Oracle Earns More Than Analysts Expected

imageOracle has been around for ages. As a developer and a provider of innovation and advanced technology, it has rivaled the top contenders in the market. Since its inception, it has kept a competitive stance against giants such as IBM and, has held it’s ground.

Despite rumors of dissolution, and the idea that it has been weakening over the years through various database attacks and criticisms it has received, Oracle has been completely stable and, has been raising its ante since day one.

Oracle and Its Change of Game

Since its inception, Oracle had kept a serious hand on the game and on the competition – acquiring firms one after another. Following Oracle’s announcement of its plan to focus on Internet based software, it may have appeared that Oracle was throwing in the towel in terms of software development. Oracle, however, made it clear that this was not the case. Instead, it was simply leveling the playing field into something more appropriate.

Oracle and the Future with Cloud Computing

Oracle found the future in cloud computing. Cloud computing – an Internet based database management system – is all the rage with its power to provide complete accessibility and permanent data storage. Unlike the old days, when cloud computing was rarely possible – the idea which Oracle developers have been advocating for decades, has become a reality.

Innovating More, Earning More

Experts never anticipated the surge that Oracle has experienced with its change of course. It was quite a gamble – but, led by CEO Larry Ellison, Oracle has found a way to deliver. Creating cloud based software for clients, Oracle has found its calling in the ever changing world of technology. Oracle has managed a twenty percent rise in its earnings in the past few years – since changing its focus.

Oracle Steadily Rising

Through cloud computing development, it has earned over $1 Billion and, it has become the second largest earner in this field. Oracle will continue to create Internet based software and cloud computing systems to meet the needs of the new market. Dominating this new field, is where it’s at.

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4 responses to “Oracle Earns More Than Analysts Expected

  1. I think it is one of America`s most underrated companies.
    Besides oracle is approaching $1 billion in cloud-based software revenue, making it the second-largest provider, after Salesforce, which is nearing $3 billion. So they put entire portfolio to cloud computing, and i think it is very smart move!