Advanced Uninstaller PRO Version 10.6 – Now Free For Everyone!

imageI’m a big fan of Revo Uninstaller but, I’ve had some problems getting it to behave in Windows 8 Consumer Preview. The screen shot below illustrates Revo attempting to round up surplus Registry entries following an uninstall – and, not succeeding (21,132 entries and still counting – uh, no).


A robust uninstaller – one which thoroughly cleans out the Registry is a must have application for a software reviewer like myself – so, on the hunt I went for a free replacement. The timing couldn’t have been better since, as it turns out, Advanced Uninstaller PRO is now free.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is no lightweight, and this latest release features full support for Windows 8 – both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO includes additional handy tools (all in a conveniently laid out GUI), to help you clean your system, and keep it running at top speed – as shown in the following selected screen shots. Clicking on any screen shot will expand it to the original size.


Uninstalling a selected application is a simple process as indicated.


If you’re into controlling Windows services – you’ll find that it’s a breeze with the Windows Services module.


The Installation Monitor module provides granular control over application installation.


The Internet Browser Tools module includes a robust set of tools all neatly packaged for easy access.


When you need help – it’s just a click away. Press the F1 key and an advanced help system is readily available – as shown in the following screen capture.


Fast facts:

Uninstall programs quickly and completely, with full disk and registry clean-up to remove leftovers. Way better than the standard Windows uninstaller!

Installation monitor. Examine all the items an application has installed on your PC, and makes sure all of them were removed.

Startup Manager – manages all Windows startup areas. Fully control what gets started when you turn on your PC.

Windows Services – control the services (background processes) that are run by Windows.

Quick Cleaner – erase the web browsing history and the history traces of over 200 programs.

Start Menu Cleaner – fully clean-up your Start Menu, eliminate all the shortcuts that don’t work anymore.

Start Menu Items Manager – show and hide start menu items, sort them alphabetically, etc.

Font Manager – manage the fonts on your computer, disable or uninstall the fonts you don’t need.

Control Panel Manager – full control over the items in your Control Panel. Disable broken items, etc.

Duplicate Files – find and delete all your duplicate files, saving a lot of disk space!

Live File Compression – harness the powerful and safe file compression built into Windows. Compress rarely used files in such a way that you can still use them normally, but you save disk space.

File Shredder – completely overwrites and destroys the files you want to be destroyed, so nobody can recover them.

Windows Temporary Files – recover lots of disk space by finding and deleting garbage files.

Full web browser management of cookies, history, add-ons, extensions, plugins, temporary cache files for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome – up to date for the latest versions!

Registry Cleaner – to remove errors and to make Windows lighter.

Registry Optimizer – help Windows and the programs run faster by speeding up registry accesses.

Registry Backup and Restore – to avoid disaster where the Windows Registry gets hosed.

System requirements: XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 (32 and 64 bit).

Download at: (this file does not contain the usual CNET wrapper).

If you’re looking for a freeware application that not only gets in there and cleans out the deep dirt, but offers a range of additional functionality, then Advanced Uninstaller PRO should definitely make your short list.


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31 responses to “Advanced Uninstaller PRO Version 10.6 – Now Free For Everyone!

  1. Is it *idiot-proof*… The difficulty a non-savvy user, such as myself, has is those type of programs are always asking us “Are we SURE we want to do *blah*?” I DON’T KNOW… that’s why I installed the program, so it could make those difficult decisions for me! (It can be really scary to say “yes, go ahead, delete those strange looking characters and streams of code”, when you really DON’T know what they do!) I’m trying to learn, but, there’s NO ONE place to find Computers: 101…start from scratch… Unless you’ve written it and I can go delving into the archives? (hint hint…*grin*) thanks again…I’m going to TRY, see if I can make this program work… I’ll let ya know… *khrys…

    • Hey Khrys,

      No – I wouldn’t label this one idiot-proof. Any application that makes system changes should always be used with caution. As a precaution, it’s good practice to create a restore point prior to any significant changes.

      Rather than run with an application like this one, I’d recommend that you take a close look at CCleaner which has some of the capabilities of Advanced Uninstaller PRO but, has been designed for typically average computer users. Take a look here for an article I posted on this highly recommended freebie (download links are included).

      The very best way to step up the knowledge level, in my view, is using the “help” files normally packaged with applications.

      Always good to hear from you.



      • Uhm… too late *grin*… I used it, and, I guess I’m pretty anal about stuff cause, while it found a few things, for the most part, I’m ‘clean’! LOL… but thank you! (PS: Did you know that if you download it, the “rules” request you DELETE the program three weeks after installing it?) *khrys…

        • Hey Khrys,

          Good to hear that you’re “clean”. 🙂

          Up until late last week, the Pro version (this one) was shareware – but, as of now it is entirely free. It is confusing thought, when the reference to shareware (a 20 day trial period) has not been deleted from the help files.



  2. Hi Bill,
    Nice program, it seems to have a ton of features and it works very well. I was able to uninstall my Hughesnet crapware they installed that Programs and Features couldn’t get rid of.

    • Hi Mark,

      Good one! It comes to mind that you mentioned the Hughesnet crapware last week.

      I haven’t played around with this very much, but it sure looks feature jammed. That’s right up my alley. 🙂

      Good to get your take on this.



  3. John Bent

    Hi Bill,

    This is a good one to keep in mind for the future for me. Currently quite happy with Revo Uninstaller Pro but I may consider it again when the licence comes up for renewal.

    Thanks as always.

    Kind regards

    • Hi John,

      I know that you’re a big fan of Revo Pro – especially the installation monitor (thought about that when I was writing this up). This freebie could give Revo Pro a run for the money – so to speak. 🙂 So I agree – good one to keep in mind towards the renewal date.



