Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – May 24, 2012

Amazon Appstore lets users take Android apps for a test drive – You can now test out more than 5,000 Android apps before you decide to hit the purchase button.

How to protect your smartphone from malicious QR codes – QR codes are a fun and interesting way to share information, but how do you know they’re safe? Symantec has a simple solution to help protect your Android or iOS device from malicious QR codes.

On the road? My seven tips for keeping hackers at bay – Hackers aren’t always miles away. They can be sitting next to you waiting for the chance to get into your device and onto your network.

VIA Takes On Raspberry Pi with $49 APC – VIA Technologies on Tuesday unveiled a tiny, caseless desktop computer called the APC 8750 that runs Android and has a low, low price that comes within spitting distance of the celebrated Raspberry Pi.

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FBI forms secretive Net-surveillance unit – CNET has learned that the FBI has formed a Domestic Communications Assistance Center to develop new electronic surveillance tech for intercepting Internet, wireless, and VoIP communications.

How to Build an Energy-Efficient and Quiet Gaming PC – Building a system that maximizes game performance is easy; doing it while keeping power consumption down is harder. Here’s how you can build your own, and make it whisper-quiet to boot.

Free Tool to Encrypt DNS Requests Released for Windows – A security company specializing in the Domain Name System has released a Windows version of a tool that encrypts DNS requests, which could be spied on

Malware Threat Level Hits 4-Year High Malware circulating in cyberspace is on a pace to reach 100 million samples by year’s end, McAfee says in a quarterly threats report.

Anonymous attacks Justice Dept., nabbing 1.7GB of data – In a new hack into the U.S. Department of Justice’s Web site, Anonymous claims to have grabbed “lots of shiny things such as internal emails, and the entire database dump.”

Windows 8: 500 million by 2014 – Microsoft expects to see explosive growth with Windows 8. Because it will exist not only on traditional computers but also tablets, Microsoft is projects the new operating system will reach more than 500 million devices in its first year or so on the market.

Technology’s Perfect Storm Is Coming This Fall – This fall, the tech market will witness a perfect storm as three major technologies and industry forces converge to deliver a whole host of new products for consumers.

Five Android apps worth paying for – Many apps in the Google Play store are free, but if you limit yourself to free apps you’re missing out on some of the best that Android has to offer. Here are five apps that I bought myself and can personally recommend. Prices vary over time and by country, but none of them are currently over $4.

Best gaming graphic cards – A number of graphics cards at various price points that feature both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

Company News:

Nokia shakes up Nokia World: ‘Less CES, more SXSW’ – The mobile company says that it will no longer hold a single, large-scale event each year. Instead, Nokia World will be made up of several smaller events.

VMware Acquires Desktop Management Company Wanova – VMware has acquired Wanova, a developer of software used to centralize and simplify image management on physical and virtual desktops, the company said Tuesday.

Sidecar App Lets You Share Data While on the Phone – A San Francisco-based startup called Sidecar is looking to make your phone calls a little smarter. The company on Tuesday launched the Sidecar app for iPhone and Android smartphones that lets users make free VoIP calls, as well as share live videos, photos, contact information, and location data.

Microsoft Takes Bing Streetside Offline in Germany After Privacy Complaints – Microsoft has taken its Google Street View-like service Bing Streetside offline in Germany after German citizens expressed their worries about how Microsoft handles requests for blurring of images, the company said on Tuesday.

‘Halo’ Developer Bungie’s Next Project: ‘Destiny’ – Bungie, the developers of the “Halo” series of games, plan to develop a multi-title series of games, known as “Destiny,” which will be published by Activision.

Webopedia Daily:

Best Practice – A business buzzword that describes a set of defined methods, processes, systems or practices used by a company or organization to meet performance and efficiency standards within their industry or organization. Best practices are guidelines which are used to obtain the most efficient and effective way of completing a task using repeatable and proven procedures.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Can Anonymous Be Stopped? – Over the years, one or two members have been arrested for this or that, but the core group prevails. And who knows the core group? One guy? A gal? A team? Putin? Blofeld? The Basque Separatists? Fired engineers from a think tank? Older guys? Kids? Twenty-somethings? Who? That’s the intriguing beauty of it. Nobody knows.

Lego for girls, this time hardware-hacker style – One hacker has her own idea of what a Lego set for girls should be. If 10,000 people agree with her, the toymaker could find itself producing her hacker-focused design.

Robotic pollution-aware fish released to the wild – There are now robots swimming alongside real fish. That is, at least in a specific area of the Spanish port of Gijon So if you happen to find yourself in that area anytime soon, know that if you look in the water what you’re seeing might be robotic creatures that are designed to test the water for pollutants.

MIT Scientists Figure Out How to Get Ketchup Out of the Bottle – In a boon for burger fans everywhere, impatiently tapping our ketchup bottles might be a thing of the past thanks to something called LiquiGlide.

9-year-old’s blog shames school into changing food – Martha Payne is disappointed by the food her school serves her. So she begins to write about it. Her blog gains the attention of TV chef Jamie Oliver. Just a few posts cause national uproar.

Today’s Quote:

A Canadian is someone who knows how to make love in a canoe.’’

–      Pierre Berton

Today’s Free Downloads:

Comodo Firewall – Comodo’s free Firewall is your first layer of defense against viruses, worms, Trojans, hackers and all Internet threats. Comodo’s Firewall uses Default Deny Protection to prevent threats from occurring, rather than just detecting them when it’s already too late. Whenever an unknown piece of software is introduced to your system, Comodo Firewall cross-references it with a white-list of over 15 million trusted files and applications.

WildFire CD Ripper – WildFire CD Ripper is pulling out the data (music) directly in digital format from an Audio CD; this kind of software is in general known as a CD Ripper or a CDDA utility.



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