Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – April 24, 2012

Five apps for getting rid of aggravating crapware – If you buy new PCs from OEMs, you are probably all too familiar with the plague known as “crapware”: the useless applications that come installed with Windows. Crapware wastes space, often ties up your RAM and CPU power, and can be a pain to get rid of. Here are five tools to help you deal with it.

The Best Antivirus for 2012 – It’s that time of the year again. With May right around the corner, the model year for security products is unofficially over. That would make now a good time to see which security products really aced it this year. So put on your safety masks and head over to our roundup to find out.

Microsoft Launches SkyDrive ‘Fetch,’ Drag-and-Drop Features – On Monday, Microsoft added new features to its SkyDrive service, including a new “fetch” remote PC access service, new storage options, and the ability to access SkyDrive via iOS and Windows Phone smartphones.

Start again – Windows 8 beta users who miss the Windows 7 Start menu will find a useful utility in StartMenu7, which can replicate its look and feel.

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1 in 5 Macs has malware on it. Does yours? – One in every five Mac computers is harbouring some kind of malware, a new study from the experts at Sophos has revealed. Sophos has revealed a disturbingly high level of malware on Mac computers – with both Windows and Mac threats being discovered.

Comodo Unite – Previously known as EasyVPN, Comodo Unite (free) allows users to easily create a Virtual Private Network for a group of computers to share files and applications over an encrypted connection. Users can create secure, private networks with friends, family and work colleagues and share files, applications, and desktops. They can also collaborate online and chat over secure instant messaging sessions.

Iran oil terminal suffers malware attack – The Mehr news agency in Iran is reporting that the oil ministry and entire industry has been taken offline after suffering a malware attack.

New Version of WordPress Fixes Slew of Security Bugs – A new version of the WordPress software is available, and the update includes fixes for a number of security vulnerabilities, including a bug in components that are used to upload media to WordPress sites. Version 3.3.2 also has some other fixes for cross-site scripting and other flaws.

Java Exploits are the Most Reliable Vulns – Java exploits have been generally very reliable for attackers due to a low patch rate, Jason Jones, advanced security intelligence engineer at HP DVLabs told Jones noted that the Java vulnerabilities tend to have approximately an 80 percent success rate for infection. In contrast, with other technologies, the older vulnerability success rate is only approximately 13 percent.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processor: Leaner and Meaner – The 3rd Generation Intel Core Processor family reduces power use without sacrificing performance, and gives graphics a substantial upgrade.

Company News:

HP Certifies Ubuntu Linux – Canonical, the lead commercial sponsor behind the Ubuntu Linux operating system, will be releasing version 12.04 Long Term Support (LTS) enterprise edition of the OS next week. The Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release will be noteworthy both for its cloud and virtualization features and also because it’s the first Ubuntu release that has broad certification on a series of HP ProLiant servers.

Microsoft, Facebook Strike $550 Million Patent Deal – Microsoft and Facebook agreed to a deal that will see Microsoft license or sell many of the patents it picked up from AOL to Facebook for $550 million in cash.

Facebook Now Totals 901 Million Users, Profits Slip – Facebook’s profits dipped from a year ago but revenue increased to $1.06 billion, as the company released an amended S-1 filing on Monday.

Amazon Targets Businesses with New AmazonSupply – Need a new Dremel? How about a new volumetric flask? Perhaps a chain hoist or some paper clips? Amazon’s new site may be just for you

Webopedia Daily:

Censorware –  A category of software that is also referred to as Internet blocking or Internet filtering software. Censorware limits the user’ access to content on the Internet. The term is often used pejoratively as it implies that certain Internet content is being censored from the user, not filtered. Libraries and schools commonly use this type of filtering software to restrict its users from accessing pornography.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Google Should Stick It to the EU – Google goes out of its way to appease the various judicial systems worldwide to minimize the amount of copyrighted material it allows its own products to reproduce and distribute. YouTube is the source of most of the violations and Google has created filters and human systems to pull sketchy content. Some people think the company may actually go too far in this effort. Apparently, the people who feel that way are not in Germany. Instead of pulling the plug on content, perhaps Google should pull the plug on Germany.

Minivan Sized Meteor Explodes Over California – A rocky object weighing about 70 metric tons slams into the atmosphere at 33,500 miles per hour, shaking homes near the Sierra Nevada mountains west of San Francisco.

London Marathon website goof leaks 38,000 contact details – The home addresses and personal email details of some 38,000 participants in Sunday’s London Marathon were exposed for anyone to access on the race’s official website. Celebrities were amongst those who had their private details exposed by the glitch.

Eight Myths About Customer Collaboration – In today’s social media-driven world, the customer has more power than ever before, and that’s changing everything from the way products and services look, to how they feel, to how well they perform, to how quickly they are judged as a success or failure. Yet, while many companies understand that they need to focus on how they interact with their customers, others still behave as if they’re the wizard behind the curtain.

Security vs. convenience: Will users embrace the opt-in? – Patrick Lambert looks at Mozilla’s recent decision to make Flash and other plugins an opt-in feature for users instead of a default. Will users regard it as a nuisance or a safeguard?

Today’s Quote:

In politics, absurdity is not a handicap.”

–      Napoleon Bonaparte

Today’s Free Downloads:

TCC LE – If you’re frustrated by the limitations of the Windows command prompt, then TCC LE is the one command line tool you need. By adding thousands of features that Microsoft neglected, TCC LE makes the command line easy to use, providing more power and flexibility than you ever imagined.

Parted Magic – The Parted Magic OS employs core programs of GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful programs (e.g. Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, and ddrescue) and an excellent set of documentation to benefit the user.


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