Spotflux – Surf The Web Anonymously With This Free VPN

imageMy good friend Mal C., from the land Down Under, had this to say following a review of one of the many free proxy server services and anonymous client applications I’ve posted here –

“Anonymizer services are becoming more and more important, as governments try to spy on us. And it’s not limited to Middle Eastern countries anymore, as we all well know. These types of apps give us back some power.”

Mal’s point is well made, and one I totally agree with. Still, there are more obvious reasons, you may have, for anonymous surfing, including – surfing in internet cafes, public terminals in libraries, or hotel business centers.

In fact, you may want to surf anonymously on any PC where you don’t want to leave traces of your private surfing activities to ensure protection from snooping web sites, annoying advertisers, employers, or curious family members.

Spotflux, a relatively new anonymous client application, comes with a bit of a twist. Not only can you surf the web more securely with data encryption (effectively hiding your IP address), but the developer advises that Spotflux continuously scans and protects your connection against inbound malware threats. A step in the right direction.

Starting the application is a simple process as shown below. Simple click on “Enable” and ………


in a matter of a few seconds, a secure connection is established.


Using the free application CurrPorts I’ve confirmed that the secure connection has in fact been established, as shown in the following screen capture.


Once the connection has been established, your Browser will open to the Spotflux home page.

Fast Facts:


Significant points:

There are no ads and the application doesn’t have to run in the background, or at startup.

Normal surfing (hopping from site to site), showed only a limited slowdown in connection speed.

As with all such applications, a leap of faith is required. While the application does shield you from prying eyes, the developer has full access. You need to consider the implications. In other words – do you trust the developer.

Quick speed test:

In this illustration, downloading a relatively small file without Spotflux up and running, I maximized my connection speed as shown below. I repeated this process 10 times with the same results.


Repeating this process (10 times), with Spotflux up and running, the maximum throughput I could achieve was 744 KB/sec.


This second screen capture illustrates the relative consistency in the download throughput.


Fooling a website:

Every site that you visit has access to your IP address. And, as a test of the application’s cloaking ability, I visited an online dating site. Without the application running, you’ll note in the following screen capture, the site correctly identified my location as Canada.


With the application running, the same website identified me as an American. Rightfully so, since the connection runs through New York.


System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7.

Download at: Spotflux

Recommendation: If you’re looking for a free application which will keep your web surfing private, Spotflux is definitely worth a look.

A big “Thank You” to regular reader Charlie L. for turning me on to this application.


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25 responses to “Spotflux – Surf The Web Anonymously With This Free VPN

  1. Neeraj Rawat

    Hey Bill,

    Good to hear again, everytime I think no updates from Bill then you come back with an update. The point is same as you said, do we trust the developer? I was searching few VPN services either free, paid or trial when my promo account for Cyberghost got expired.

    I liked their services and was planning to buy a subscription from them but dont know what happened when my account was about to expire, I started facing issues while connecting to their servers and then I gave a pause to them. Searched, tried few but dint get satisfactory results. Was thinking it can be a good post to write about Top 10 VPN services, but couldnt get even 5 to write about 😦


    • Hey Neeraj,

      Yeah, I’ve been very busy in the “real” world. 🙂

      I hear ya – lots of free proxy services (lots of drawbacks there of course) but, not many free VPNs.

      Always good to hear from you my friend.



  2. delenn13

    I had this in a folder to “check out”..Now, I really don’t need to. Thanks Bill and Charlie. 🙂

  3. jSwann0

    This fantastic piece of software is unable to connect to Internet…

    • Hey jSwann0,

      From what I can gather, it seems their system was down for either maintenance or upgrading due to unanticipated demand (not unusual for a startup).

      It’s back up now – so, give it another try.


  4. delenn13

    Sometime this week, I need to get on my account on Hulu. If it can get me there, then it passes the mustard…

  5. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    I am going to take this for a test run as soon as I finish this post. Definitely like the idea of no ads. I’ve been running with Hotspot shield for quite a while now, and no doubt it is good, but I have had to “tweak” a few things so I don’t get their ads.
    I don’t completely trust free VPN’s though. I basically use them for browsing, but anything more important like internet banking etc is done via my normal connection.

    • Hey Mal,

      Yeah, the Hotspot Shield adds tend to be a bit too much.

      As for online banking – Linux is the only tool I’ll use. Just installed Ubuntu 12.04 (the latest release) in a dual boot config with Win 8. Very easy, since the Ubuntu installer does all the work – no fuss – no muss. Then, choose which system to launch on boot up. Gotta love it.



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  7. hkipockets

    Thanks for the article — I just downloaded the program and will install it later tonight.

    This is off-topic, but you might be interested in .

  8. hkipockets

    Hey Bill again!

    I just noticed that the link is showing up as a link, not the image.

    Also, the right panel of your blog (Blog Stats, etc.) has moved to the bottom of the screen, and the left panel has expanded to fill the gap. This is probably something in Firefox; it seems that each “silent update” wreaks somesort of havoc to my browsing. This one I like!

    • Hey Hipockets,

      Speakpipe sounds (pun intended 🙂 ) like a great idea. With the restrictions WordPress places on widgets I can’t use it here. But, if I could, I certainly would.

      As for the content movement – yep, sounds like a Firefox issue since I haven’t made any changes at this end.



  9. pmshah

    I have 2 internet gateways active simultaneously. Just wondering how well it can mange them !

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  11. Bill,
    The news is getting more grim everyday when it come to the freedom of the web. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it a try.

    • Hi Mark,

      Agreed – manipulation through fabricated FEAR. Today’s dose of fabricated fear brought to you by the letters U and S – and, U and K followed by CANADA.



  12. I tried the new Spotflux and I’m really disappointed. It’s slow and unstable.
    I wish them well but I don’t think they are going to survive having such competition like SecurityKISS with reliable and fast servers in many countries even in the free version.

  13. Chris A.

    Hi Bill,

    Well I’d like to describe my experience of using Spotflux for the last few weeks. It installed with no problem. It connected with no problem and with no significant slow down in browsing speed just as you described. I was also able to change DNS Server for the Spotflux connection to Norton DNS without any issues. I was very impressed indeed! Then Spotflux decided to update itself and the update did not complete. Subsequently it wouldn’t work and an error was flagged up on every attempt to connect. I tried repairing, reinstalling, fully uninstalling then reinstalling Spotflux and even tried a system restore but to no avail. It just wouldn’t work which was a shame. The network connection disappeared and I couldn’t get it set up again.

    I started looking at other free VPN’s and tried CyberGhost and ShellFire. Upon installing CyberGhost an unspecified problem was detected by the installer and it offered to attempt to fix the problem so I let it go ahead. It then installed successfully. When I connected using CyberGhost it wasn’t anywhere near as fast as Spotflux and it also had a monthly data transfer cap. ShellFire has a horrible nag screen and was also pretty slow and clunky.

    I then figured that Spotflux might well install correctly now that CyberGhost had repaired some unspecified problem upon install so I tried installing Spotflux again and bingo! It is working again.

    I plan to stick to using Spotflux and have changed the automatic update settings to “notify when an update is available.”

    I’d go along with your opinion and say that Spotflux is one of the easiest free VPN’s to use and other than one hiccup it has worked very well indeed.

    Thank you very much for reviewing it Bill! I think that Spotflux is fantastic.


    Chris A.

  14. Justian

    Hi Bill,
    i’m currently staying in china and i’ve been using spotflux for the last 2 months. it working so well until it can’t access Facebook anymore. i still can access other website such as twitter, youtube, etc. but somehow i can’t access Facebook. do you have any suggestion about this problems?