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imageI’ve covered a load of  free Live CDs here in the last few years, including – Boot, Recovery, Rescue, Antivirus ……….. To work effectively with such tools though, demands a very high level of user experience with operating systems which, effectively restricts usage to geeks or, the occasional very daring newbie.

I’ve just spent a week, or so, testing BootMed, a Ubuntu Linux driven set of recovery tools which is just a little different than most such tool sets, inasmuch as it’s much more new user centric than most.

On launch, BootMed defaults to Firefox which opens on the developer’s site – “What can BootMed do”.


That’s a bit of a twist on most recovery tools/disks/applications, since the developer has recognized that not all users have the practical background, or the experience, to work with these type of tools unaided.

The tutorials – What can BootMed do – shown below – should make working with the specific applications included on the CD/DVD much easier for less experienced users than it would be otherwise. Kudos to the developer on this one.



More experienced users will simply venture straight to the Desktop to access the available tools.


The following screen capture illustrates the applications available.

Note: Under “Applications”, additional tools are available.


You can see from the following screen capture, that BootMed allows the user to access all attached devices (and their files), from the “Computer” icon.


The following two graphics show the AV’s available. Both AVs will automatically update their definition database – provided the PC is connected to the Internet.

McAfee’s Stinger – a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses.


ClamWin Free Antivirus – ClamWin is a free antivirus designed for Windows.


Two file recovery applications are available including PhotoRec, a powerful recovery application.


And TestDisk, which adds additional functionality – including partition recovery.


There are many more applications included in this bag of tools including – GParted partition manager, as well as WINE, which will allow you to run Windows applications from within BootMed.

The CD/DVD burning application Brasero (available under “Applications”), is shown in the following screen shot.


System requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Download 32 bit ISO at: Developer’s site.

Download 64 bit ISO at: Developer’s site.

Installing BootMed to a USB flash drive: If you do not have a cd-rom (e.g. a Netbook), you can install BootMed to a bootable USB flash drive. To do so you first need to download the cd, then follow these instructions.

I particularly like BootMed since it allows a fairly typical user access to complex tools while at the same time, not feeling abandoned in the scary world of operating systems. The developer has recognized this chill factor, and does a fair amount of “hand holding” – I think that’s very cool.

If you’re now a geek, or a high level user, think back to the days when you could have used some “hand holding”. If you were lucky enough to get it, I think you’ll agree that “hand holding” can make a major difference.


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6 responses to “Download Free BootMed – PC Medicine That Works

  1. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    We all started off as newbies at some stage, and I know I got my knowledge not just by spending hours fooling with the computer but by getting tips from more experienced users. I like the look of this tool, and will definitely be giving it a spin.

    • Hey Mal,

      For sure – without a little help from time to time, we’d all still be struggling.

      This is a good one to keep around – just in case.



  2. delenn13

    Thanks, Bill. Gonna check this out. Looks like a keeper.

  3. jelson

    Very nice find, Bill! Much appreciated.

    One thing, I noticed it’s ability to create a virtual machine from your current OS. However, it requires VMWare Workstation. Isn’t there another way to accomplish the same thing using VirtualBox. Free is much better than $200 for VMWare. 😉

    • Hey Jelson,

      Can’t see why the same can’t be accomplished inside VirtualBox.

      If you do give it a try, I’d be glad to hear how it worked out.