Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – September 17, 2012

Best Windows security apps – Just because threats to your PC continue to mutate doesn’t mean that you must pay for your peace of mind. We’ve collected some of the top free security and privacy programs available that will keep your computer safer.

The Safest Android App Markets – Where you get your apps hugely determines how safe you are. In the iOS world, you have to go through Apple. Good or bad, the buck starts and stops with the company. In the Android world, you have options–but those options come with risks. You might think that Google Play is always your safest source, but you would be wrong. SecurityWatch reveals four sites that are safer than Google Play.

How to simplify your messy photo collection – Woven, created by a Boston start-up called Litl, is a nice, if basic, start to the organization of all your albums, drawing from a variety of different sources. It’s designed to be a one-stop shop photo gallery. I’ve tried the app for a little bit, and it’s not half bad. The app, available on iOS, Android, the Kindle Fire, and the Nook, draws from within the device, Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, Photobucket, Picasa, Shutterfly, SmugMug, and Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

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How to stop Facebook from tracking you – Most people don’t realize that Facebook (FB) can continue to monitor their internet activity, even if they are no longer logged into the site. Using “Facebook Connect,” and other social plug-ins, Facebook is able to set up a cookie on any site that has a “Like” or “share” button, giving Facebook access to a startling amount of user information. Technically, the purpose of these plug-ins is to authenticate users, but it still has the ability to collect personal information such as the IP address of your computer, browsing data, outside login information, phone numbers, etc. (recommended by Aseem S.)

The PC is not dead yet, say readers – The PC is still very relevant to many readers in the face of a large dose of Apple news this week related to the iPhone 5 launch.

GPS shoes guide you home from the pub – In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy has only to click her heels together three times to be magically taken home. And now, thanks to a British designer, you could one day be able to do the same.

Microsoft SkyDrive vs. Google Drive on Android – Android users looking for a cloud storage and file-syncing solution now have a new option in SkyDrive. But is Microsoft’s offering on a par with the tried-and-true Google Drive?

Microsoft patent: Smack your phone up – For those times when your phone goes off unexpectedly, Microsoft patents a technology that means you simply have to hit your phone to silence it.

Sam Harris’ Project Reason – Video Contest Winners (HD) – Project Reason was founded by Sam Harris. It’s primary goal is to spread scientific thinking and secular values. (recommended by Michael F.)

U.S. consumer online deal market to reach $3.6B in 2012 – Research company BIA/Kelsey predicts that U.S. consumers taking advantage of online deals will boost the market to $3.6 billion by the end of the year.

Shazam app now works with TV on 160 U.S. Channels – Shazam announced today that it’s expanding the TV functionality of its app, and that it’s reached over 250 million users worldwide.


Google identifies The Verge as malware host – Some Chrome users trying to visit the tech news site see a notice that it contains malware, but the site’s editor in chief insists his site is safe.

Finally; Google Chrome will support Do Not Track – Google has finally added support for the DNT (Do Not Track) header to their latest developer build of Chrome. The modification is likely to make it into an official release of Google’s popular web browser before the end of the year.

Company News:

Analyst: Google and Apple to Dominate Mobile Market in 2012 – One analyst is estimating that Google and Apple will practically drive all competition out of the smartphone market by the end of the year

Samsung attacks iPhone 5 in new ad – Oh, you knew this was going to happen. Samsung is not taking the release of the iPhone 5 lying down. A new ad declares Apple’s phone isn’t genius.

Yahoo’s free phone offer snubs RIM’s BlackBerry – Marissa Mayer offers all employees the hottest handsets — including an unreleased Windows Phone 8 Nokia phone — but leaves Research In Motion off the list.

Malwarebytes offers enterprise anti-malware detection, prevention – In the past, Malwarebytes started out focused on consumer-based malware, but now the San Jose, Calif.-based company says it’s offering an enterprise product for desktop-based anti-malware detection and eradication protection.

Webopedia Daily:

Source Code – Program instructions in their original form. The word source differentiates code from various other forms that it can have (for example, object code and executable code). Initially, a programmer writes a program in a particular programming language. This form of the program is called the source program, or more generically, source code. To execute the program, however, the programmer must translate it into machine language, the language that the computer understands. The first step of this translation process is usually performed by a utility called a compiler. The compiler translates the source code into a form called object code. Sometimes the object code is the same as machine code; sometimes it needs to be translated into machine language by a utility called an assembler.

Off Topic (Sort of):

A Mission to Modernize Mental Health Care – Some 68 million Americas have a mental illness, but only about four million get adequate care. A California startup called Breakthrough is using the Internet to address the problem.

Business Survival Lessons from the Music Industry – The music business serves as a cautionary tale about what can happen when an entire industry digs in its heels and fails to adapt. What can small business learn from that example?

Latest Curiosity Landing Video Amazes in HD – Bard Canning’s labor of love thrills with enhanced imagery of harrowing Mars descent.

Animated Tower – A giant human and architectural performance realized by NOTsoNOISY Guillaume Reymond and Trivial Mass Production. The 11 floors tower of the HESAV (Health High School Vaud) has been animated as a rudimentary screen whose pixels are, in fact, all the windows and shutters that students, staff and friends shake for hours. (recommended by Michael F.)

Apple fanboys fight back against Samsung – Apple’s most faithful take criticism to heart. So they have begun to create their own versions of Samsung’s ad which declares the iPhone to be not all that.

Schools That Are Smart at Social Media – These eight schools get an A+ in social media, using it to recruit prospective students, engage current ones, and connect alumni.

Today’s Quote:

Nothing can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own.”

–     Sidney J. Harris

Today’s Free Downloads:

CPU-Z – Freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system.

Windows Firewall Control – Windows Firewall Control is a small and easy to use application that runs in your system tray and provides quick access to the most frequent options used from Windows Firewall.



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    How to stop Facebook from tracking you
    Bill I’m reading this and fuming, I do not use FB but better half does and I am APPALLED that this is going on, this is Orwellian, at least we know the government of the USA is doing this sort of stuff but, after all, that is Big Brother’s job, but a social network? I think this is an egregious and surreptitious assault on our right to privacy. Is there any chance that Bleachbit would erase any of this? Would this FB plug-in be in the ADD ONS section of Mozilla such as the Java ones were?


    • Hi Fred,

      Nope – what’s in the Cloud is in the Cloud – so to speak. Bleachbit, and similar applications, will erase only locally stored (on your Hard Drive) items.