Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – April 25, 2012

10 Commandments of Windows Security – Here are 10 tips–commandments, if you will–for ensuring your desktop or notebook computer can be used productively as well as safely. Many of the recommended tools are free, and all are affordable–and certainly less expensive than the potential problems of an unsecured computer. Similarly, many will take you only a minute or two to perform–again, far less time than you’d spend recovering from a security problem.

How To Tell If Your Phone Is Infected – Most people have no idea if their mobile devices have been infected with malware, simply because they don’t think mobile malware even exists (call it the Mac syndrome?).

Google Drive Launches, With Less Free Storage Than SkyDrive – Google officially announced its anticipated Google Drive cloud service on Tuesday, although the storage capacity is less than Microsoft added to its SkyDrive service a day earlier.

Mozilla Releases Firefox 12 With Silent Updates – Mozilla on Tuesday released Firefox 12, which incorporates silent updates, among other enhancements. The browser maker initially promised silent updates – or updates that occur in the background – with Firefox 13, but the feature has made its way into today’s release.

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Users worry about data security, but still trust social networks – Although the majority of people (71 percent) are worried about the amount of personal information held online, a significant proportion would still share confidential information with people they didn’t know, with almost a third (32 percent) stating they would send a password, bank account number or their mother’s maiden name via email or a social networking website, say the result of a recent Faronics survey exploring UK web users’ attitudes to online security.

Skimtacular: All-in-One ATM Skimmer – The skimmer pictured below is the backside of a card acceptance slot overlay. It was recovered by a customer at a bank in the San Fernando Valley who called the cops upon her discovery. (recommended by Michael F.)

Windows 8 Release Preview Coming in Early June – The announcement comes about two months after Microsoft released the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 during an event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Sinofsky also spoke at that briefing, where he said the “goal with Windows 8 is to deliver PCs without compromise,” meaning that the OS scales with you depending on how you want to use the OS and with what gadget – tablet, PC, or touch-based PC.

All your tweets are belong to us – A New York judge has ruled that prosecutors aren’t required to obtain a subpoena for deleted tweets, as they are considered public information owned by a third party.

Take Notes on Your iPad – If you need a free iPad note-taking app that syncs with Dropbox or, PaperPort Notes is a great option, especially for its speech-to-text dictation tool.

Spy Software for Tablets Released – Retina-X Studios, LLC, today announced release of what they’re calling the “world’s first spy software” for tablets. PeekTab runs on iPad and Android tablets; a version for the BlackBerry PlayBook is in the works.

The 10 Best New Skyrim Mods for April 2012 – Want to craft weapons made of dragon bone? Fight in your own personal arena? Increase your follower count to 15? Fly a Dwemer airship? You can do that and more in our pick of April 2012’s best new Skyrim mods.

Company News:

JetBrains Enhances WebStorm JavaScript IDE – JetBrains delivers WebStorm 4.0, the latest version of its integrated development environment (IDE) for JavaScript developers.

First portable malware intelligence system – ValidEdge has unveiled a real-time malware analysis engine built into a standard laptop, delivering the power to analyze up to 1000 malware samples per day in a fully functional laptop without compromising the integrity of the laptop’s functions, data or operating system.

Google Selling Phones Again, Adds Galaxy Nexus to Google Play – About two years after pulling the plug on its online smartphone store, Google today announced that the Galaxy Nexus is now available for sale via Google Play.

Netflix Horror Show: The Real Reason Shares Plunged 17% – As a purely financial matter, Netflix’s quarterly report should not have precipitated the absolute shellacking that the company’s stock suffered after-hours Monday, wiping out about $1 billion in shareholder equity.

Webopedia Daily:

iCloud – iCloud is a suite of free cloud-based services from Apple that helps users store and synchronize digital content across computers and numerous iOS-supported devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. iCloud serves as the successor to Apple’s MobileMe service and is included free as part of Apple’s iOS 5, which first became available in October 2011. The service provides users with an initial 5-GB of iCloud storage for free, with additional storage capacity available for purchase on a monthly basis.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Are today’s students truly ‘tech savvy’? – Summary: A new report released by the ESRC puts doubt in the theory.

The Patent Racket – Microsoft is buying and selling patents like a kid trading snacks in the cafeteria. Clearly, the patent system needs an overhaul.

Google Didn’t Steal Wi-Fi — Here’s Why – The Federal Communications Commission cleared Google of wrongdoing in the so-called “WiSpy” case. It was the right decision. Why? Because Google didn’t do anything wrong.

The strange tale of India’s $35 Aakash tablet – News of India’s $35 Aakash tablet has been making headlines around the world, but was never available for sales. Undeterred, the government this week announced an updated version to be launched in May.

Apple’s Cook Disses Convertible Tablets – Apple chief executive Tim Cook said Tuesday that Apple would manufacture both MacBooks and iPads for some time to come, suggesting that the two products should not be brought together. “You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but you know those things are not going to be probably be pleasing to the user,” Cook told analysts during a Tuesday earnings call.

IPv6: It’s the end of the Internet as you know it, and I feel fine – On June 6, many major Web sites and Internet providers will start supporting IPv6 full time. But, worry not, the IPv4 Internet you’ve used for years will still be fine.

Today’s Quote:

God created Whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the World.”

–     Traditional

Today’s Free Downloads:

Hotspot Shield – Hotspot Shield is a private VPN service that will secure your wireless communications–for free. It employs OpenVPN, which is a well-documented, stable piece of open source virtual private networking software.

SPAMfighter 7.5.133 – If you are looking for an Outlook or Outlook Express tool to remove spam and phishing emails from your inbox, look no further. SPAMfighter is the tool you are looking for. Simple, reliable and efficient.


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