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Nexus 7 Tablet vs. Kindle Fire vs. the Rest: Spec Smackdown (Chart) – Let’s look at how the specs of the Nexus 7 compare with the Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0).

Unjailbreak your iOS device – If you need to undo your jailbreak, follow these simple steps to restore your iDevice to its original (jailed) state.

Anyone for Pi? Mods and hacks for the Raspberry Pi – The first Raspberry Pi mods for the $40 Linux computer are here – from speech-controlled robots to a Pi-based mainframe.

Google Glasses stunt video released – Google’s Glasses augmented reality technology could be hitting the shelves in less than two years’ time, with the company today releasing a video of a dramatic set of stunts as viewed by the people taking part.

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Comparing the best ways to store your photos online – In this guide, we’ll compare five of the most popular photo-sharing and photo-storage sites, and take a look at some advanced solutions for professional photographers who are looking for more storage and flexibility.

Scarlett Johansson’s stolen nude photos could cost hacker $66,179.46 and five years in prison – Prosecutors are calling for nude photo hacker Christopher Chaney to be sentenced to six years in jail, and pay damages to exposed celebrities.

MegaUpload sees big court win, but case far from over – A New Zealand court has ruled that the warrants served on Kim DotCom’s home in January were invalid. But at this point, the decision is not a knockout blow to U.S. case against DotCom.

Sync your Android tablet to your Ubuntu One account – Find out why Jack Wallen thinks Ubuntu One is a great tool for connecting your Android tablet to a cloud space and syncing with your Ubuntu-based Linux machine.

Iran Announces the Salman Rushdie Fatwa Video Game – Novelist Salman Rushdie has so far escaped the decades-old call for his death in the real world, but in the video game universe he may not be so lucky. This week the government-sponsored Iranian Islamic Association of Students announced that a Salman Rushdie computer game is in development.

Internet Security:

86% of Top Websites Expose Visitors to Third-party Tracking Cookies – How prevalent is the use of tracking cookies that get planted on your computer after browsing a website so it can keep track of what you’re doing? Turns out that not only do the major websites like to plant their own tracking cookies on you, they’re also happy to stick a lot of third-party cookies on you, too.

Latest hacker dump looks like Comcast, AT&T data – A group of hackers has posted to the Web today data that appears to include Comcast employee names, ages and salaries, as well as e-mails and passwords associated with AT&T VoIP service accounts.

The site that outs all your stupid Facebook updates – We Know What You’re Doing proudly reveals all the things you have blurted out on Facebook that you wish you hadn’t blurted out on Facebook.

‘High Roller’ Online Financial Fraud Ring Robs Big Money Bank Accounts – Attackers do their dirty work from their own cloud-based server infrastructure rather than on the victim’s PC in order to camouflage the crime.

Cyber-Underground Takes Buffet Approach to Selling Malware – Researchers at Trusteer say cyber-criminals are offering feature-based pricing on malware components to give black market customers greater flexibility.

Facebook Email Change Raises Security Concerns – A Sophos official said the social network’s decision to make the addresses users’ default addresses will make them even more attractive to spammers.

Company News:

eXo Accelerates Cloud-based Development for Google App Engine – eXo, the user experience platform-as-a-service (UXPaaS) company, today announced during the Google I/O developers conference that its cloud-based integrated development environment, eXo Cloud IDE, now integrates with Google App Engine. Developers building Java or Python applications for Google App Engine can now develop, debug, deploy and manage their applications through a browser — entirely online. eXo Cloud IDE is available today and offered free of charge.

Adobe Says No Flash Player for Android 4.1, Plans to Withdraw App on Aug. 15 – There will be no certified implementations of Adobe Systems’ Flash Player for Android 4.1, and on Aug. 15 the player will take a bow and no longer be available.

RIM: 5,000 Employees to Be Laid Off, BlackBerry 10 Delayed Until 2013 – The Canadian company posted worse results for its latest quarter than analysts had expected. It’s cutting 5,000 jobs and delaying the launch of its new phone operating system, BlackBerry 10, on which it’s pinning its hope for a comeback.

Microsoft details its Windows 8 upgrade plans – Microsoft is getting closer to the Windows 8 finish line and is finalizing details like its upgrade paths from older Windows releases to the coming version.

Red Hat acquires FuseSource – Red Hat announced that it was buying FuseSource, an open source integration and messaging framework, from Progress Software.

Webopedia Daily:

Journaled File System – A file system in which the hard disk maintains data integrity in the event of a system crash or if the system is otherwise halted abnormally. The journaled file system (JFS) maintains a log, or journal, of what activity has taken place in the main data areas of the disk; if a crash occurs, any lost data can be recreated because updates to the metadata in directories and bit maps have been written to a serial log. The JFS not only returns the data to the pre-crash configuration but also recovers unsaved data and stores it in the location it would have been stored in if the system had not been unexpectedly interrupted.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Sunglasses for Spies – Pivothead’s Video Recording Eyewear puts a camera in a pair of sunglasses. Although it’s expensive, it offers some of the best angles for first-person video recording.

Let’s Copy How Finland, South Korea, and Canada Teach Science – Lessons from teachers whose countries excel at science education.

Wikimedia Commons Picture Of The Year 2011 – Top 25 photos, as voted for by Wikimedia users. Winning entry is outstanding, but other gems include: Snow-covered ski lift in Sweden, Eilean Donan Castle at sunrise, and the Atacama Dry lake.

Starry Night – Vincent van Dominogh (Video 3:01) – A recreation of Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” from just over 7,000 dominos. Amazing! (recommended by Michael F.)

How LinkedIn Has Turned Your Resume Into A Cash Machine – Huge feature on LinkedIn’s astonishing success. Now makes $1.30 for every hour a single user spends on site. Remarkable, when you consider Facebook earns just six cents in comparable scenario. Here’s how they made it happen.

MIND YOUR MIND with MindGuard! – MindGuard is a program for Amiga and Linux computers that protects your mind by actively jamming and/or scrambling psychotronic mind-control signals and removing harmful engrammic pollutants from your brain. It also has the ability to scan for and decipher into English specific signals so you can see exactly Who wants to control you and what They are trying to make you think. (recommended by Michael F.)

WikiLeaks Chief Assange Unlikely to Surrender to Police – WikiLeaks Julian Assange said Thursday night it is very unlikely he will obey a summons from British police to leave Ecuador’s embassy on Friday and surrender…

Today’s Quote:

“The attraction of smoking is that it simplifies the world into three parts. There’s you, there’s the cigarette, and everything else is the ashtray”

–    Errol Morris

Today’s Free Downloads:

A Flipping Good Time – A Flipping Good Time is a fast-paced free-flowing 2D platformer. Flip and fly through an expansive underground world using the fluid nature of gravity to avoid the hazardous terrain. With challenging obstacles, exhilarating mine cart rides, an immersive environment, rewarding collectibles, and entertaining levels with unlockable bonus levels, A Flipping Good Time is just that: a flipping good time. Elected by a panel of over 100 game industry experts as a 2011 PAX10 winner. (recommended by Delenn13)

OpenPhoto – Photos present a challenge because we want to share them and also retain the rights to them. That’s where OpenPhoto comes in. This free, open-source project makes photos easy to upload, tag and control by hosting in your Dropbox account or Amazon S3.

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