The Next Big Thing: Trading In Your Sunglasses For… Instagram Glasses?

imageAt this point you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t completely enamored with the photo app Instagram, and if they aren’t regularly using it then they’ve at least probably heard of it. The app has erupted in popularity since its debut in October 2010.

Now, nearly every Facebook page and Twitter account boasts pictures that have been dutifully Instagrammed to perfection. The app has even become a social media forum in its own right; where users can give their stamp of approval for pictures and comment accordingly.

When the app first launched it initially was exclusive for iPhone users, however it quickly became a popular pastime, and as it grew in popularity Android users began to demand access to the app as well. Instagram delivered, and since then the company has been acquired by social media conglomerate Facebook, catapulting it to any even higher level of success. At this point it almost begs the question of “what’s next?”

Well, Markus Gerke released a plan for a potential next step for Instagram… Instaglasses. This concept is practically designed for the hipster generation.

The glasses, designed to function as sunglasses, would have a button on the side that would allow you to filter your view of life as you wore them into different Instagram filters, giving you a nice sepia tone for the view of the park, or perhaps a Polaroid view of your nephew. You would essentially become a walking piece of photo-editing software, ready at a moment’s notice to capture a photo-worthy shot of life.

“You activate the glasses by pushing ‘Insta’ and option to choose between different filters. Are you enjoying a moment? Just take a picture with your glasses and upload the image straight to Instagram,” Gerke said about the glasses.

So basically, if you happened to stumble across a particularly spectacular scene (or even just a mediocre one because let’s be honest, Instagram is full of photos of feet and food) during your everyday life, then you wouldn’t even need to get out your camera or phone – you could just filter the scene as you see fit and then snap a photograph with the glasses. The picture would then automatically upload to Instagram.

As it states on the Behance website, where the concept for the glasses is showcased, “life is beautiful, even more beautiful with filters.”

While it does sound like an intriguing concept and is a brilliant display of technology, the thought of filtering our everyday perception of the world also seems a little strange, and even seems almost too futuristic for our own good.

Do we really want to walk around changing our realities all day? Is this an idea that would actually catch on? While people are certainly caught up in the easy photo-editing craze, it also makes you wonder how long this fad is going to last, and how long people are going to continue to wear sunglasses during all hours of the day and night.

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This guest post is contributed by Kate Croston – a freelance writer who holds a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She writes guest posts for different sites and loves contributing home internet service related topics. Questions or comments can be sent to:  katecroston.croston09 @


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6 responses to “The Next Big Thing: Trading In Your Sunglasses For… Instagram Glasses?

  1. Just insta-legalise a few of my favourite things & there’d be no need to soften reality with instagram glasses 🙂

  2. delenn13

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    • Hey Delenn13,

      Sorry – I don’t do Instagram. Otherwise I’d take you up on your generous offer. 🙂 Funny though, I just noticed my buddy Radamés Toro (Uni Professor in Computers) down in Puerto Rico, is active on Instagram. Huh??

      Egyptoid 2 looks very cool – gonna check it out – gracias amiga!

      Yep, it’s beautiful outside – just got in from a 2+ hour trail walk. Wonderful!!



  3. delenn13

    I don’t do Instagram either. I could repeat another person’s opinion of it..but I will just keep my mouth shut. He’s rather a pervert..LOL

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