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5 Hidden Gmail Tricks for Power Users – Whether you use Google’s Gmail service at work or for personal purposes, you probably have a good handle on the basics: organizing your contacts, sending emails, setting up folders and more. But if you’ve mastered the basics and are looking to increase your Gmail prowess and productivity, here’s a look at five tips and tricks that will take you to the next level.

Fake “Account blocked!” email targets Hotmail users – With “E-mail account alert!” in the Subject line, the fake email ostensibly comes from Microsoft. “This e-mail has been sent to you by Hotmail to inform you that your account has been blocked,” says the message. “Why are you seeing this? Someone may have used your account to send out a lot of junk messages (or something else that violates the Windows Live Terms of Service). We’re here to help you get your account back. What do you need to do? We’ll ask you to login to our secured activation page by following the link below and re-activate your account.”

How to Make Android Faster, More Productive and More Secure Than iPhone – Speed up your Android phone, make it more secure, and learn how to boost battery life with these 10 tips.

Windows malware: are you safer today than you were 10 years ago? – In 2002, after a series of widespread, high-profile, and highly embarrassing Windows-related security incidents, Bill Gates wrote his now famous “Trustworthy Computing” memo. So what’s happened in the intervening 10 years? Plenty.

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Let WiFi Finder help you locate wireless connections – If you depend upon your tablet for mobile work, and Wi-Fi hotspots are a necessity, Jack Wallen says that WiFi Finder is a must-have app.

Make a Website Without Coding Knowledge, Thanks to Free Beta of Breezi – Just because Microsoft no longer makes FrontPage doesn’t mean people no longer need a visual way to create websites. On the contrary: Breezi (currently in free Beta) joins the ranks of visual website creation tools alongside Wix, Weebly, Jimdo, and many other tools. Breezi may not be unique, but it sure has style.

Facebook censors members after unjustly labeling them spammers – Facebook temporarily suspended one of its users from commenting on public posts. The “punishment” was supposed to last a week. It has now been two weeks. This can happen to any Facebook user.

“Diablo 3 free download” scams target impatient users – Impatient gamers searching for the third installation of the popular Diablo role-playing game, hoping that has somehow been leaked ahead of its scheduled release on Tuesday, are finding survey scams instead.

Five admin tools that bridge the platform gap – Cross-platform tools make life easier for admins who have to deal with mixed environments. Here are a few tools to help out with a variety of tasks.

Breach at Bitcoinica Exchange Nets $87,000 In Online Currency – Unknown hackers penetrated production servers and compromised databases belonging to the Bitcoin exchange, Bitcoinica, making off with some $87,000 worth of the digital currency, according to a statement published on the Bitcoinica Web site.

Company News:

Adobe backs down, will patch old software for free – Following Adobe’s recent release of Creative Suite 6 and its statement that it will not be patching critical security vulnerabilities in previous versions of the popular software the suite includes, security experts and users have voiced their indignation. But a day later, they changed their tune. Faced with a backlash from angry customers, Adobe bowed to the pressure and backpedalled on its original decision, deciding to patch the eight vulnerabilities in question free of charge.

VMware Takes Aim at Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow – VMware doesn’t just want your servers virtualized, they want software define your network but they are taking a different approach than Cisco, HP and others that have embraced OpenFlow.

HP Betting on Win8 Tablets – HP CEO Meg Whitman said HP is planning to jump into the lucrative tablet market with Windows 8 tablets later this year. The key question, of course, is whether the Windows 8 tablet would do better than the much-mocked TouchPad.

Apple Renames New iPad ‘Wi-Fi + Cellular’ in Some Markets – Apple has dropped the “4G” moniker from its new iPad in countries where the tablet does not actually run on 4G networks.

Webopedia Daily:

Duplicate Content – SEO – In SEO (search engine optimization) terminology, it is content (or text) that has been copied or reused from other Web pages. Duplicate content is often used to help boost keyword density, however some search engines, including Google, filters duplicate text and may penalize your site, resulting in a lower keyphrase position, when you use duplicate content. An example of duplicate content would be a Web page that offers a “printer friendly” version of content, or a news aggregation Web page that copies news headlines and content from stories from other sources online without making changes to the text.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Iran Prohibits Use of Foreign Email Addresses – The closely watched crackdown on Iran’s Internet access experienced another major development this week involving email access to the rest of the world. According to a new report from AFP, an order from the country’s telecommunications minister dictates that all telephone companies, banks, and insurance firms are prohibited from using foreign email services such as Google’s Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Microsoft’s Hotmail.

Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers – Forget life after death. Welcome to the tiered services existence after death. Brilliantly extrapolating on current policy trends. (short video recommended by Michael F.)

What We Can Learn From Facebook’s IPO – There is still a chance that something weird could happen and the Facebook IPO could be pulled. If the offering isn’t pulled, then the floodgates of bored money will pour into every idea that can put together an offering of any sort. It is 1999 again, 12 years later.

Blogger Asserts Copyright, Newspaper Editor Gets Irate – In this video, blogger Duane Lester confronts the editor of a newspaper which plagiarized something he wrote. The best part is when the editor tries to physically intimidate him, a moment so inexplicable and hilarious I created a YouTube Infinite Loop of it for you. There’s a happy ending, though. (short video recommended by Michael F.)

Internet Hall of Fame: The Pioneers of the Wild Web – The Internet, despite some claims to the contrary, was not invented by a single person. Instead, a number of people helped shape the Internet as we know it today. And now 33 of those individuals are being inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame. Here we look at the pioneers–those individuals who were instrumental in the early design and development of the Internet.

Tricks for Photographing Flowers – More often than not, flowers look their best when you get in close, which often calls for using a macro lens or dialing in the macro setting on your camera. Macro mode lets you get very close to your subject, filling the frame with small details. If you have a point-and-shoot camera, the macro setting is generally marked with a tulip. Digital SLR owners have the option of adding a macro lens to their camera.

Today’s Quote:

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

–      Bertha Calloway

Today’s Free Downloads:

Ommwriter Dana I – The distractions of a modern operating system can be maddening. Ommwriter Dana tries to offer an alternative: A full-screen writing environment with zero distractions. Ommwriter is truly beautiful to look at and listen to. If your writing style exactly matches the artistic vision of its creators, you’re in luck.

WriteMonkey – While WriteMonkey is not the first full-screen text editor to emerge in recent years, it is one of the best executed ones I have seen so far. WriteMonkey is extremely lightweight, and feels very fast. While the editor is meant to run in full-screen mode, hitting Esc makes it switch to windowed mode.


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