloads:

Online Armor Free – Online Armor’s new personal firewall provides awesome protection from inbound threats and complete control of data leaving your computer for the internet.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder – Do you have any idea, how many duplicate files are stored on your computer? You may experience lack of free space, while there may be gigabytes of unnecessary duplicates. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder will help you to get rid of those files.

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