Google Glasses – Can You See Me Now?

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Google has done it again. Coming up with a brand new concept, Google Glasses. Google intends to augment reality with glasses that connect the real world to the internet database. Just imagine moving through your town and automatically getting visual information like addresses, maps, and even construction closures appearing organically in front of your eyes. One thing is for sure, you would never get lost again.

It is like a science fiction novel. Wearing something that connects you to the online world is not a new concept, but the actual practice of it has proved to be exceedingly difficult. Leave it to Google to come up with a viable means.

But the question here is; would you actually wear them? Are they useable, or just another way to cause accidents or injuries? Tech geeks the world over think the proposed glasses are nothing that will ever be mass produced or see widespread use, but for those internet addicts out there, these Google Glasses sound like perfection.

No more lost phones or hard to use GPS systems. No more point and click for alternate routes or forgetting someone’s name or personal details. With Google Glasses, your alternate routes are all planned ahead and as you talk to your friends and acquaintances, their Google + profile pops up, giving you all the information you’d forgotten. With Google Glasses you can even keep track of where your friends are, what traffic is like on the road ahead, and what new concert is scheduled that night, all without having to take your eyes off the road.

Not only does the invention and use of Google Glasses mean accessibility, but it also means you can accurately share your life and experiences. As the Google Glasses concept video below* portrays, the Glasses will allow you to show others, accurately and in real time, what you are seeing and hearing.

You can only conceive of the applications. What would it be like to record your lifetime, your kid’s first steps, a gorgeous sunset, and share it immediately with your friends and family? And do all this without having to drag around a computer, a camcorder, or a camera.

The simplicity of the idea lends itself well to its application. The streamlining of technology into our lives grows with every new invention like Google Glasses. We will have to experience it to see if this is what the future brings, but so far the future looks promising… if a little geeky.

*Check out this concept video Google released for Google Glasses.

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This guest post is contributed by Debra Johnson, blogger and editor of nanny babysitter.

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9 responses to “Google Glasses – Can You See Me Now?

  1. Bill and Debra,
    Great article on a cool gadget. However, I wonder how much radiation will be subjected to the brain/eyes from the cell phone-like transceiver required to operate the interaction with the Internet.

    • Hey Paul,

      Given the continuing controversy with respect to Wi-Fi installation in primary schools, your concern is more than legitimate.



  2. Hi Debra

    Reminds me of a compact version of the F35 augmented reality helmet ~ the developers are still struggling to render the HUD so that it remains fixed relative to external reality. The idea is that from the pilot’s POV the vehicle dissolves & one is suspended in 3D battle space. Compensating to allow for airframe judder & the pilot moving her head is proving quite a challenge.

    Now if targeted ads could be made to pop up in front of the correct store fronts as one walks down the High Street…

  3. Hello,

    I wonder if they could use wireless from a more centralized hub, like my cell phone in the pocket. So, you have your cell phone which wirelessly sends the data to the glasses themselves, such as images and video and etc. I’m not sure how much room the camera itself takes up, but I imagine a lot of bulk can be removed from the glasses themselves (as I’m thinking though I may be missing pieces of info).

    What I find to be really exciting or even scary? is how close this is getting us to brain implants for technology. If you could have a computer installed inside your head or neck with a direct connect to your eyeballs, the glasses would no longer needed. It would become even more freaky if they developed technology with the capacity to ‘understand’ brain waves such as recognizing commands from the brain (imagine pulling up a video of your favorite TV show via a single thought or receive travel directions).

    • Hey Maxlehmann,

      I think your idea of tethering to a cell phone is a logical progression. In a sense, I can do that now by bridging my Blackberry phone to my Blackberry Playbook.

      Your “science fiction” scenario may not be as far in the future as it may appear to be.

      Scary? Yes.

      Exciting? Personally, I can hardly wait.



  4. delenn13

    “It is like a science fiction novel.”

    No, actually it’s like a Star Trek:TNG episode called
    The Game where Wesley Crusher gives Ashely Judd her first screen kiss.

    • Hey Delenn13,

      Wow – you were up early – or, bedtime came late. 🙂

      Have to admit – Ashely Judd gets my motor running.



      • delenn13

        Yea, my work call came in @ 2:30 am but I didn’t leave the house until around 5:30.

        Actually, these “Google glasses” will probably be subjected to the whims and dictates of the copyright police of many nefarious abbreviations just like all our other gadgets. Could get interesting.

        • Hey Delenn13,

          Hadn’t considered that – but, you make a good point. The people/organizations you reference, are like a bunch of school children playing in the yard – “it’s mine” – “no, it’s mine.”