Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – July 2, 2012

20 Ways to Secure Your Android Device – We list 20 of the top mobile security apps to protect your Android devices from a bevy of malevolent apps, nasty malware and even theft.

Facebook e-mail mess: Address books altered; e-mail lost – Facebook’s new unified e-mail and its implementation is causing unwanted changes to users’ address books; worse, the changes have gone unnoticed by users and vital communication is being lost.

Microsoft silently kills silent, automatic Skype install via Updates – Microsoft has pulled the plug on a Windows update that snuck Skype onto business PCs. Corporate admins got a nasty surprise on Wednesday when Skype 5.9 was automatically and silently installed on work machines via Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) – including PCs that did not have the voice chat software previously installed.

‘Leap second bug’ cripples sites, software – The addition of an extra second to the world’s atomic clocks was apparently too much for some popular Web sites and software platforms to take.

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Google Maps vs. Bing Maps: A Showdown of Satellite Images – Let’s take a head-to-head look at Google Maps and Bing Maps to see which service provides a better view of various locations around the world.

How to Install Ice Cream Sandwich on Your Kindle Fire – With just a bit of work you can set up Android 4.0 on your Kindle Fire, transforming the device into a powerful general-purpose tablet with an unbeatable price tag.

Poll results: IT Pros plan to buy Microsoft Surface tablets not iPads – IT pros are more likely to purchase a Windows 8-based tablet than they are likely to purchase any other tablet, including the Apple iPad.

Top Ten Factors for Choosing a Gaming PC – When you’re shopping for a gaming system, consider our ten rules of thumb before you pull out your wallet.

Five indispensable apps to carry on a USB stick – You can’t always anticipate which tools you’ll need to fix a tough problem in the field. Here are some handy ones to take with you… just in case.

Windows 7 on majority of PCs for the first time – Figures from StatCounter show Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, is now on the majority of all PCs, overtaking Windows XP after three years.

New MacBook Pro, Air prices get slash treatment at Best Buy – Best Buy didn’t waste any time cutting prices on new MacBooks. The least expensive Air now starts at $949.99.


Please, hack my smartphone: Five surefire tips – Alan Wlasuk, managing partner of 403 Web Security, lists the top five smartphone mistakes you can make.

Drones: Another Target for Hackers – As if it’s not bad enough that within a few years thousands of drones will be flying in U.S. airspace, now research shows terrorists may be able to turn them into weapons. Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin found that by spoofing a GPS receiver on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) anyone with the right tools and know-how can take over control of a drone and make it do their bidding.

GPS Alternative Developed By Defense Firm BAE Systems – The technology is being touted as a replacement for current technologies that rely on a relatively weak satellite signal that is vulnerable to disruption.

Company News:

Apple Pays US$60M for IPad Trademark in China – Apple has agreed to pay US$60 million for ownership of the iPad trademark in China, as part of a settlement with a little-known Chinese firm called Proview that had tried to ban sales of the tablet in the country, according to a local court.

With $60B in cash, Microsoft is set to blow up its business – Don’t be fooled. Microsoft’s entrance into the tablet market shows nothing less than a willingness to overhaul its business model.

Path App Integrates Nike+ FuelBand Updates – Path announced a tie-up with Nike that will allow Nike+ FuelBand users to chart their progress via the social network.

Twitter Turns off ‘tweet’ Tap to LinkedIn – Twitter messages will go down a one-way street on LinkedIn after Twitter shuts off its flow of data to the professional networking site on Friday.

Webopedia Daily:

Business Intelligence – BI – The term Business Intelligence (BI) represents the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process of the corporation. These systems allow a company to gather, store, access and analyze corporate data to aid in decision-making. Generally these systems will illustrate business intelligence in the areas of customer profiling, customer support, market research, market segmentation, product profitability, statistical analysis, and inventory and distribution analysis to name a few.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Where Is the Tech Industry Headed? – After two weeks of being disconnected, I’ve come to realize that the tech industry is getting stale. Major players other than Apple must now step up and innovate.

Predicting waves could double ocean energy capture – Surfers spend half their time on the water sitting upright on their boards, scanning the horizon for the next suitable wave. The reason of course is that a wave’s size and power is going to tell you a lot about how good a ride you’re likely to have. Well, the same is true of wave energy capture technology. Put simply, some waves are better than others. To tackle this problem and to get the most out of the waves coming their way, researchers have been working on technology to predict wave power.

Employees Have Tough Time Taking Vacation – Workers are facing significantly greater challenges than their bosses in taking vacations this year, according to a survey from CareerBuilder. In many cases, employees simply can’t afford a summer getaway. In others, they feel too pressured by work obligations to use all their time off — or to travel somewhere without remaining connected to the office.

Microsoft and Apple: The roof tile analogy – The Microsoft Surface tablet needs the Microsoft Store — or something just like it. The hey day of CompUSA-like big box retailers is fading fast.

Today’s Quote:

“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”

–    Eric Hoffer

Today’s Free Downloads:

LibreOffice – Although no suite matches Microsoft Office feature for feature, LibreOffice comes pretty close, offering free alternatives to Microsoft Word (Writer), Excel (Calc), and PowerPoint (Impress).

deviantART muro – Everybody doodles. Or draws, or sketches. It’s one of those universal human behaviors instilled into us from kindergarten, or maybe from caveman times. deviantArt muro is a free browser-based drawing tool that invites you to take your doodling online, and offers some fun brushes and an innovative way to record your work and learn from others.


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7 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – July 2, 2012

  1. Dave B.

    in RE: Microsoft silently kills silent, automatic Skype install via Updates;

    We had a number of clients that had this force installed on their office PC’s, my boss suggested MS might be pushing it out, I told him MS wouldn’t be THAT stupid… turns out I was wrong, they apparently WOULD be that stupid. I wonder whose brilliant idea this was…

    • Hey Dave,

      To call this action inappropriate, wouldn’t even come close. A perfect lesson in how to lose the customer’s trust. Yeah, “stupid” just about covers it.

      Little wonder I have never allowed automatic updates. Microsoft can download all the updates they want – but, I’ll choose which ones to apply. Same goes for installed application – let me know what’s up – I’ll decide after that.

      Hope you have a terrific 4th.



  2. delenn13

    Yea, that’s why we use AutoPatcher and have for years… AutoPatcher Forum

    Here’s for a Holiday Smile..
    Vogue-Kindergarten Kids to Make You Smile-2012

    • Hey Delenn13,

      Haven’t heard of AutoPatcher – will check it out.

      Cute video – takes me back to the parenting days. 🙂



      • delenn13

        What is really cool about Autopatcher is that you can download ALL the updates to ALL Windows Versions so you have them if you need them for tech work for a format..etc. No more waiting for that PC to download the have them.

        • Hey Delenn13,

          I’m in the middle of a reinstall (wouldn’t you know it 🙂 so, I wish we’d had this conversation yesterday. Still, Autopatcher sounds awesome. You can bet I’ll get right on it – as soon as I finish with the messed up machine.

          Thanks for looking out for all of us.



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