Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – September 1, 2012

Make Your Computer More Self-Sufficient This Weekend – Maintaining your computer, tidying your desktop, and doing a number of other digital chores requires a lot of effort—or at least time—on your part. It doesn’t have to. This weekend, set up your computer to do the tedious all by itself.

Control Your Music With the Palm of Your Hand Using Flutter – Lazy music-lovers rejoice! With Flutter, you can control your tunes like a Jedi.

Facebook to Allow Ad Targeting Based on Phone Numbers, Email – Facebook is gearing up to let advertisers find prospects based on personal information like email addresses, user IDs, and phone numbers.

Facebook to delete Page Likes and improve site integrity – Facebook has beefed up its systems to automatically delete suspicious Likes on a Page and ensure that only real users and brands can authentically connect to the Pages they care about.

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Hate Windows 8? Windows 9 Won’t Be Much Different – Windows 9 will likely extend the same themes seen in Windows 8. We take a speculative look at the future of Microsoft’s OS.

Microsoft goes public with list of 40 casual games coming to Windows 8 – Angry Birds, Minesweeper, Wordament and 37 other casual games will be available on October 26, the day Microsoft makes Windows 8 commercially available.

Parallels Desktop 8: A New Version for Two New Operating Systems – The popular virtualization software now supports OS X 10.8, Windows 8 and the Retina display.

Ubuntu 12.10, due in October, said to be ‘Cloud for Human Beings’ – At LinuxCon 2012, and CloudOpen, Canonical touted its pioneering work with OpenStack and said it intends to position its next platform – Ubuntu 12.10 in October — with Juju and Charm technologies as the Cloud for human beings, much the way it positions its current OS as Linux for human beings. Its five-month-old Ubuntu 12.04 was the first commercial distribution to incorporate OpenStack.

What Do These Words Actually Mean? Add-ins, Add-ons, Plug-ins, Apps, Applications, and Utilities – Tech proliferates words like flies proliferate eggs. And they can be just as hard to track. Here’s a quick refresher on common terms for the larger program categories.

Flash returns to Google Play store in UK – but not for long – Adobe backpedals on its decision to pull its Flash Player app from the official Android store, to accommodate the BBC’s iPlayer app — but act now if you want to download it, as it will be gone again soon.


New vulnerabilities found in latest Java update – Only hours after Oracle released its latest Java 7 update to address active exploits, security researchers found yet another vulnerability that can be exploited to run arbitrary code on systems that have the runtime installed.

Virus shuts down gas company’s site and offices – The official website and the email servers of Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Company – the world’s second largest liquefied natural gas company which distributes some 36 million tons of it every year – have been taken offline after a still unknown virus hit the company’s office systems.

Fake UPS notices deliver malware – Cyber crooks have once again resurrected the old UPS spam email campaign in order to deliver their malicious wares to Internet users, warns Webroot’s Dancho Danchev. As usual, the email takes the form of a notification about a failed delivery.

BYOD mobile workers thumbing nose at IT security – Nearly one in four BYOD mobile workers with smartphones and tablets are employing workarounds to bypass IT controls on corporate data.

Info of 55K Patients Stolen from Indianapolis Cancer Practice – The Cancer Care Group, an oncology practice based in Indianapolis, claims it will improve its storage and data security practices going forward after a laptop containing the sensitive information of about 55,000 of its patients was stolen last month.

Company News:

HP launching first version of Open webOS in beta – Months after Hewlett-Packard originally announced the open source version of webOS, the beta version of the platform is on its way out the door. Friday’s release includes two environments for developers. The first is the desktop build, which is boasted to provide “the ideal development environment” for designing the webOS user experience with more features and integrating other open source technologies on the Ubuntu desktop.

RIM unveils BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for mobile management – Research In Motion turns out a new mobile management solution for business customers with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

Kindle Fire won’t go big to take on iPad – Amazon next week will announce two 7-inch Kindle Fire models, one with new hardware and the other an updated version of the original.

Latest Facebook funk: Stock lands just above $18 a share – If you thought it couldn’t get worse, think again. Lackluster revenue forecasts send Facebook shares tumbling, and analysts say there’s little light at the end of this tunnel.

Apple goes after Galaxy S3, Note in new court filing – Fresh off its recent patent triumph over Samsung in a Northern California court, Apple files an amended complaint with the same court in a separate case, adding Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone to the mix.

Walmart Targets Amazon, eBay With Revamped Search Engine – Retailer Walmart just got more technologically savvy, launching a new search engine for its company website to help shoppers more easily and quickly browse, discover, and purchase.

Webopedia Daily:

Microsoft Volume Licensing – Microsoft Volume Licensing is a term used by Microsoft to describe a program for organizations that need multiple Microsoft product licenses, but do not need multiple copies of the software media and the documentation that comes with the software. Microsoft Volume Licensing typically offers organizations lower pricing, two or three-year license agreements and often product use rights not included with FPP (Full Packaged Product) licenses, such as rights to copy the software onto multiple devices.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Like me! Like me! Doing business in the Facebook age – Social media is infiltrating business and changing the way we work. But the psychology of Twitter and Facebook boils down to a number of essential truths: power and relationships matter.

WikiLeaks trial could last up to 6 weeks – A US military judge has finally set aside six weeks for the long-awaited court martial of Bradley Manning. As Ed Pilkington of the UK-based Guardian notes, Manning has been in custody for almost three years without trial – which is far longer than the 120-day period normally allowed under military rules.

Photos taken at the right time – A new compilation of pictures taken at the right time.

Reddit: Obama visit generates most activity ever – The president breaks all the rules, breaks a Reddit record, and draws at least 5.3 million views, news stats reveal.

Top 5 home theater essentials (2012) – There’s more to a modern home theater than a great TV. Here are the Top 5 must-have products to complete the home theater experience.

Today’s Quote:

“Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.”

–     Philip K. Dick

Today’s Free Downloads:

Fusion 2.4 – The program allows merging several images of the same scene in one. You can merge photos taken with the same exposure or images taken with different exposures.

Alternate Pic View 1.424 – A simple open source picture viewer and manipulator that can do Slideshow, Thumbnails, Drawing operations, Several picture formats, Tile pictures, Combine pictures, Size pictues/extend and more.

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