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Google Puts Internet Explorer 8 on Notice, Ends Support in Nov – Still rocking Windows XP? How about Internet Explorer 8? If you’re a fan of Google’s services, it might be time to upgrade to a new iteration of the browser — or a different browser entirely. According to Google, the company is officially discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 8 across all of its Web services as of November 15 of this year.

Fast, fun, and free: Racing games for your PC – These days you don’t need to spend a dime to enjoy some seriously adrenaline-drenched automotive action: I’ve collected five excellent racing games that you can download for free and play to your heart’s content.

Enable Steam Big Picture Mode Beta – Valve has released Steam Big Picture Mode, which provides PC gamers with a new, elegant TV-tailored experience of Steam. The problem is Big Picture Mode is currently only in open beta testing, and finding out how to opt into the beta can be tricky. Detailed below are steps to help you get Steam’s new Big Picture Mode running smoothly on your nice, big-screen TV.

TODO Lists With An Interface For The Tech-Savvy – I don’t know about you, but I am constantly trying to keep track of what I things I need to do, in an effort to keep my life in order. I have tried virtually everything from task managers, to virtual post-it notes, to note keeping software. Today, I came upon another online player called Holly that gives you the ability to maintain nested to-do lists. What is unique about Holly is that it is a simple online text editor where the tasks you create are mini-projects with their own sub-tasks.

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Twitter Hands Over Records in Occupy Wall Street Case – Twitter on Friday agreed to hand over about three months’ worth of tweets to a judge overseeing the criminal trial of an Occupy Wall Street protester, a case that has become a closely watched fight over how much access law enforcement agencies should have to material posted on social networks.

Can this Android desktop replace your PC? – Motorola has rolled out an Android-powered desktop in China – complete with an 18.5-inch LED touchscreen (1366×768 @ 60Hz, 16:9), keyboard and mouse.

Google Fiber Issues Public Challenge: Get Up To Speed! – Google’s Kansas City broadband project is designed to shame the top U.S. cable and telecom giants. Why is the U.S. ranked 28th in broadband speed?

Apple’s iCloud Exits Beta, Now Open to All Users – Apple’s cloud service has graduated from beta, and is entering the real world.

Infographic: U.S. Students Prefer Digital – A recent survey by e-textbook publisher Bookboon proves that the majority of U.S. students prefer reading digital textbooks over hardcover paper options

Linking to infringing material can violate copyright, says Dutch court – A link to leaked Playboy pictures published by the Dutch blog GeenStijl infringed on Playboy’s copyrights, the Court of Amsterdam ruled this week. It is the first time a Dutch court has deemed a hyperlink not only illegal but also copyright infringing.


Did Social Media Lead Woman’s Assailant to Her Car? – A Bay Area literary agent assaulted by a rejected writer discovers the unspoken risks of living an open online life on Twitter, Facebook, and FourSquare.

Been Attacked Online Yet? – Have you been attacked online yet? If not, there’s a good probability you will be. A Kaspersky Lab in-depth analysis of cybercrime in North America and Western Europe has been conducted on data from the first six months of 2012. And their findings are staggering.

Anonymous stumbles, but hackers still hazardous – It hasn’t been the best of months for Anonymous, the loose hacktivist collective that likes to view itself as the most potent threat on the Web to big government, big business, and those who do not share its views on pretty much anything — law enforcement, the environment, internet freedom, copyright laws, politics etc. Several of its recent claims have been exposed as not just inflated, but outright fabrications.

Your PC may come with malware pre-installed – It is rare to find a new PC that doesn’t come with additional bells and whistles in addition to the operating system itself. The “bloatware” that PC vendors add on often includes useful tools like third-party security software. It seems, though, that some PCs also come with something more insidious—pre-installed malware. Microsoft researchers investigating counterfeit software in China were stunned to find that brand new systems being booted for the first time ever were already compromised with botnet malware right out of the box

‘CRIME’ attack abuses SSL/TLS data compression feature to hijack HTTPS sessions – The ‘CRIME’ attack announced last week exploits the data compression scheme used by the TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SPDY protocols to decrypt user authentication cookies from HTTPS (HTTP Secure) traffic, one of the attack’s creators confirmed Thursday.

Company News:

Alibaba: Google just plain wrong about our OS – The Chinese search giant says Google is “just speculating” about its Aliyun operating system, and insists it’s different than Android.

Federal Judge Denies Samsung’s Request to Ban Apple Imports – In a preliminary move, a federal judge has denied Samsung’s request for a ban on imports of the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Google says controversial video will remain on YouTube – A Google spokesperson has confirmed that a controversial video clip about the Islamic prophet Muhammad will remain on YouTube – despite a White House request for Mountain View to “review” the clip.

Webopedia Daily:

Web Search Engines – Typically, Web search engines work by sending out a spider to fetch as many documents as possible. Another program, called an indexer, then reads these documents and creates an index based on the words contained in each document. Each search engine uses a proprietary algorithm to create its indices such that, ideally, only meaningful results are returned for each query.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Microsoft, the International Police Force – Microsoft just disrupted a large-scale malware scam, but shouldn’t government agencies be on top of such threats?

Apple, and the media, bury the PC – PC news can’t compete with iPhone news. And it’s not just about the Apple cachet thing. It’s about the technology.

Indie horror game Amnesia sells 1.3 million copies – 

Throughout the history of the horror genre, there’s been many indie low budget movies that broke through to major mainstream success, like Night of the Living Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween. Now history’s repeating itself again, but with an indie game called Amnesia, which has reportedly made back ten times its original cost.

Apple’s Secrets Aren’t So Secret Anymore, and That’s O.K. – Surprises are fun, but they have very little to do with how products perform in the market.

Star Trek actors want your help making new films – A pair of projects, both being run independently by Star Trek cast alum, are seeking fan funding.

Today’s Quote:

We need to establish security engineering as a valid profession in the minds of the public and policy makers. This is less about certifications and (heaven forbid) licensing, and more about perception — and cultivating a security mindset. Amateurs produce amateur security, which costs more in dollars, time, liberty, and dignity while giving us less — or even no — security. We need everyone to know that.”

–       Bruce Schneier

Today’s Free Downloads:

FontViewOK 3.51 – The problem is well known: Only the written form is remembered, but the name is forgotten. Here FontViewOK can help. It creates a quick visual overview of all installed fonts.

Fresh HTML 3.70 – FreshHTML is a full featured HTML designer that designed to be easy to use for beginners as also be feature rich for advanced users. Its WYSIWYG interface makes editing HTML pages as easy as using your favourite word processor.



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