My Modem Is Down – Shot – Busted – Kaput!

My Modem is on the fritz – worse, a technician can’t get here until Sunday. I’m chewing my fingernails – pulling my hair out – stomping my feet – and, a little bit of cursing thrown in for good measure. Hasn’t done any good. The Modem refuses to be intimidated and continues to drop most packets, both up and down. NUTS!!
I’ve tried throughout the day to respond to comments – it’s just not happening. If that’s not bad enough – I can’t respond to developer email.
I’ve got a call in to a senior VP at my ISP in an attempt to get the repair date moved up – hopefully, I can find my persuasion script (not repeatable on a G rated site  ) – otherwise I’ll see you all on Sunday.


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8 responses to “My Modem Is Down – Shot – Busted – Kaput!

  1. Sorry to hear that. In such cases I tether my phone. Yes, I am addicted to internet 😦

  2. Bob Slyker

    Hey Bill,

    Sorry to hear about that. I have had some level of success with getting through to the top of a few food-chains.
    I have no doubt that you are all over it, but if they cannot expedite your repair ETA…

    No guarantees, I do not have any connections, but, I would be happy to try and help…



    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your kind offer. I’ve managed to get an agreement that a tech will be here on Friday, rather than Sunday. Plus a week’s credit. One for the good guys. 🙂



  3. Mark

    Ouch. As Bill Clinton would say, “I feel your pain”.

    • Hi Mark,


      Yep, good old Bill knew how to share the pain. It’s strange – today I have much better connectivity than yesterday. But still in and out. Like just now – got an error on approving this comment. I’ll try again.



  4. No probs, we will wait till then 🙂