Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – May 26, 2012

How to undelete files on Windows with Undela – Emptied the recycle bin by mistake and lost something you need to get back? This Windows utility might be able to help you.

Five reasons you should pay for your porn – Why should you pay for your porn instead of downloading it illegally? Because the consequences of doing so could be costly.

Flash and Lighting Tips From the Pros – Flash photos don’t have to be harshly lit–here’s what you need to know to get better photos when using your camera’s flash.

Mark your calendars for May 28th: 1st Annual B.I.T.E. Back Against Malware –  Please join DCT on May 28th for the first annual Beat Internet Threats Everywhere (B.I.T.E.) Day. A one day effort to take a BITE out of malware infections by significantly reducing infection rates and protect personal information throughout the world. Encourage your friends and family to participate by sharing this through Facebook, Twitter, and email or offer to help those who are less tech savy! (recommended by Hipockets)

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8 Ways Microsoft Will Tweak Windows 8 – For those who haven’t been keeping a close eye on Windows 8’s development, here’s a rundown of how Microsoft will tweak Windows 8 before launch.

Want Freedom from Vendor Lock-in? Survey Says: Choose Open Source – More than 50 percent of software acquired in the next five years will be open source software, according to recent data.

Kaspersky to cut phisher lines before they hook you – In its upcoming 2013 suites, Russian security firm lays out a prevention plan to block phishers from reaching you.

New Jersey mayor charged with hacking opponents’ website – Felix Roque, the 55-year-old mayor of West New York, along with his 22-year-old son Joseph, allegedly hacked into the RecallRoque website and associated email system.

How Companies Buy Facebook Friends, Likes, and Buzz – How easy is it to get a Facebook botnet to do your bidding? All you need is cash, the right software, and a list of fake accounts. I did it in 10 minutes for less than $70.

The Best Social Networks for Kids Under 13 – We researched kid-friendly sites and then talked to kids to get a feel for the fun factor to collect four kid-approved sites.

Learn How to Start Your Own Online Business – Web tools and resources can teach you almost anything, including how to start your own online business. Are you ready to take The Challenge?

Company News:

Paypal to greatly increase in-store presence – The leader in alternative online payments has just announced that it struck a major partnership with some of the leading providers of in-store cash register systems, allowing consumers to use their PayPal account to pay for products from within a retail store.

Microsoft gives Flash a reprieve in IE10 – Adobe’s plug-in will be built directly into Windows 8’s browser, optimized for touch, security, and power efficiency, a source says. But it’s only a temporary move.

Rumor: Google, Asus Prepping 7-Inch Tablet for June Release – Digitimes, citing sources from the “upstream supply chain,” claimed on Thursday that shipments of the device will begin in June in preparation for a July launch. Google had originally planned to release its “entry-level” 7-inch tablet in May, but design and costs issues caused the project to be delayed until July for “minor adjustments,” according to the news outlet.

Microsoft objects to millions of Google search results – Google’s released a list of copyright-related take-down requests – and nearly half of them came from Microsoft, it says.

Webopedia Daily:

SEO Services – A service provider that utilizes the practice of search engine optimization to increase the amount of visitors to a Web site by obtaining high-ranking placements in the search results page of search engines (SERP). SEO services help to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found and ranked highly by the search engine. SEO service providers offer a wide range of packages and options for search engine optimization, ranging from one-time fees for smaller sites to monthly subscriptions for ongoing SEO efforts and support.

Off Topic (Sort of):

How Common Is Your Birthday? – The following table shows every day of the year, from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, along with a ranking based on how many babies were born in the United States on that date between 1973 and 1999. Jan. 1, for example, was the 364th most popular birthday for a baby during those years; only Dec. 25 and Feb. 29 were less popular. Sept. 16 was the most popular birthday.

Video – How To Tell You’re An Atheist – Philosopher Daniel Dennett was one of the stars of the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne and gave a brilliant and whimsical talk on defining the atheist. He is the uber-philospher of the mind and a great provocateur, though he was speaking to 4000 non believers at this convention.

Cracked: 5 Internet Annoyances That Are Way Older Than the Internet – Technology advances in a blur — a lot of us can’t remember what life was like before smartphones, let alone the Internet. As a result, we have a tendency to think that all of the annoyances that came with the Internet are also brand new to humanity. But they’re really not. Just as we’ve previously told you that hacking was invented way before the Internet and that fan fiction has been creeping people out for a thousand years, it turns out that those are not the only common online annoyances your great-great-grandfather might have been exposed to.

10 Dangerous Products You Might Have in Your Home – The recall earlier this month of a line of inflatable pool slides sold at Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us following the death of one woman and devastating injuries to two others highlights the stakes when it comes to product safety.

Today’s Quote:

My Father taught me how to be a man – and not by instilling in me a sense of machismo or an agenda of dominance. He taught me that a real man doesn’t take, he gives; he doesn’t use force, he uses logic; doesn’t play the role of trouble-maker, but rather, trouble-shooter; and most importantly, a real man is defined by what’s in his heart, not his pants.”

–      Kevin Smith

Today’s Free Downloads:

PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition – With PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition you are protected against the most nefarious cyber-threats attempting to gain access to your PC and personal information. Going online without protection against the latest fast-spreading virus and worms, such as Netsky, Mytob and MyDoom, can result in infections within minutes.

TweakNow PowerPack – TweakNow PowerPack is a fully-integrated suite of utilities that let you fine-tune every aspect of your computer’s operating system and Web browser.


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4 responses to “Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – May 26, 2012

  1. delenn13

    Good news and bad news!

    Free combo Match 3 and HOG Western themed game for Saturday..Game Giveaway of the Day – Wild West Story: The Beginnings

    And IOBit strikes again. First, you offer ASC for free and reneg on the sending out the codes. Now, IObit(May 14) Today Announces No More Free Game Boosters in 60 days. You should have just hobbled a few of the options and left a free program(would have made more sense)…… So get it while it is still free, keep a copy of the actual exe and remember NOT to update it when it tries.

    If that fails….Toolwiz Care has something called Game Turbo Boost..Just might have to try it. Just the Booster..Toolwiz GameBoost | Toolwiz Software or the entire ToolWiz Care Program Products | Toolwiz Software

    Pay for porn? Never! 🙂

    • Hey Delenn13,

      Good advice on saving downloads and being cautious on installing the so called “latest”. Can’t remember the number of times I’ve downloaded the latest version of an app, only to find decreased functionality.

      Took a look at Wild West Story – not bad.

      I’m liking what I’m seeing with the Toolwiz people. Seems they just now plucked their Toolwiz Time Freeze out of their suite and made it a “stand alone”. Good move, I think.



  2. delenn13

    Now this really is a crock. Went to download the current version of IOBit’s Game Booster Game Booster Free Download, Speed Up PC for Top Gaming Performance Notice the Current version..3.4.0 amd 4.15 MB’s and just take a gander of their beta…3.5.0 and 11.1 MB’s with this feature..”Fixed bugs in the previous version”. So you get a version with bugs..or get a beta….Granted they have added…
    + Added video recording function when playing 3D games
    + Added screenshot capture function when playing 3D games
    + Added voice recording function when playing games
    + Added more supported languages

    Either way you are bound to have bugs.

    • Hey Delenn13,

      As always, on weekends – I’m late, late, late. 🙂

      Have to agree on the “bug” issue. Still, it seems they’ve really stepped up to the plate with the increased functionality.