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BoxCryptor – You want to use Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive and access your data from everywhere but you do not want to worry about data security or give up comfort? Then free BoxCryptor is the perfect software for you. It has never been easier and more user-friendly to encrypt your data without losing the advantages of cloud storage. BoxCryptor is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPhone and iPad.

How to determine the right prices when selling on eBay – Trying to figure out the right price point for an item you want to sell can be difficult. Here’s a quick way to determine a good price without doing much work at all.

Top 10 Tools That Are Better in the Command Line – Typing commands into a terminal may seem tedious, but with the right tools, the command line can be incredibly powerful. Here are our favorite command line tools that do awesome things you just can’t match in a GUI.

12 good entertainment apps for the Nexus 7 tablet – The Nexus 7 is now in the hands of a lot of folks who have never owned an Android tablet before based on the correspondence I receive. Tablets like the Nexus 7 are great for entertainment activities, and these apps are the ones I use most.

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Experience Hours in an Instant with These Time Lapse Wallpapers – Photos generally capture a moment. With time lapse photography they can record the path of hours or days, creating beautiful visual effects that make for some great wallpapers. Here are some of our favorites.

South Korean court revokes online real-name law – Country’s constitutional court rules that the policy violates freedom of speech, and has been ineffective in serving its purpose in curbing defamatory comments and fake rumors, since being formed in 2007.

Windows 8: Why IT admins don’t know best – Memo to IT depts: get out of users’ way or expect to be out of a job in the long run. Again and again, I come across IT professionals who think the business is there to pay for the technology they look after, rather than the technology being there to serve the business, or who think they know best what the user needs. These IT pros think the user can’t cope with a new interface, even though they deal with a new interface on Facebook every few months, as well as using Gmail and Dropbox and a few dozen other sites and services every week, plus the interfaces on their iPhone or Android device.

12 Reasons to Start Working With Visual Studio 2012 Now – Microsoft released Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 to the Web on Aug. 15. Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 form the backbone for developing applications on Windows 8, and Microsoft has released them more than two months ahead of the release of Windows 8. Here are 12 reasons why developers should start using VS2012 now.

How to Buy a Digital Camera – There are so many options in the world of digital cameras, it’s easy to get confused. Here’s how to pick the camera that fits you perfectly.

Wall Street Journal Provides Free Wi-Fi in NYC and SF – The Wall Street Journal will be providing free Wi-Fi hotspots scattered throughout New York City and San Francisco through the end of September.


RSA: Phishing Attacks Net $687m to Date in 2012 – There have been nearly 33,000 phishing attacks globally each month this year, totaling a loss of $687 million, according to new statistics released by security firm RSA earlier this week.

Female Android users targeted with Loozfon Trojan – An information-stealing piece of Android malware that is currently being used in a campaign aimed specifically at female Japanese users has been spotted by Symantec researchers. It all starts with emails offering instructions on how to make easy money online or offering the option of being introduced to wealthy men. In the former example, the malware is hosted on the site to which the link in the email points, while in the latter a click on the link included in the email triggers the automatic download of a bogus app containing the Trojan:

The Rise of Cross-Platform Malware – For most of the recorded history of malware, viruses, Trojans and other malicious software have been specialists. Each piece of malware typically targeted one platform, be it Windows, OS X or now, one of the mobile platforms. But the last few months have seen the rise of cross-platform malware that have the ability to infect several different kinds of machines with small variations to their code.

Safe Money technology protects online purchases – More than $1.2 trillion will be exchanged over the Internet in 2012, and stealing even a small percentage can mean a big pay-day for cybercriminals. Kaspersky Lab announced new versions of Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Both products feature protection against modern threats and improvements to performance and simplicity, including a faster installation, less drain on computer resources and battery life, and real-time protection against malware.

NIST Offers Guidelines for Securing BIOS – NISTAs security defenses have advanced and become more adaptive in the last decade, malware authors and attackers have had to respond, looking for new ways to get their malicious software onto PCs or exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities. One target is the system BIOS, the low-level instruction set that loads when the computer boots, and now the U.S. government has released some draft specifications for helping to secure BIOS implementations.

Company News:

Startup ‘Jumpshot’ Aims To Help Grandma And Her IT Geek Grandkid – Ex-HP TippingPoint security pros create an automated, animated tool targeting consumers and small businesses — and giving geeks a little rest after-hours.

Verdict Reached in Epic Apple vs. Samsung Patent Case – After a year of scorched-earth litigation, a jury decided Friday that Samsung ripped off the innovative technology used by Apple to create its revolutionary iPhone and iPad. The jury ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion. An appeal is expected.

RIM Begins Showing New BlackBerry Handsets to Wireless Carriers – Canadian phone maker Research In Motion has begun showing its new BlackBerry smartphones to wireless carriers around the world, but the struggling company says it is still months away from starting to sell them.

Ice Screen is a 26-inch Android-powered smart TV – Tencent and TCL Multimedia recently debuted the Ice Screen, a slick 26-inch Android-powered smart TV. Ice Screen is powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 unit clocked at 1 GHz. The smart TV also features a Mali 400 GPU and 4GB of RAM, while supporting memory cards up to 32 GB. Additional specs include integrated Wi-Fi, a pair of USB ports, HDMI output a 3.5 mm headphone jack and IR remote control.

Webopedia Daily:

System Restore – System Restore is a feature first introduced in Windows XP. It allows users to restore their computers to a previous state without losing personal data files. System Restore automatically creates restore points, which you can use to revert your system to the way it was at a previous time. Restore points are created both at the time of significant system events (such as when you install applications or drivers) and periodically (each day). You can also create and name restore points at any time.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Technological innovations and conspiracy theories: The perfect storm – New technology sometimes leads to new conspiracy theories, as is the case with the four examples Wally Bahny discusses in this Geekend post.

Apple’s big win over Samsung — what does it mean? – If it stands, a jury’s one-sided decision will impact consumers, vendors and the entire tech industry. But for now, it’s a wait-and-see game.

Dark Souls for PC Is Here: ‘Prepare to Die’ like a Pro – Finally. That’s what those of you with tricked-out PC rigs — who perhaps don’t have game consoles and have had to listen to console gamers brag about just how phenomenal this game is — may be saying this morning, now that Dark Souls, one of the most brutal action-RPGs yet devised, is available on your platform of choice.

This Xbox HDMI cable has ‘anti-virus protection’ – No, I’m not late for April Fools’ Day. This is simply just false advertising at its best (or worst, depending on your point of view).

These satellites are powered by Google Nexus smartphones – Putting a satellite into orbit is a rather expensive endeavor that typically costs millions of dollars. Fortunately, NASA is currently designing and testing a number of relatively inexpensive nanosatellite prototypes. The satellites – dubbed PhoneSats – are currently powered by Google’s Nexus One, along with external batteries and a radio beacon.

Today’s Quote:

“The price of freedom of religion, or of speech, or of the press, is that we must put up with a good deal of rubbish.”

–     Robert Jackson

Today’s Free Downloads:

MultiMi – MultiMi collects all your accounts and networks so you can connect with friends and family, surf the web, and share pics, vids and files simply by dragging and dropping.

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition – With Macrium Reflect Free Edition you’ll be able to easily make an accurate and reliable image of your HDD or individual partitions. Using this image you can restore the entire disk, partition or individual files and folders in the event of a partial or complete system loss.


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