Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – March 11, 2012

Free and Affordable Software to Sync Your Work and Your Life – Whether you need access to your files on a PC, on a mobile device, or through the cloud, these downloadable utilities will keep your many computers talking – and keep your work and personal life on track.

A private social network, just for you and your sweetie – With the app, from South Korea-based VCNC, two people can connect with each another to share private photos and secret messages. The private “chat” function includes support for emoticons, so you can dress up your sweet nothings with as many smiley faces, winks, and hearts as your sweetie can stand. In the future, the network could support coupons or other offers, enabling marketers to reach the desireable demographic of young, happy couples in search of romantic experiences and adventures.

23 new keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 – If the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is the first time you’ve had a chance to use Windows 8, you might feel a little lost at first. The best way to learn how to get around the new Metro design and settings, may be to use the new keyboard shortcuts.

Twitter sells your old tweets – location and all – It might be time to start deleting those old tweets – because they’re up for sale. Twitter’s signed a deal with UK-based analytics form Datasift allowing it to sell the content of tweets going back over the last two years.

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Leave No Trace: How to Completely Erase Your Hard Drives, SSDs and Thumb Drives – Whether you are preparing to reuse a hard disk for another operating system, clear off your junk shelves by passing along outdated drives to a friend or relative, donate an old PC to a charity or school, discard a too-small USB drive or flash memory card, or repurpose an SSD, you don’t want to leave any information on the storage device. With stories abounding of identity theft aided by information lifted from discarded storage devices, you want devices you no longer plan to use to have no usable information when they head out the door.

Suspected Anonymous hacker arrested after abortion website attack – Police have arrested a 27-year-old man, suspected of defacing and hacking into the website of Britain’s largest single abortion provider.

A Guide to Using Facebook’s New ‘Interest Lists’ – While the feature could be useful if you want to stay up to date on subjects that matter to you, there are a few drawbacks that could deter you from using it.

Will I Be Able to Activate XP after 2014? – As long as you’re running a particular version of Windows, there’s a possibility that you’ll eventually have to reinstall it. And that means you’ll have to reactivate it–a job that requires Microsoft’s cooperation. That’s a serious concern considering how much Microsoft wishes that Windows XP would just go away. They have promised to stop supporting the operating system in April of 2014.

Report: Users Call Personalized Search A “Bad Thing” Due To Privacy, Relevancy Concerns – Google raised a lot of eyebrows when it introduced the Google+-infused Search Plus Your World personal results to its bread and butter Search results, but the most publicized criticisms have come from big name social competitors like Twitter and Facebook. What does Joe Everyman think about personalized search results? A new survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project asked 2,000 people that very question — and most say that hand-tailored results are a “Bad thing.”

Smartphone apps are sending your data to China – A Sunday Times report found that many smartphone apps are collecting too much personal data and then sending it outside the EU to the US, Israel, China and India. But do these countries meet EU data protection standards?

Anonymous leaks Symantec’s Norton antivirus source code – Anonymous has released what appears to be the source code from Norton Antivirus 2006, in what could be a seriously damaging exercise for Symantec.

OMG – I just hate Rihanna video Facebook scam spreading – RihannaMessages are spreading between Facebook users, claiming that members of the social network have lost all respect for popular songstress Rihanna after watching a video. However, if you’re careless enough to click on the link you will find yourself lured into a survey scam that attempts to earn affiliate cash for fraudsters.

Company News:

Wikipedia gone daddy from Go Daddy – The Wikimedia Foundation says it has completed the transfer of its domain portfolio away from Go Daddy, a move made in response to the registrar’s position on the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Google, Asus rumored to release co-branded 7-inch Android tablet in May – Google is supposedly working with Asus on a 7-inch Android tablet that will compete with the Kindle Fire.

Konami and others will make games for – Zynga announced today that three major game companies have joined its new platform for publishing games on and Facebook.

HP planning more ‘business-oriented’ cloud services – HP wants to include more business-focused features on a cloud platform filled with more third-party apps and services.

Webopedia Daily:

Server virtualization – Server virtualization is the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers. In server virtualization the resources of the server itself are hidden, or masked, from users, and software is used to divide the physical server into multiple virtual environments, called virtual or private servers. One common usage of this technology is in Web servers.

Off Topic (Sort of):

12-year-old sues school district over Facebook profile search – A Minnesota school district is sued by a 12-year-old girl who claims that the school pressured her to give up her Facebook password. But, wait, the minimum age on Facebook is 13.

Man steals judge’s nameplate, posts on Facebook, gets arrested – First, Steven Mulhall stole Judge Michael Orlando’s nameplate. Next, he posted a picture of himself with it on his girlfriend’s Facebook profile. Lastly, someone noticed and tipped off the police.

Headphones vs. speakers: Which is better? – Speakers and headphones sound completely different, and people use them in very different ways.

In the beginning, there was the word processor – Now, most of us use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or OpenOffice/LibreOffice Writer, but once upon a time word processors were new, exotic programs.

Today’s Quote:

The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.”

–    Mark Twain

Today’s Free Downloads:

YUMI – YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer), is the successor to MultibootISOs. It can be used to create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive containing multiple operating systems, antivirus utilities, disc cloning, diagnostic tools, and more.

Stellarium 0.11.2 – Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.



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  1. Thanks Bill,

    You inspire me to go beyond my limited knowledge and explore new adventures. If given the time, I would digest everything you write.

  2. delenn13

    These are TIME sensitive..If they don’t get posted with in the times, just delete them. You have my permission.

    Free Game From Game Giveaway of the Day-
    Brave Piglet

    “If you remember another game called Zak & Jack in Monster Town, this is basically the same game only with a Piglet and different attacking objects such as wolves with ballons.” Some one else said it is..”remake of a game from the times of the Commodore 64.
    It was named Pooyan.”

    This is from BitsDuJour. Sorry had company and church today..0ver 10 hours left on this..

    myVault-For Mac and PC

    “In a nutshell, it’s the digital equivalent of a filing cabinet and safe combined into a single, intuitive utility. Think of it as a TODO program in reverse — a place to keep details of the past, not the future. A place to securely archive anything and everything!”

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    Secure Document and File Management | Arten Science myVault

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    Each license allows installation on a single computer and a laptop, but myVault may not be used at exactly the same time on each of them.
    Transfer of a license to another owned computer is allowed.
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