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Inside your users’ brains: Where they get security advice – Michael Kassner explains the research of a team that looked at where users tend to get security advice, how they respond to it, and what security pros can learn from their findings.

Say Goodbye to SMS – Still paying for text messaging? With WhatsApp (for Android), you get a popular cross-platform text messaging alternative that doesn’t cost a penny. It’s perfect for users with friends overseas or who rack up huge texting fees.

FBI is working on a $1 billion facial recognition database, all your faces are belong to them – Did you think facial recognition software in the hands of law enforcement is only something in the movies? Well, to an extent, it really is something only in movies. However, with the FBI’s $1 billion Next Generation Identification program, this will change and it will change as soon as 2014. (recommended by Hipockets)

Enable Firefox’s PDF reader – Ready to ditch the Adobe plug-in for your Firefox Web browser? Here’s how to enable the native PDF reader.

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Free PDF Image Extractor – If you don’t need a new PDF reader, are in a big hurry, or just want to get down and dirty with image extraction, 4Dots Software’s Free PDF Image Extractor is a no-nonsense tool that won?t make a dent in your wallet.

Microsoft SkyDrive for Android (pictures) – Take a look at Microsoft’s cloud storage and file-syncing service SkyDrive, now available via native app on the Android platform.

Google wipes Pirate Bay from Autocomplete searches – In an effort to curb online piracy, the search giant is censoring Web sites in its Instant and Autocomplete feature “that are frequently used to find content that infringes copyrights.”

Ten Ways to Get More Out of Twitter – With more than 500 million active users and $140 million in revenue, Twitter has certainly arrived. Actually, there are all kinds of built-in Twitter mechanisms that will instantly increase your profile and status—but you have to take advantage of them. The key is to present yourself as a professional who has something of value to offer followers.

10 unusual smartphone apps – We often hear there are smartphone apps for just about everything and these 10 apps certainly prove that. These apps range from the whimsical to the downright useful. In this collection you’ll find an app that gives any car one of those fancy HUD displays.

If you play violent video games, you can take more pain – Research at the U.K.’s Keele University suggests that those who play nasty video games have a 65 percent higher tolerance for pain than those who play other games.

Will iPhone 5 have a fingerprint scanner? And will anybody use it? – The internet is abuzz with whispers that Apple’s iPhone 5, rumored to be launched this week, will come with a fingerprint scanner to secure the device. If true, this could be a big step forward in Apple’s quest to make the iPhone a digital wallet.

Sony’s New 3D Head-mounted Display to Launch in Japan for US$900 – Sony said Tuesday a new version of its popular “Personal 3D Viewer” head-mounted display, which wraps around the eyes and shows video so it appears at the size of a virtual movie screen, will go on sale next month for about US$900.


Emma Watson ‘most dangerous’ Web celeb – You’d better stop searching for Emma Watson online, because trying to find news or photos about the Harry Potter star gives you a more than 12 percent chance of getting infected with malware.

Publishing firm says leaked Apple IDs came from their servers – BlueToad, a Florida-based digital edition publishing company, has announced that the recent massive Apple UDID leak originated from their own servers, and not an FBI laptop.

Hackable Consumer Devices – Consumer devices are increasingly coming out of the box Internet-ready, and while a washing machine with its own IP address may be convenient to some and overkill to others, the reality is that this trend is more likely to boom than bust in the coming months and years. As the saying goes, that Internet-connected dryer is all fun and games until someone hacks into it and ruins your delicates.

Millions of Go Daddy Sites, E-mail Accounts Knocked Offline in Alleged Anonymous DDoS Attack – Websites that use the Internet domain registrar and web hosting company Go Daddy were knocked offline earlier this afternoon in what appears to have been a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack executed by a member of the hacktivist group Anonymous.

11,000 Guild Wars 2 accounts hacked in ongoing attacks – The second sequel of the popular Guild Wars multiplayer online RPG by ArenaNet has been released less than two weeks ago, and player accounts are already being heavily targeted by what seems to be a dedicated account hijacking campaign coming from China.

