Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – April 9, 2012

Do-Not-Track Tools: Hands-On Showdown – Regulators are urging Internet companies to alert consumers about their data-gathering activities–but if you want to seize control now, some browser add-ons can help.

An Easier Way to Add Files to Your Dropbox Account – Finally fulfilling the promise of its name, Dropbox now lets you drag and drop files from your desktop to the Web.

Three free apps to get the most out of your battery life – Brandy Courtade highlights three free Android apps that, when used in conjunction with one another, help extend her smartphone battery life.

How to Wipe Yourself off the Grid – A good chunk of the online economy is driven by tracking and targeting of users. This is how online companies can afford to offer service like free fantasy baseball leagues and online photo sharing–you pay with your time and your data. For most of us, this is a trade worth making. Even so, it’s nice to know you can unplug from the grid if need be. PCMag’s Eric Griffith explains how you can do it.

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Online Privacy Debate Heats Up – It’s one thing if you don’t care if companies want to know everything about you, but it’s quite another to be blind to the degree to which all sorts of entities want access to your personal data.

Playbook update will cut off Android app “side-loading” – The ability to load practically any Android app on the Blackberry Playbook is about to be axed.

Write Space Brings Distraction-Free Writing to Chrome – Can’t focus? Turn your browser into a productivity-boosting text editor with this free app.

Hacked Again: Lessons Learned – For the second time in two years my WordPress site was hacked, this time by Viagra spammers. Here are a few of the hard lessons I learned.

Mac Malware Outbreak Is Bigger than ‘Conficker’ – The Flashback Trojan has compromised an estimated 600,000 plus Macs, making it comparable to the massive Conficker worm botnet that affected Windows PCs.

Easily revive the Classic Start Menu hidden within Windows 8 – Yes, you can indeed resuscitate the Classic Start Menu in Windows 8. Greg Shultz shows you how it is done.

See the $600 Veloso 3D Printer in Action [Video] – The 3D printing revolution is almost upon us, but it’s hard to generate excitement about it because we keep calling the hardware “printers.” There is no ink, there is no page; there’s just extruded polymer forming 3D shapes that could be used for anything from children’s toys to micro-fluidic medical devices. has the details on a slightly different model that pushes the definition of printer even further. Veloso 3D printer creates objects using the light from a DLP projector. Watch the video. It’s worth it.

Company News:

HTC Reports Bruising Quarter as Profit Dips 70 Percent – HTC took a hit during the quarter thanks to competition from rivals like Samsung and Apple, but chief financial officer Winston Yung pledged to take a more “focused approach” in the months to come.

Verizon to End ‘Naked DSL’ Service – On May 6, the carrier’s High Speed Internet service will be bundled with a landline.

Atmel’s flexible touch sensors will revolutionize mobile device design – The company released a product called XSense, which allows for the creation of flexible, touch sensitive displays by making the sensors themselves thin and film-based. Atmel’s technology changes the game when it comes to device design.

Time Warner Cable Live TV Streaming Coming to Android in Next Few Weeks – Time Warner Cable will bring streaming television to Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of May.

Webopedia Daily:

Mobile Cloud Storage – A form of cloud storage that applies to storing an individual’s mobile device data in the cloud and providing the individual with access to the data from anywhere. Mobile cloud storage additionally facilitates syncing and sharing data across multiple devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers. Mobile cloud storage is also sometimes referred to as cloud storage on the go, personal cloud storage or pocket cloud storage.

Off Topic (Sort of):

50 Amazing Numbers About Today’s Economy – Try this for starters: “The number of Americans who don’t have health insurance: 49.9 million.” Not surprised? Well, how about this: “Americans age 60 and older owe $36bn in student loans”

Don’t Like Google’s New Privacy Policy? Sign Out – Google once again defended its new privacy policy this week, arguing that its approach is simple yet comprehensive, and suggesting that those who don’t like it can just sign out.

Selling You on Facebook – Many popular Facebook apps are obtaining sensitive information about users—and users’ friends—so don’t be surprised if details about your religious, political and even sexual preferences start popping up in unexpected places.

Windows 3.1: Twenty Years Later – Two decades ago, Microsoft launched Windows 3.1. This first attempt to move beyond the operating system’s DOS roots introduced many features we recognize in Windows today.

Titanic: How do you Convert a Movie to 3D, Anyway? – Titanic the Movie had something the ship itself never managed–a second run. What’s more interesting is that it was in 3D. Titanic wasn’t shot in 3D, after all. So how exactly do you add 3D effects to film that was shot in 2D? This question came up in one of our news meetings this week and I was excited that ExtremeTech’s David Cardinal took up the challenge of answering it. Worth a read, even if you skipped the movie.

Today’s Quote:

Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”

–    Mark Twain

Today’s Free Downloads:

NovaBench – You’ve just bought a new computer. Or better yet, you’ve just built one–or added some new hardware to your current PC. You want to know how fast it is; how it compares to other new or recently upgraded computers. You’d have a hard time finding a simpler user interface. Just click the big button and NovaBench will show you how fast your PC is performing.NovaBench provides an extremely quick and easy way to benchmark your PC and compare it to others.

TSR Watermark Image – TSR Watermark Image software, is a free program for personal use that can add digital watermarks to all your images, photos and pictures with the transparency you decide. The program can also resize the images before the digital watermark is added.


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