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6 Essential Desktop Apps to Make Your Android Phone Device a Work or Play Powerhouse – Use these Android and PC software recommendations to work more efficiently, keep your phone safe, or interact more quickly with your multimedia files.

Find Android tablet apps – Unfortunately for Android tablet owners, finding great tablet-optimized software can be a struggle. Learn a few tips and tricks for quickly locating apps for Android tablets.

Play Civilization V (PC/Mac) for free this weekend – And if you decide you like ruling the world, you can buy the game outright for just $7.50.

10 Steps for Dealing With Dangerous Email – The good news is that there has been a “steep decline” in the volume of spam since 2010, according to Cisco. The bad news? Almost half of U.S. businesses that took part in a recent survey said they have experienced data breaches due to employees clicking on malicious emails. So what can business workers do to protect themselves against malicious and dangerous emails? We’ve assembled a checklist to help stop the next potential data breach.

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Build your own open-source cloud with ownCloud 4 – So you like the idea of cloud-computing, but you don’t trust any of the cloud vendors? With ownCloud 4 you can build your own. OwnCloud is primarily as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud service. With it you can store your files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendars and more on a server of your choosing. You can then access that storage from your mobile device, your desktop, or a Web browser. You can also sync your date with local devices and share your data either with the world at large or specific approved users.

How long would it take to crack your password? – Password policies are the enemy of security, the developer of a password analyzing tool concludes, while a vendor pushes it further to decree that password security is, basically, toast.

New SpyEye plugin takes control of crimeware victims’ webcam and microphone – Security researchers from Kaspersky have profiled a new SpyEye plugin known as flashcamcontrol.dll which takes control of the victim’s webcam and microphone. This latest development once again proves that cybercriminals are steps ahead of the security industry, and will continue to innovate in an attempt to increase their fraudulently obtained revenues.

SmartWhois – SmartWhois: The intelligent lookup tool. Enter a domain to do a whois lookup on it.

Windows 7 Files That Contain Icons – As you know, when creating a shortcut you have the opportunity to choose a custom icon. When you do, you’ll see a list of 300 icons that come from the shell32.dll file. However, this isn’t the only native Windows file that contains a whole set of icons. There are others.

Five Webmin modules that give you added power and control – Webmin is one of those administration tools that every IT pro should know backward and forward. It’s powerful, reliable, gives you a central location for all server administration tools, and it’s extendable. Tons of modules are available to enhance your Webmin installation. From access to CruiseControl to Zmailer, you will find a module for just about everything under the sun. Here are five modules that will help you take care of tasks that normally wouldn’t have Web-based configuration options.

Angry Birds malware – Firm fined £50,000 for profiting from fake Android apps – A firm has been fined £50,000 after Trojan versions of popular Android apps secretly sent expensive SMS messages to premium rate numbers. UK industry regulator PhonepayPlus uncovered that 1,391 mobile phone numbers in the UK had been stung by the scam, that targeted Android owners who downloaded Trojan horse versions of popular games such as “Angry Birds”, “Assassins Creed” and “Cut the Rope”.

Company News:

Fox Sues DISH Over DVR Commercial-Skipping Feature – Fox filed suit against DISH Network on Thursday, alleging that DISH’s latest DVR commercial-skipping feature was a violation of copyright law. In its suit, Fox called the “Primetime Anytime” service from DISH, which automatically records all four major networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, a “bootleg broadcast video-on-demand service”. A related “Auto Hop” feature tells the DVR to automatically skip the commercials.

Why Most of HP’s Layoffs Will Be on the Services Side – As HP changes emphasis, will it relinquish some of its global services business to IBM so it can focus on research and development and building new Converged Cloud systems? HP says it will let 27,000 employees go, just 8 percent of its work force. But it will stand as the largest layoff in the company’s 73-year history.

Nvidia ‘Kai’ Platform Could Challenge Apple iPad – Nvidia’s Tegra 3-based Kai platform will enable OEMs to make quad-core Android-running tablets that are priced at $199, according to company officials.

