Free ToolWiz Care – The Competition Might Need To Worry

Toolwiz CareYou’ve heard it all before – this application “is a free tool set designed to speed up your PC and give your system full care”, or some variation of this. Occasionally, this statement might reasonably describe a freeware utility application – but, more often than not, hype is the operative word and user expectations are not met.

Toolwiz Care, described by the developers as “a free tool set designed to speed up your PC and give your system full care”, does not disappoint. This application is feature packed, and includes a wide range of tools that an average computer user should find powerful, efficient, and effective.

I’ve run with Toolwiz Care, off and on, for a month or so, and found that by and large, it lives up to the developer’s claims.

Installation is fast and very straightforward. The user may choose selected languages including –  English, Chinese, French, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Spanish and Russian.


First up is a quick system checkup – the “Checkup Settings” menu will allow you to set preference parameters as shown below. Clicking on any of the following screen  captures will expand the shot to its original size.


On this run, 67 fixable issues were found. I’ll point out that since I normally run a tight lean test machine, I choose not to accept all of the recommended fixes.


Next up, I took a peek at the “Speedup” applet. Again, I’ll point out that this test machine has been tweaked to the max so, you’ll notice that many of the suggestions for improvement will be “skipped” – the application has already determined this. On a typical machine however, I think an average user will benefit.


The Tools menu is most impressive and, having run all of the available tools successfully, I have to give this feature set a huge “thumbs up”. Having quick access to such powerful tools, should be a major advantage for a typical user.


The App Manager provides access to the Uninstall feature (not shown), but what I found most intriguing was, the listing of suggested freeware software for the user’s consideration. As it turns out, virtually all of the suggested software has received high marks, in previous reviews, here on this site.


For those who like to run in a virtual environment while surfing the Internet, the developer’s have kept you in mind with the inclusion of a “one click simple” virtual “Time Freeze” component.


I’ll go offside just for a moment. You may have noticed that an “Eye Care” feature can be selected which is designed to remind those of us who spend much of the day starting at a Monitor, to take a short break. The following screen capture is an example of the 2/3 reminders launched, as I was writing this post.


Finally, if you choose to auto-start this application on Windows startup – the application will place a floating toolbar (see below), on the desktop for convenience.


Fast Facts:

Time Freeze – Keeps your system safe and protect your computer from unwanted changes.

Eyes Care – Protects your eyes with scheduled warning

Virtual Safe – Creates a virtual safe which works like a regular drive where you can store files. The files stored in it are encrypted and cannot be accessed without the right password.

Game Booster – Concentrates every system resource for gaming purpose. It temporarily shuts background processes and other unnecessary Windows services & cleans out the RAM.

Password Manager – Helps you create secure passwords that are extremely difficult to crack or guess. Also it can help you to manage your password, account and other private information.

Password Generator – Creates highly secure passwords with upper and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols.

Duplicate File Finder – Allows you to scan all duplicate files in specified path. You can remove some of them and free up your disk space.

File Undelete – Ensures recovery of data permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin or with the help of SHIFT + DELETE key.

Disk Doctor – Helps you to check your hard disk both in I/O access and file system and give you a full report for the checking.

Disk Cleaner – Cleans your hard disk from temporary files like those in the system temporary folder and the Recycle Bin.

Registry Cleaner – Makes the PC system more stable by cleaning out the bad Registry entries.

Registry Backup and Restore – Helps you to backup or restore your Registry with a simple click

Registry Defrager – Rebuilds PC’s Registry, making the entire system run quicker and smoother.

Privacy Cleaner – Protects the user’s privacy by deleting all activity history and surfing traces.

Fast Defrag – Defragments the hard drive with it’s smart engine, keep the PC running efficiently and prevent the formation of other fragmented files.

Checkup Module – Provides a full report of user’s PC system and allows the user to fix all problems with one simple click.

Startup Report – Provides a easy to read report that shows the start-up time of user’s system. It offers a detailed list of the processes loaded since booting.

