Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – April 29, 2012

Charge your phone in an emergency – You see that battery meter dwindling down to zero. There’s a knot in your stomach. You’d pay anything just to squeeze another 10 minutes from your phone. Don’t worry; you have options available.

Add Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive to Windows’ Send-To Menu – Looking for an easier way to add a file or folder to your favorite cloud-storage service? It’s just a right-click away.

How to Encrypt Your Email – Data encryption is a complicated subject, but our top-level overview and general guide to email encryption will help you understand the basics. Learn to encrypt your Internet connection, sent and stored email with this basic tutorial.

Dropbox update – The latest version of the Dropbox software lets Windows and Mac users automatically upload photos just by plugging in their cameras. The new Dropbox 1.4 software for Windows, OS X, or Linux can automatically upload photos not just from a camera, but from a smartphone, tablet, SD card, and just about any other gadget that houses your images.

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Digital Workflow Basics: Fine-Tune Your Photos Effectively – Making a great photo is more than just composing the shot and pressing the shutter release–you might want to fix the colors, brighten shadows, change the cropping, and sharpen the photo or eliminate noise. The order that you do all those things in is important because it can have a significant effect on the quality of the final photo. Pros call this sequence their “digital workflow.” Here’s a simple but effective digital workflow you can apply to your own photos.

Google Drive Privacy Policies Slammed – Privacy advocates and users voice concerns about Google’s terms of use for its new Drive storage services, including what happens to your data if you ditch the Drive.

Mac Flashback Flaw Re-used by New Malware Campaign – Java has been spotted as a Mac weakness, partly because it isn’t currently patched quickly by Apple and partly because its users leave their computers unprotected.

Avast Offers Free Security for Mac OS X – Mac OS X has caught the attention of malicious developers, and the threat is just going to increase. The free Avast for Mac security software can protect your Mac system against malware.

The 20 Best Skyrim Mods (So Far) – Frustrated with Skyrim’s PC user interface? Bored with its one-dimensional artificial intelligence routines? Looking for dragons that actually put up a fight, or maybe the option to summon one yourself? These best-in-show mods are aimed squarely at you.

Mozilla Unveils Firefox 13 Beta With Speed Boost – Hot on the heels of Firefox 12, Mozilla today unveiled a beta version of Firefox 13, which promises faster and easier Web navigation.

Top 5 Biggest Concerns About CISPA – But what’s the big deal with this bill? How might it affect the average Web user?

Alternatives to Google Maps for Webmasters and App Developers – Once free, Google Maps has become very expensive for high-traffic websites. Here are a number of alternatives for webmasters looking to switch.

Company News:

Google releases full FCC report on Street View probe – Company releases full version of FCC’s report on company’s controversial gathering of personal data with Street View cars.

Samsung knocks Nokia off smartphone top spot – The king is dead; long live the king. After a 14-year run, Nokia has finally lost its crown as the world’s leading cellphone manufacturer.

Blackberry 10 phone due out October: report – What will perhaps be Blackberry’s last chance to stay alive will launch in about six months. Even though the first Blackberry device to be powered by Research in Motion’s ambitious new operating system was supposed to already be out, due to various delays and an unprecedented restructuring within the company, the start of Blackberry 10 had become shrouded in mystery.

Apple v. Samsung: 50 suits, 10 countries — and counting – One year ago this month the two companies locked horns over patents, and their legal fight has since extended around the globe. It will apparently even bring the two CEOs face-to-face in May.

Webopedia Daily:

Email Fax – Email fax services enable users to send faxes through their email accounts (fax from email) and receive faxes as PDF attachments (fax to email) in their email inboxes. Email fax companies generally charge a monthly fee for their services and have tiered plans based on the number of email fax users as well as incoming and outgoing email faxes per month.

Off Topic (Sort of):

The Times takes on Apple again, with report on taxes – Following the year’s earlier reports on Foxconn and on Apple’s practice of sending manufacturing overseas, The New York Times publishes a piece that claims Apple has been a pioneer in developing ways to sidestep taxes.

Video: The Most Insanely Important, Tech News of the Week – Important developments concerning the Microsoft-Facebook patent deal, YouTube history, crying on the Internet and Tim Cook’s dismissal of refrigerator-toaster hybrids.

Did WikiLeaks suspect aid the enemy? – Pfc. Bradley Manning is facing charges of aiding the enemy after thousands of classified documents downloaded by the former army intelligence analyst ended up on WikiLeaks.

So who’s behind Apple attacks in Australia? – Samsung denies that it’s behind flashmobs picketing outside Apple Stores in Australia with signs saying “wake up.” But if it isn’t Samsung, who could it be? Google?

Today’s Quote:

Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.”

–     W. C. Fields

Today’s Free Downloads:

Avira AntiVir Rescue System April 28, 2012 – The Avira AntiVir Rescue System a linux-based application that allows accessing computers that cannot be booted anymore. Thus it is possible to repair a damaged system, to rescue data or to scan the system for virus infections.

Simple Port Forwarding Portable 3.3.0 – Whether you don’t understand how to forward ports, or your simply looking for an easier way to forward ports then this program is for you. Simple Port Forwarding works with webpages and not directly with your router making it a safe program to use. Supports 52 Languages and 1700+ routers.


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