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Infographic: Are You Revealing Too Much on Social Networks? – The good folks at Trend Micro put a lot of research into this, but I can give the answer right now–yes, you are. I say this as a guy who uses Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, and, well, you get the idea. While I’m not too worried about people knowing my birthday, I think we all need to reevaluate what it means to network our social lives.

Jimmy Wales threatens to encrypt Wikipedia if UK passes snooping bill – Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has joined the opposition to the Communications Data Bill that was proposed by the UK government earlier this year. Civil rights groups have raised the alarm about provisions that could require British ISPs to keep records of every website their customers visit for 12 months. Now Wales is threatening to enable encryption on Wikipedia for UK Web users to protect their privacy. (recommended by Michael F.)

Review: Panda Antivirus Pro – Panda Antivirus Pro 2013 offers some uncommon features including a firewall, a virtual-machine safe browser, and network management. But for actual protection against malware, though, you can do better. Find out why in our detailed review.

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Honeypot reveals mass surveillance of BitTorrent downloaders – Ever used BitTorrent to download a song? A book? How about a film or a TV show? It’s highly likely that within 3 hours of doing so, the copyright enforcement people were on to you, monitoring your IP address, according to new research.

20 Google Search Shortcuts to Hone Your Google-Fu – Hidden behind Google’s search box are a slew of shortcuts leading to so-called “OneBox” results that provide awesome tools and display helpful information quickly and directly. You might think you know them all, but a few are more hidden than others.

How to keep unwanted toolbars out of your browser – Very often I’m called upon to troubleshoot PCs belonging to friends and relatives. While poking around for problems, I almost always encounter the same oddity: a Web browser packed with toolbars. Sometimes I’ll find two or three of them, sometimes even more. Invariably I ask the question: “Where did these come from?” The response is always the same: “I don’t know.” Psst. I know. Most likely, those toolbars came from you.

Microsoft Challenges Google With ‘Bing It On’ Campaign – Which search engine has better results – Google or Bing? Not surprisingly, Microsoft thinks it’s Bing, and the company now wants to prove it.

Is Opera really the safest browser? – Opera, a relative minnow in the web browser market, is reckoned to be a more secure browser than the likes of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer – according to our online poll. But maybe someone has influenced the vote?

Time to Give Java the Boot? – The programming language has become one of the weakest links in a PC?s and Mac’s defenses against external threats, and is slowly — and rightly — being abandoned.

Dear Apple, please will you let me say s***? – The iPhone has a curiously draconian — and yet schizophrenic — relationship with curse words. Shouldn’t we be able to text whatever we want without having to correct AutoCorrect?


Romney tax returns allegedly hacked, supposedly held for $1 million ransom – Thieves are claiming to have hacked the US presidential nominee’s tax returns out of PricewaterhouseCoopers, are demanding $1 million to keep them out of public circulation, and have allegedly sent supposed copies to Democratic party leaders. But then again, it’s an anonymous Pastebin claim, so it might be complete bunk.

Microsoft to release two updates on Tuesday – Microsoft’s Security Bulletin Advance Notification for September 2012 contains only two important updates. The two important updates are for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

Warbiking in London – insecure WiFi hotspots exposed (video) – WiFi security around London is leaving a lot to be desired. Learn more in our video, and how you can protect yourself better.

Ransomware Malware on the Rise – Ransomware restricts access to infected computer systems so that attackers can extort payments in exchange for restoring access. A McAfee report finds that the number of new ransomware samples jumped roughly 50 percent between the first and second quarters of 2012.

Company News:

New Kindle is Paperwhite – Amazon has unveiled a revamped version of its Kindle e-book reader lineup, including a new touch-based, frontlit Kindle known as Paperwhite. The Kindle Paperwhite will ship Oct. 1, but consumers can start placing orders now.

CORE Security Insight and NT OBJECTives NTOSpider Integrated Solution Now Available – CORE Security, today announced the immediate availability of a bundled solution combining CORE Insight with NTOSpider to deliver richer predictive security intelligence. The new, integrated and automated solution helps ensure that enterprise security professionals quickly identify application vulnerabilities and understand the precise business and operational risks posed by the vulnerabilities.

Facebook Officially Completes Instagram Acquisition – Facebook stunned the tech world back in April when it announced it was acquiring photo-sharing app Instagram in a deal valued at $1 billion. Now, five months later, the acquisition is finally a done deal.

Huawei Fights Back Against U.S. Criticism – Chinese smartphone maker defends itself against criticism from members of the U.S. Congress who have questioned the company’s dealings with Iran.

Huawei and Intel team up on server, cloud products – The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding promising to co-operate further on server, datacentre, storage and cloud computing products.

Webopedia Daily:

PlayStation Vita – A new and improved successor to the Sony PlayStation Portable handheld gaming device. The PlayStation Vita, or PS Vita, debuted in February 2012 with a 5″ multi-touch OLED touchscreen, GPS and Bluetooth capabilities, support for Wi-Fi and (optionally) 3G via AT&T’s Mobile Broadband Network, cross-platform multiplayer gaming, front and rear multi-touch pads and cameras, Six Axis motion sensor technology and dual analog sticks.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Nokia Apologizes for Faking Lumia PureView Camera Demo – When the initial Nokia Lumia PureVideo advertisement hit the Web, I was amazed at the quality–so amazed that I immediately doubted that it was shot with a phone. But then, that was the point, right? This great video was shot with a phone! Surely, Nokia wouldn’t dare to shoot it with a professional camera and pass it off as the real thing. Seriously, guys?

Samsung’s problem solved: Buy RIM – With Samsung’s mobile device debacle and RIM’s “For Sale by Owner” situation cresting at the same time, it would be wise to merge the two for success.

The Secret Printer Companies Are Keeping From You – Until recently, you could buy a new printer for the cost of replacement ink. It’s obvious that the printers were the loss leaders for the ink business. In reality, these are not printer companies, these are ink companies. Now, to prevent people from buying a new printer for the price of a refill kit, companies have replaced the full cartridge sets with a sort of starter kit. The user needs to buy a second set of ink almost immediately.

Five ways manufacturers make devices hard to repair – Bill Detwiler shows you five ways manufactures are making our gadgets harder to fix and gives you tips on working around these self-repair roadblocks.

Microsoft, VMware and Amazon jockey for pole position in race to manage the cloud – Three companies each have their own method of linking an organisation’s datacentre with public clouds, but each one holds risks and benefits for the customer that must be considered.

Today’s Quote:

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

–      Benjamin Disraeli

Today’s Free Downloads:

GOM Media Player – GOM Player is a free video and media player that offers high-quality playback, easy optimization, and a sleek interface. It’s easier to use than some of the popular open-source players but nearly as flexible and less confusing (better-looking, too). With extras like screen capture, GOM Player offers quality playback without the fiddly settings of the better-known alternatives. Naturally it has all the essentials, such as full-screen view, playlists, and hot keys.

Nimbuzz Messenger – Nimbuzz combines a flexible messaging app with the Internet and social media to turn your smartphone into a mobile communications center. With Nimbuzz, you can make unlimited free video and voice calls; chat via video, audio, or text; share files; and more. Nimbuzz is compatible with nearly every device out there. It not only accesses the Nimbuzz network but also Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, and Gtalk. Got platforms? Nimbus does: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Java. A chat buddy feature lets you tweet, too. Updates include contact blocking and file forwarding.



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  1. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    I have to say I had heard of this addon but thought ghostery and noscript would suffice. But after reading your post today, I’ve decided to give this new addon a run. Because, like most tech savvy people, I hate trackers, and the slimy operators behind them.
    Thanks for the review on this, it was great.