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Best Android apps for streaming – Streaming videos, movies, or TV shows on your Android device is getting better and easier all the time. Here are seven apps you can use right now.

How to Silence Your Noisy Computer (and Keep It Cool as a Cucumber) – So you’ve got a kickass computer, but the summer heat means a warmer office, which means a hotter computer, which explains why your computer’s been impersonating a jet engine lately. If your computer’s generating a bit too much heat and noise, here’s how to give its cooling system an overhaul for cool, silent operation.

How to automatically back up your personal files in Windows 8 – The new File History feature can back up all your documents, browser favorites, desktop icons, and other personal files. Once set, File History runs automatically at specific times, though you can always trigger it manually. You can also set the backup destination to a USB or network drive so your files are recoverable even if your hard drive crashes or gets corrupted. If one of your personal files gets lost or damaged, you can simply restore its most recent copy from the File History.

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LastPass 2.0 Wows – Sometimes the best things in life really are free. LastPass 2.0, the latest edition of PCMag’s Editors’ Choice for password manager, won’t cost you a penny, and it outperforms the competition, both free and paid.

How to Maintain Your Android Phone – Android phones can become slow and clunky with age, but these tips can help get your phone running like new again.

Android Phone Updates: A Comprehensive Guide – Is your phone on the list to receive the next major version of Google’s Android OS? Consult our handy chart to see which phones get upgraded next.

How to Change Your Facebook Profile Photo – Yet another important Facebook setting that’s nearly impossible to find–unless you know where to look.

Orbitz Serving Up Pricier Results for Mac Users – Travel site Orbitz is serving up pricier hotel results to those using Mac computers than those on PCs, according to a new report.

Leverage these online video resources on your SMB site – Consumers are demanding video and businesses need to deliver. Here are some video resources that you can use.

10 Reasons Why Your Small Business Website Stinks – Your small business website is an important customer-relations and marketing tool. We look at 10 common customer-losing mistakes and how to fix them.

Internet Security:

Zeus malware strain infecting 1 in 50 PCs – ThreatMetrix Labs came across a new variant of the P2P version of the Zeus Trojan. One of the main changes to this variant is the way it encrypts its configuration file – which make all automatic detection routines fail to recognize the Trojan.

MI5 describes astonishing level of cyber attacks – MI5 has admitted that it is working to counter astonishing levels of cyber-attacks on UK industry. Head of MI5, Jonathan Evans, commented that vulnerabilities on the internet are currently being ‘exploited aggressively not just by criminals but also states’. This comes hot on the heels of a report from Cambridge University that claimed that cyber crime is currently costing Britain £11 billion.

FBI arrests 24 in internet credit card fraud ring – The FBI charged 28 and arrested 24 in the bust of a major internet credit card fraud ring today. The accused were involved in a large variety of fraud schemes involving 411,000 credit cards and over $205 million.

Watch out! Widespread wire transfer confirmation emails carry malware – Cybercriminals have widely spammed out a malware campaign today, posing as a confirmation email about a wire transfer. You may not be the kind of person who would fall for the attack, but can you say the same for your friends and family members?

TechRadar latest site to have usernames and passwords stolen – Tech news site TechRadar is alerting users that their username, password, email address and date of birth have been accessed by hackers.

Security Challenges of BYOD and Gen Y – Nowhere does the intersection of BYOD and security impact organizations more than with Gen Y workers, who have clear ideas about how and where mobile devices, apps and social media tools should be used. “While users want and expect to use their own devices for work … they do not want to hand over responsibility for security on their own devices to the organization,” noted Patrice Perche, international vice president of International Sales & Support for Fortinet. Here’s what the security provider discovered when it surveyed 3,800 employees, ages 20 to 29, from around the world.

Company News:

Vizio Announces $99 Google TV Set-Top Box – HDTV maker Vizio on Tuesday introduced its first Google TV-powered set-top box product that lets users experience live TV, streaming content, and cloud gaming from OnLive.

Mozilla Launches New, Faster Firefox for Android – Mozilla has announced the availability of a new version of Firefox for Android that features performance and personalization enhancements, among other improvements.

Microsoft $1B antitrust penalty stands – The European General Court does lower the fine slightly to $1.07 billion following an antitrust ruling nearly five years ago.

Cisco Revamps WebEx Meetings for SMB Collaboration – Cisco overhauls its online meeting platform to bring social collaboration features to business users. WebEx Meetings brings SOHOs and SMBs along for the ride.

PayPal Offers Bounty for Bugs – PayPal, owned by eBay, joins Google, Facebook, Mozilla and others in offering money to security researchers to report vulnerabilities.

Webopedia Daily:

Secure Server – A Web server that supports any of the major security protocols, like SSL, that encrypt and decrypt messages to protect them against third party tampering. Making purchases from a secure Web server ensures that a user’s payment or personal information can be translated into a secret code that’s difficult to crack. Major security protocols include SSL, SHTTP, PCT, and IPSec.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Microsoft survey exposes online bullying threat – More than half (54 percent) of children around the world worry about being bullied online, according to a new global survey released today by Microsoft. Conducted in 25 countries among more than 7,600 children ages eight to 17, the survey focuses on how kids are treating one another online and whether parents are addressing online behaviors.

Microsoft analyzes over a million PC failures, results shatter enthusiast myths – The full study is well worth a read; we’re going to focus on the high points and central findings. There are two limitations to the data collected that we need to acknowledge. First, the data set we’re about to discuss is limited to hardware failures that actually led to a system crash. Failures that don’t lead to crashes are not cataloged. Second, the data presented here is limited to hardware crashes, with no information on the relative frequency of software to hardware crashes. (recommended by Michael F.)

Gunnar Glasses: Help for Eyes Chained to a Monitor – If you spend your day staring at an LCD screen under harsh lighting, these specially designed glasses could help ease the strain on your eyes.

An interview with Giorgio Maone, creator of NoScript – We know all about NoScript, but not much about its developer. Michael Kassner thought it was time to change that.

Demotivators remind us that it could always be worse: Images – When your servers crash, end users scream, and network grinds to a halt, let these Demotivators make you smile. These soul-crushingly funny explanations of defeat, futility, failure, disloyalty and more, remind you that it could always be worse.

Ever lied online? Good thing you weren’t in Rhode Island – Residents of the northeastern state can now tell fibs on the Internet without fear of a prison sentence — thanks to lawmakers repealing an archaic law that made it a crime to lie online.

Today’s Quote:

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it”

–      Winston Churchill

Today’s Free Downloads:

Kindle for PC – When you hear the word Kindle, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most people, this would be Amazon’s smash hit e-book device, with its svelte looks and crisp e-ink display. But even if you don’t want to shell out for a separate device, you can still enjoy many of the Kindle’s benefits for no charge, thanks to Kindle for PC.

Folder Size – Folder Size FREEWARE will analyze your hard drives and display the file and folder sizes so that you can easily check the distribution of your disk space. The application will display the sizes of the folders and files and also the percentage of the total disk size that they occupy. The neat report can be sorted in order to identify the largest folders and the largest files. You can easily figure out which files or folders have filled up your drive space as Folder Size will also scan the sizes of all the subfolders.

NVIDIA Inspector – NVIDIA Inspector is a small and handy tool that displays hardware information for nVidia-based graphic cards. Main features also include: hardware monitoring, Core/Shader/Memory clock tuning, Fan Speed adjustment, etc.



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