Startup Optimizer – Allows the user to disable or delay the loading of any startup entries. It also provides the users with suggestions of standard processes.

System requirements: Windows XP (32 bit), Vista, Win 7, Win 8 (32 bit and 64 bit). I tested this application on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Languages: English, Chinese, French, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Spanish and Russian languages.

Download at: ToolWiz Care

Credit where credit is due – a big “thank you” to my good buddy Rick Robinette over at What’s On My PC, for turning me on to this application.


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20 responses to “Free ToolWiz Care – The Competition Might Need To Worry

  1. John Merkowsky

    How much of ToolWiz care is already done with CCleaner, for example, as well as other things you have on your machine?

    • Hi John,

      Since you seem to be familiar with CCleaner you are aware then, that its specialty is quick cleaning. As well, there are a number of system tools available – uninstall, Registry cleaner, a drive wiper utility,…. Overall, a super little application. Nevertheless, that’s a long way from the 40+ tools included with ToolWiz Care.

      Those users who have the knowledge needed to access the limited number of system tools available in Windows (depending on the version), would find some of those tools have been duplicated in ToolWiz Care – Defrag, for example. But, again – limited.


  2. Mal

    Well Bill, another great app. I just downloaded it and took it for a spin, this is a definite keeper. Easy to use, slick interface, quick. Into the toolbox it goes. I like that floating toolbar too, can keep an eye on CPU temperature, amongst other things. Good find, Bill and Rick.

    • Hey Mal,

      It’s not often that we come across a real gem – as you know, there’s so much repetition these days in utilities. But, this one as you saw, comes equipped with a trunk load of really impressive tools. Tools that are important even for the super user crowd. And FREE – strikes all the right notes. 🙂

      Great to get your input – glad you can make use of this one.



  3. Michael Fisher

    Hi Bill ~ thank you very much. I took it for a spin on the country lanes & it’s a smooth runner. I will keep it on my drive for occasional outings. On balance it’s very much a plus

    Here are my (mainly minor) quibbles:

    I’m not a fan of programs that launch on boot as the default setting, but that was easy for me to fix

    A resizable window is needed

    Took me a while to figure out how to access the user settings from the icon in the tray, but then I was able to turn off some personal annoyances…
    ** The toolbar
    ** The time to boot popup

    I’m very nervous of some of the optimisations the program suggested & I would prefer more information on those so I’m going to explore the ToolWiz forums
    For example it lists two desktop.ini’s as a dangerous startups, but that’s all it says. There a blue circle to the left of each item with an “i” in the middle for “information”, but these are not active buttons leading to background information as I assumed

    I also don’t like the “skip this” concept at all ~ I figured out that if you click “skip this” that particular optimisation is not performed, but it could easily be interpreted in the opposite way & it isn’t totally obvious that “skip this” is an action button. The checked/unchecked boxes to the left of each item is what I’m more comfortable with so it’s confusing having “skip this” to the right as well

    A minor quibble about the poor English in the interface. I would offer to help if I understood the functions better

    I suspect this program isn’t suitable for noobs

    • Hi Michael,

      Interesting “quibbles” – many of which I agree with. I suspect super users will not find fault with your observations. Less skillful users on the other hand, may be content to run – “as is”.

      This app comes out of Singapore so the lingo is not quite perfect but, a major improvement over many similar apps coming out of China, for example. In my first draft, I actually referenced this, but in the end decided to delete it. Might have been better to leave it in after all, I suspect.

      Happy to get your comment – brings some good info to light. Thanks.



  4. delenn13

    I had been using Time Freeze for a couple of months..just playing with it. And I found out about ToolWiz Care from Rick too. Been using it ever since. I have a few paid programs, like you, Bill, that I might have to rethink.

    The last article from Rick kinda scared me. it seems they have added a screen capture and editing program. I have seen so many programs that I loved and swore by just add and add programs until they become as bloated as Snortin’ Norton. Even the one thing they were good at…isn’t as good. I would hate to see this happen once again.

