Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 14, 2012

Nokia Maps gives turn-by-turn walking navigation to all – The Nokia Maps mobile site now offers voice-guided turn-by-turn walking navigation to any device with a mobile browser, including the iPhone. In order to use the navigation, all you have to do is go to, give it permission to access your location, and agree to a short Terms of Service sheet. Then, whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad, Nokia smartphone, or any other device with a mobile browser, Nokia Maps will be able to shout out directions as you walk.

Five free tips to take from NATO’s top dog fake Facebook account – It was recently revealed that a fake Facebook account was created in the name of James Stavridis, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid falling for similar scams.

Microsoft warns: Expect exploits for critical Windows worm hole – Microsoft to Windows administrators: Due to the attractiveness of this vulnerability to attackers, we anticipate that an exploit for code execution will be developed in the next 30 days.

Facebook, Google in India’s crosshairs over Web censorship – The companies, now on trial in India, potentially could be fined and see executives jailed over not censoring certain content.

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Nude Heather Morris pictures – hacker blamed – Nude photos alleged to be of Glee’s Heather Morris have been released on the web, after allegedly being stolen by hackers from her mobile phone. Read this before you click on any links, and – if you’re a celebrity – learn how to stop this from happening to you!

Reality check, please: No one likes a fanboy – Can you love your tech products and companies to the point of being irrational? Oh, yes, indeed, you certainly can. And the fanboys are exhibit A.

Google Earth Power Tips and Tricks – Here’s your chance to discover a new dimension to Google Earth: Find out how to create your own maps, scroll through historic imagery, or fly across the globe.

Vector Linux: Lightning fast throwback to old-school Linux – The title can be somewhat deceiving. When you think of “Old School” you think of out of date, whimsical technology that most people only look at on occasion. Well, scrap that train of thought when applied to Vector Linux, because Vector is just as useful as nearly any modern platform.

Missed out on Raspberry Pi? Here’re five alternatives – If you weren’t quick enough to snap up a Raspberry Pi before they sold out then here are five pocket-sized computing devices worth checking out while you wait to get your Pi.

The 35 Best Mac Apps – Even if you’re a longtime Mac user, you can always use a few helpful suggestions for improving your Mac experience. Whether you’re a Mac newcomer or seasoned veteran, these 35 apps will make your OS X experience more fun and productive. Check out the full list to improve your OS X experience today.

10 Things to Do Immediately After a Network Security Breach – Governments and corporations alike need to have contingency plans in place to perform network forensics once a breach occurs. So, in addition to firewalls, intrusion detection systems and data-leak prevention software, organizations need ways to record every network “movement” and perform post-attack analysis. We take a look at best practices for what to do once a security breach happens.

Company News:

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard beefs up PlayBook’s business acumen – Transforming the RIM PlayBook into a superportable workhorse, the Mini Keyboard boosts the BlackBerry tablet’s productivity potential.

Microsoft to provide Azure users with 33 percent credit for February outage – Microsoft officials said all customers of its Azure Compute, Access Control, Service Bus and Caching will get the credit for the entire billing months for its services, whether or not their service was affected. Microsoft execs shared that information — as well as a play-by-play dissection of what caused the widespread outage in a March 9 blog entry.

Adobe Shadow Sharpens Websites on Any Device – Adobe announced Shadow, a new labs tool for Web developers and designers that makes it easy to synchronize experiences across mobile devices.

Dell acquires SonicWall, beefs up security software – The acquisition—the second since Dell named former CA CEO John Swainson head of a new software unit—gives the company complementary assets to go with its SecureWorks services effort and Kace patch management. Last month, Dell bought AppAssure for backup software.

Yahoo sues Facebook: Which patents are in dispute? – Yahoo is suing Facebook over the alleged infringement of 10 patents. But what do these patents refer to, and could Facebook users be affected?

Webopedia Daily:

Personal cloud storage – A form of cloud storage that applies to storing an individual’s data in the cloud and providing the individual with access to the data from anywhere. Personal cloud storage also often enables syncing and sharing stored data across multiple devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers. Personal cloud storage is also frequently referred to as mobile cloud storage or pocket cloud storage. Apple’s iCloud, Windows SkyDrive and Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) are currently the most popular examples of personal cloud storage.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Rome Reborn (video) – Rome Reborn is an international initiative to use 3D digital technology to illustrate the urban development of the ancient city from the first settlements in the late Bronze Age (ca. 1000 BCE) to the depopulation of the city in the early Middle Ages (ca. 552 CE). Thus far, the Rome Reborn team has concentrated on modeling the city as it might have appeared in 320 CE.

Dyslexie font designed to help dyslexics read, write – By emphasizing the differences between letters, a graphic designer has created a font that should make reading and spelling easier for dyslexics.

Urine-powered restaurant pops up in Melbourne – Designed by Dutch-born Joost Bakker, the Greenhouse project proves that a waste free restaurant is achievable. As part of this year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival program, the Greenhouse uses the by-products of agriculture for insulation and energy and is made from materials that are completely and easily recycled, natural and non-toxic.

Retro tech vs modern alternatives – Just how far has technology advanced in the last few decades?

Get Organized: 5 Reasons Your Inbox is Not Your To-Do List – Your email inbox should not be your to-do list. There are better and more efficient ways to use email–or better, to think of email. Hopefully, this article will convince you to change your ways.

Today’s Quote:

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.”

–    Albert Einstein

Today’s Free Downloads:

TreeSize Free – This handy tool helps you reclaim hard drive space. It scans a drive and displays a tree-list of files with the largest on top, so you can zero in on the ones most likely to contain waste. – is a nifty little utility that allows you to move copied text or graphics to their final destination without needing to do it manually. For example, you can select a street address in an email or text document, and use CTRL-C to copy it to the clipboard. As soon as you do, pops up and allows you to send it directly to Google Maps–no need to go to your browser, go to maps, and then paste in the text.



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