Yahoo launches Axis ‘browser’ and fumbles it disastrously – Yahoo, in a bid to outstep the controversy left by former chief executive Scott Thompson, launches a brand new browser. But in doing so, it fouls it up horribly and causes another stir.

Sony Brings Streaming Music Service to the Iphone – Sony on Friday released an iPhone app to access its streaming Music Unlimited service, part of its efforts to expand its online platforms to devices from rival manufacturers. The app allows users to listen to and manage playlists and channels. The service is already available on Android phones and PCs, as well as the company’s tablets, Walkman music players, home stereos and PlayStation game consoles.

Motorola Devices Infringe on Microsoft Patent, Munich Court Says – A Munich court today ruled that Android-based Motorola devices infringe on a Microsoft messaging patent. The patent in question covers “communicating multi-part messages between cellular devices using a standardized interface.”

Webopedia Daily:

DNSChanger – DNSChanger, also referred to as DNS Changer, is a type of malware used by hackers to change a user’s DNS server settings, replacing the ISP’s valid DNS servers with rogue DNS servers operated by the hacker or a third party. In November 2011 the U.S. FBI discovered a network of rogue DNS servers that were being sent traffic by computers infected with the DNSChanger malware. nThe FBI disabled these servers and replaced them with servers that would share valid DNS addresses.

Off Topic (Sort of):

How big is the cloud? – Amazon Web Services, Google, Dropbox.. ever wonder just how big the cloud is? ExtremeTech’s Sebastian Anthony did some investigation, and a lot of number crunching, and came up with some fascinating conclusions about the size of the cloud.

Proposed NY Ban on Anonymous Commenting So Stupid it Hurts – It’s always funny when clueless do-gooders try to put the Internet toothpaste back in the tube. This week we learned that New York lawmakers are considering legislation that would ban anonymous speech on the Internet. This is an idea that’s dumb on so many levels, it’s difficult to figure out where to start dissecting it.

Judge Orders Drug Evidence Suppressed in Warrantless GPS Tracking Case – A federal judge in Kentucky this week upheld a lower court’s decision to throw out crucial evidence in a drug case because the evidence was gathered with the help of a GPS tracking device that was installed without a warrant on the suspect’s vehicle.

How internet revenge by an ex-partner can lead to horrific violence – There are some truly horrific stories about how jilted boyfriends have used the internet to get their (sometimes violent) revenge on former partners. Are the authorities, and sites such as Craigslist, doing enough to protect us?

Nerdy Footwear Lets You Fly Your Geek Flag – sold out the first run of Geek Sneaks in mere hours, but never fear, another batch of sneakers festooned in circuit boards and computer code arrives in August

China rules the mobile world with 1 billion users – The Far East country has officially reached more than 1 billion cell phone users — crowning it king of the mobile world.

Today’s Quote:

Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.”

–     D. H. Lawrence

Today’s Free Downloads:

Sam & Max 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die – Sam & Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die is an old-school adventure games recast with crisp high-resolution graphics, challenging puzzles, and a quirky cast of characters that have made this oddball duo famous around the world. This is one of those games that are as much fun to watch as to play.

Botanicula – Botanicula is magical. Its beautiful world and creatures that fly, dance, and sing can baffle and amaze, and even make you laugh out loud. You play this game as a team of five plant and insectoid characters who adventure through the branches of a tree to save it from parasitic spider-like enemies.



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  1. delenn13

    Botanicula? Got it; plus a few others they made. It was their last bundle..I think. The Humble Botanicula Debut (pay what you want and help charity) Already had Machinarium and Samorost 2…but what the hay?

    And I love Telltale games. Got a bunch of the Sam & Max, Jurrassic Park, Back to the Future, Wallace & Gromit and Tales of Monkey Island.

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      Hard to keep up with you on the games front – but, I’m trying. 🙂

      Loved the Monkey Island series, back in the day.



    • hipockets

      For your readers in the States, we should all add a “Step 8” to the seven steps in the article:

      8. Remember that Memorial Day is the day to remember all of the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Take a moment and honor their sacrifice.

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      Terrific! Now that’s a cause we should all get behind.

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