    • Hey Delenn13,

      I fear – if you’ll pardon the expression – that your fear is reasonable. Back in the day (our day), you’ll recall Norton Utilities throwing in everything but the kitchen sink and thoroughly ruining a superb application. And, as you noted, they’ve continued the “tradition” in their AV lineup.

      I gave the screen capture app a whirl and it seems satisfactory – does a reasonable job. The downside is – the toolbar must be running in order to launch the s/c. And that, might be the ploy. Like Michael F., I don’t want this app to auto start – but, to get at the s/c it needs to auto start. A little bit of circular logic, I think. A questionable approach and not always effective, as you point out.

      Hopefully, (fingers crossed) – future improvements will be “real” and not just more chrome on the bumper.

      A good point – glad to see you bring it out.



  5. hipockets

    For those of you (like me) that look with disdain upon CNet, the default download provider, the latest release can also be downloaded at Major Geeks

  6. azzizmouloud

    Toolwiz Care looks interesting with some extra tools like floating toolbar, i am more familiar with jetclean. Do you think Toolwiz Care is better than jetclean in terms of cleaning and fixing.

  7. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    You know I’ll be adding this to the plethora of others in my bag. Will be interested to see how it compares with Advanced Systemcare.

    Thanks for your research.

    Kind regards

    • Hi John,

      I’d be interested in hearing your views on how one stacks up against the other.



      • John Bent

        Hi Bill,

        I’ve had a chance to compare ToolWiz Care with Advanced SystemCare 5 PRO. For the purposes of comparison I ran both on a PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Neither program had been run previously on this machine.

        First I ran a deep scan with ASC5 PRO. It returned the following list of problems:

        Deep Registry Fix – 189 problems
        Registry Defrag – 1 problem
        System Optimzer – 4 problems
        Shortcut Fix – 11 problems
        Privacy Sweep – 322 problems
        Junk Files Clean – 212.27 mb
        Security Defence – 5233 problems
        Disk Scan – 1 problem

        Without using the ASC5 repair function, I next ran TWC using the Checkup, Cleanup, Speedup and Security tools and fixed the problems it identified. I ran it 3 times to ensure all problems were fixed.

        I then re-ran ASC5 again with the following results:

        Deep Registry Fix – No problems
        Registry Defrag – No problems
        System Optimzer – No problems
        Shortcut Fix – 11 problems
        Privacy Sweep – 336 problems
        Junk Files Clean – 0 mb
        Security Defence – 5021 problems
        Disk Scan – 1 problem

        Finally, I ran the “Repair” facility on ASC5 several times to remove all problems. I can email you a repair log, Bill, if it’s of interest.

        I give these results with no additional comment as I am probably not comparing like with like, ASC5 PRO being a paid-for program.

        I do like the Toolwiz Care GUI and some of the tools could be useful, so, as it’s free, I’ll certainly keep it on board.

        Kind regards

        • Hi John,

          Nice methodology!

          I’m not surprised by your results. In a sense, these types of applications are like Coke versus Pepsi – very similar, with a slight twist to establish bragging rights.

          Very much appreciate your hard work.



  8. darren

    hi bill.
    I notice this program contains a registry cleaner.I dont know what your view is on this but i dont particularly like registry cleaners as they can cause more harm than good.
    This program does have some very good other tools and having virtualisation on the fly can be very useful for trying unknown programs.
    i see no reason not to have this although my only gripe with this would be it has a constant running sooner use this as a on demand application and not have another process running .
    Thank you very much for your review bill.

    • Hi Darren,

      I agree – typically, average users should stay far away from registry cleaners. As you point out – “they can cause more harm than good.” Still, a very mild cleaner such as CCleaner carries with it very little risk.

      Like you, I prefer a very tight machine. So, applications which add auto running processes generally get switched over to “on demand”. Developers seem to think that we just can’t get by without their apps running in the background. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.