Company News:

U.K. gets its first 4G network – The mobile network Everything Everywhere, now known as EE, unveils the country’s first 4G network. It’ll start out in 16 cities, with seven compatible devices.

HP tries to trump iMac with SpectreONE – With an expected iMac refresh imminent, Hewlett-Packard goes preemptive and unwraps a Windows 8 competitor.

Google Wallet to discontinue prepaid cards in October – Web giant urges users to spend the balances on their cards ahead of October 17, when the cards will disappear from users’ accounts.

Google AdWords Case Goes to Australia’s High Court – Australia’s High Court on Tuesday began hearing Google’s appeal of a ruling that it sold misleading advertisements that allowed companies to purchase keywords containing competitor’s names.

Apple Supplier Foxconn Denies Using Forced Student Labor in Chinese Factories – Apple supplier Foxconn has denied forcing vocational school students in China to work at its factories, following claims that the students must remain employed at the company or lose school credit.

Webopedia Daily:

Organic SEO – Organic SEO (search engine optimization) is the phrase used to describe processes to obtain a natural placement on organic search engine results pages (SERPs). Some examples of techniques used for organic SEO include using keywords and keyword analysis, backlinking, link building to improve link popularity, and writing content relevant for human readers.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Cosmo, the Hacker ‘God’ Who Fell to Earth – Cosmo is huge — 6 foot 7 and 220 pounds the last time he was weighed, at a detention facility in Long Beach, California on June 26. And yet he’s getting bigger, because Cosmo — also known as Cosmo the God, the social-engineering mastermind who weaseled his way past security systems at Amazon, Apple, AT&T, PayPal, AOL, Netflix, Network Solutions, and Microsoft — is just 15 years old. He turns 16 next March, and he may very well do so inside a prison cell. (recommended by Michael F.)

The Death of Voicemail – Considering a phone system and voicemail upgrade allotment in your next IT budget? You may want to reconsider. Reports indicate that voicemail usage is on the decline, and with more businesses relying to IM and enterprise social media for internal communications, the death of voicemail is imminent. John Dvorak explains.

Asperger’s study asks: Are hackers cognitively different? – Hackers are frequently assumed to have Asperger’s syndrome. Psychologists set out to see if this assumption might be true and studied HOPE and Defcon attendees over 10 years.

Court rules iPad tracking is not trespassing – The ACT Magistrates Court has ruled that tracking down a stolen iPad using Find My iPhone is no different to calling out to a kidnapped child.

The Beatles at EMI, September 1962 – Fifty years ago, the Beatles entered EMI’s recording studios on Abbey Road for their first official recording session. Their June visit had gained them a recording contract, but had cost Pete Best his position when artist-and-repertoire manager George Martin winced at the drummer’s timing. With little ceremony, Lennon, McCartney, and especially Harrison recruited the best drummer in Liverpool — a mate who sometimes subbed for Best — and left the firing of Best to manager Brian Epstein. Thus, Ringo Starr ascended to the drummer’s throne. (recommended by Michael F.)

7 business skills desperately needed in today’s economy – Unemployment remains high, and in the current economy, there is a dearth of opportunities for many types of jobs and professions. But, at the same time, companies have been scrambling to find certain sets of talent they desperately need to compete in today’s hyper-competitive global economy. Organizations need individuals who are not only tech-savvy, but also know how to analyze, engage, create and maintain value in new ways. Here are 7 leading business skills seeing insatiable demand from organizations seeking to compete in today’s tough global economy:

Today’s Quote:

I think the world is run by ‘C’ students.”

–     Al McGuire

Today’s Free Downloads:

BitTorrent 7.7 – BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing/distribution protocol designed for transferring files from multiple locations. Because of the nature of this protocol, large files can be handled more efficiently than the typical client/server method.

Comodo IceDragon 15.0.2 – Comodo IceDragon brings you the browser functions of Firefox combined with the security of Comodo.



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    No More Star Trek