14 responses to “Trashmail – A Firefox and Chrome Disposable Email Address Add-on

  1. Chris A.

    Hi Bill,

    TrashMail looks like it could be useful. Personally I always keep a few email addresses for non-personal use. Anyway my first thought was that spammers could have a field day with TrashMail so the first thing that I did was to sign up then attempt to use the TrashMail account to spam one of the forums that I help to moderate (for test purposes). I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I got shown the message “you are attempting to perform a banned action” so I searched through the manually editable block lists; ip address, user name, screen name, domain name; (partial matches allowed) and there is no trace of TrashMail anywhere. I can only assume that it is blocked by default by the web hosting provider!

    I can see that it could be very useful for signing up to sites where you wish to obscure your email address so I’ll be keeping it!


    Chris. A.

    • Hi Chris,

      That’s good news. I very much like your testing procedure – very smart.

      You have a great deal of knowledge so, you might consider writing a guest post here – that would be very cool.



  2. johnmw1

    Hi Bill,
    Nice one, I shall certainly be looking into this very handy tool, that is when I finally work out why FF14 is crashing every few minutes?

  3. delenn13

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  4. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    Another one that I have used is Spamgourmet;


    This also gives a fake email address and sends as many responses as you wish to your chosen email address. Once that number is reached, you never see another thing from that sender.

    Again, after the initial setup it is simplicity itself to use.

    Kind regards