Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – July 3, 2012

US government leads requests for Twitter user data – Following in Google’s foosteps, Twitter has for the first time produced a Transparency Report, showing that the US government requested more user information than any other in the first half of this year. And it’s a lot more. The vast majority of governments made fewer than ten requests, and the UK and Canada 11 each.

Twitter Loses Fight to Withhold Activist’s Account Information – Twitter has lost a fight in which it challenged a court order to turn over public but now deleted Twitter messages written by an Occupy Wall Street protestor.

Get Organized: 20 Tips for Working from Home – Working from home can either be a great idea or an awful experience. The latest edition in our Get Organized series helps you avoid all the pitfalls by dishing out 20 valuable tips that will keep your productivity up, work-life balance in check, and business relationships intact. Head over to the full list for the full scoop.

How to Restore Your Address Book After Facebook Messed It Up – Recently, Facebook changed everyone’s email to an address. Even if you fixed the problem, you may find that Facebook changed all of the contacts in your phone, too. Here’s how to fix it.

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VLC Player Beta Lands on Android – VLC, the free media player popular for its capability to play most media formats, is now available for Android phones. You can get VLC for Android beta as a free download on Google Play, although you should wait for the final version if you’re not a power user.

Ridiculous Claims of Respecting Your Privacy After Violating It – Does anyone else shake their head in irritated bewilderment when privacy is quoted as the reason you cannot be told how your privacy has been invaded?

Password Protect a Flash Drive – If a flash drive contains sensitive information–such as bank account statements, credit card numbers, or your own unique, brilliant plans for world domination–you should password protect, if not the whole drive, than at least those particular files. You’ve got two options for protecting data on a flash drive: You can use encryption software, or you can buy a special, encrypted flash drive.

10 things your cloud provider may not tell you – When you’re evaluating cloud solutions, make sure you get the whole story. Here are 10 critical issues you should bring up (because the vendors might not).

IE hangs on to more than half of browser market – Microsoft’s browser took home a 54 percent slice of the market in June, leaving Firefox and Chrome each with around 20 percent, says Net Applications.


Data Snatchers! The Booming Market for Your Online Identity – A huge, mostly hidden industry is raking in billions collecting, analyzing, and sharing personal information you put on the Web. Should you be worried?

The dark side of QR codes – Quick response codes are everywhere — magazines, take-out menus, and the sides of bus stops. But this marketing tool could be just the opportunity hackers are looking for.

Fake “Tax Refund” emails targeting UK citizens – The UK tax season came to an end in April, and notifications about tax returns have begun slowly trickling down to the country’s citizens. But unfortunately among those legitimate messages there are also ones that mean them harm. The contents of the emails are different, but they all seem to be coming from the UK’s HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

The Apps Users Don’t Patch – Secunia data shows Shockwave, QuickTime, and Java JRE get updated the least by PC users.

Researcher Warns Of Security Hole In KeePass Password Manager – KeePassUsers of the free, open source KeePass password manager got unwelcome news on Tuesday, after a private security researcher claimed to have discovered a remotely exploitable security hole that could give an attacker access to unencrypted user passwords. However, KeePass’s creator calls the hole minor, and unlikely to be used in an attack.

U.S. Critical Infrastructure Cyberattack Reports Jump Dramatically – A new report from ICS-CERT shows the number of reported incidents increased from 9 to 198 between 2009 and 2011

Company News:

Firefox OS Smartphones Coming in 2013 – Mozilla today announced that its standalone, mobile operating system will be known as Firefox OS, with TCL Communication Technology and ZTE as its first manufacturing partners. The first Firefox OS-powered devices will run a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and are expected to launch in Brazil in early 2013 via Telefónica’s Vivo service, Mozilla said.

Kodak given all-clear to sell its patents – Kodak has been given a courtroom approval to find a seller for its patents as part of a bankruptcy restructuring plan, despite opposition from Apple.

Samsung samples first 16GB DDR4 modules – Employing new circuit architecture for computing systems, DDR4 technology boasts the highest performance among memory products available for today’s computing systems, which by next year will reach twice the current 1,600 megabits per second (Mbps) of DDR3 based modules.

Bootable USB flash drive for secure remote working – Cryptzone released AppGate MOVE (My Own Virtual Environment), a USB flash drive that provides a portable way to access information and applications securely from any computer. As the secure bootable USB works independently of the host device’s operating system, the risk from malware infection is eradicated.

Sony Buys Cloud-Gaming Service Gaikai – Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced that it has acquired cloud gaming service Gaikai for $380 million.

Webopedia Daily:

Facebook Video Calling – A free service powered by Skype that enables Facebook users to conduct one-to-one video chats with other users.  There are no setup or additional software needed beyond installing a small Skype plug-in the first time the feature is used. With the debut of Facebook Video Calling new buttons were added to the Facebook interface to make it quick and simple to initiate video calls with Facebook friends.  Facebook Video Calling has also been integrated with the instant message-based Facebook Chat service.

Off Topic (Sort of):

The Major Labels Don’t Want You Selling Used Mp3s, For Good Reason – The music industry’s crusade to stop a second-hand market for digital downloads is about more than technophobia. The Boston Globe today has a takeout on the courtroom showdown between EMI-owned Capitol Records and ReDigi, a startup that offers customers a way to buy and sell secondhand digital music. The company lets users load old, unwanted tracks into an online music locker, where others can purchase them for around 69 to 79 cents a pop. (recommended by Michael F.)

Groups Join Forces for ‘Declaration of Internet Freedom’ – Various Internet groups joined forces to launch the Declaration of Internet Freedom, a set of principles organizers hope will be embraced by lawmakers, private companies, and average Web users alike.

Convicted of endangering their computers? (Pics) – Just because you can take your laptop into the bathroom, doesn’t mean you should. Unfortunately, users often ignore common sense and place expensive computer equipment in harms way. From soft drink spills to duct-tape fixes, these users are support calls just waiting to happen. I recommend they all be convicted for endangering their computers.

What Multitasking Does To Our Brains – We’ve all heard it hundreds of times: to work efficiently we have to single task. No multitasking. And yet, we let it slip. We end up eating lunch in front of the TV with our laptop open. We browse Twitter and Facebook whilst sending emails, and probably chatting in Google+ too. If we should be focusing on just one assignment, blog post, or proposal…why the heck is it so hard to focus?

Today’s Quote:

“We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities.”

–     Walt Kelly

Today’s Free Downloads:

YUMI – YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer), is the successor to MultibootISOs. It can be used to create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive containing multiple operating systems, antivirus utilities, disc cloning, diagnostic tools, and more.

DVD Author Plus 2.32 – Use almost any DVD drive to create backups of your valuable data, movies, pictures and audio files. Create DVD videos, MP3 CD, DVD and Data discs; duplicate CD/DVDs; record DVD videos in PAL or NTSC format and burn ISO image file on CDs and DVDs.

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