      • John Bent

        Hi Bill,

        Been reading some of the negative comments here regarding Revo Pro and it’s set me thinking (don’t be scared :)). Recently I’ve been getting a message saying “no such interface supported” when trying to open something from a desktop shortcut. I can open things from the context menu, but that rather defeats the object.

        My research tell me that this is likely to be due to a corrupted .dll. Any possibility this might be connected to Revo uninstallations? Also can you suggest a quick fix? Have tried CCCleaner but it is returning no issues with the registry. Have also run Advanced SystemCare to no effect.

        Kind regards

        • Hi John,

          Sounds like a corrupted .dll – doubt that Revo is responsible though.

          Try the following:

          Run sfc /scannow at an elevated (administrator) command prompt. (might work).


          Run the following command to reregister all DLL files for explorer. (got this from Tom’s Hardware)

          1. Click Start . In the Search box, type CMD . At the top of the window, right-click the cmd icon and choose Run as Administrator .

          2. At the prompt, type in FOR /R C:\ %G IN (*.dll) DO “%systemroot%\system32\regsvr32.exe” /s “%G” and press .

          This will take several minutes to complete. There will be several C+ Runtime errors that will appear, as well as the system slowing down. Close all boxes that come on the screen except the CMD boxes. Once complete(it will come back to a c: prompt), restart the system and test.


          A much more complex method from


          ReRegisterDLL.bat is a batch file for re-registering system DLLs in Windows 7 using the regsvr32.exe command. You must run this from an Elevated Command Prompt. Go to WhattheTech.

          Good luck with this.



  4. Michael Fisher

    Hi Bill ~ interesting. I will give this a go.

    I bought pro Revo & it was a mistake. I wanted a 64-bit Win7 capable uninstaller to keep my system registry fairly clean & pro Revo hasn’t lived up to my expectations. I used it to do a re-install of PostgreSQl, but Revo left some traces behind during the uninstall [I used Revo correctly in the advanced scan mode] & thus it refused to reinstall. In the end I had to do some keyword searches with RegMagik [good free prog] to resolve the problem. The pro Revo will monitor new s/w installations & thus keep a complete log of registry changes, but only if you tell it to do so before each install. It will not note new future registry changes in any s/w updates. It seems strange to me that there’s no uninstaller that constantly monitors & logs these changes automatically. Revo have been telling me for a year that they’re working on it 🙂

    • Hi Michael,

      What a frustrating disappointment. A hung reinstall can be a teeth gnashing experience. Good to hear you were able to resolve the issue.

      Despite the “snake oil” label often casually thrown about with respect to Registry cleaners (Ed Bott, for example, was at it again today), there are times when such an application (in the right hands), is the only appropriate weapon. For tough jobs (like a broken reinstall), I’ve previously relied on RegSeeker (NOT for the average user).



      • Michael Fisher

        “teeth gnashing” is right ~ PostgreSQL is a nightmare for me & poor old Revo: fussy about leftover registry entries, previous version upgrades, creating a user account for itself (?), ports, firewall & AV nastiness. I went round the uninstall/reinstall cycle three times using Revo, CCleaner & Register Mechanic & STILL PostgreSQL refusing to install because it thought it was already installed. Eventually I tracked down the registry value that needed to be deleted. Along the way I removed PC tools firewall plus, disabled the MS firewall & Defender, removed Threatfire & MSSE… Six hours of growing a year older. Not altogether Revo’s fault, but I do expect more if I’ve paid rather than freely donated. Aaaagh!!

        • Hi Michael,

          You have my sympathy. Nonetheless, that’s quite an accomplishment. As I understand it – PostgreSQL is an enterprise grade Database so I reckon; not many would be up to the task.

          I now see you in a new light, my good man. 🙂



  5. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    Well this is a little gem isn’t it. As much as I love Revo, this new application has so much more features. I just downloaded it and had a look, I think I might keep this one. Just in case.
    Good find.

    • Hey Mal,

      This one is just loaded, eh? Going to hang onto this one myself – “just in case”. Might even give the Installation Monitor a try. 🙂



  6. Clay

    Hi Bill,

    Wow thanks for the heads-up to this software. I love it so far and it gives a much better and complete list of programs to uninstall than revo free (which I was currently using). Thanks a lot!

  7. Hey Bill

    This is one app that I had bought a few years ago but as usual after a few reformats, it got lost in the shuffle. Looks like I will be dusting it off and checking it out.

    Thanks Bill


  8. killing me…..I keep doing that with the name.

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  10. Hi Bill,

    I always preferred Advanced Uninstaller over Revo because of its efficiency. It never failed on me. So it saddens me that people are starting to recognize it (and to some extent acknowledge its power against Revo) only now that it’s free. But this is good news, although I’m bothered a little when you mentioned that they haven’t removed the trial “tick bomb” and when I checked there was no news or announcement about the software being free on their website (or maybe I’m not looking hard enough). If you plan to keep it on your PC, care to post an update after a month regarding whether it remains free or not? Thanks and have a good day.


  11. delenn13

    Yea, I think it’s legit. I am looking about 11 different newsletters/blogs/RSS feeds telling me all about it from reputable places. I use Your Uninstaller! 7 from this may come in handy later. Thanks.

    • Hey Delenn13,

      Never entered my mind as to the “legitimacy” of this offer. If a developer notifies me directly, what’s to question.

      Right now, I’ve got press inquires sitting in my inbox from IObit, The Box Team, MacXDVD Software,, WinXDVD, Nitro PDF, FileTrek, ……… I see no reason to question the legitimacy of any of these emails.