Point Your Mouse In the Right Direction – Automatically


While watching a friend fill-in a Web Form recently, I was a little curious as to why she didn’t “Tab” down, from field to field – rather than using her mouse to move. So, quite naturally, I pointed out that using the “Tab” key was much more efficient for the task – only to be rewarded with a blank look, followed by a “huh?”

After a 30 second explanation, it came out that in the 10+ years she’s been a computer user, she was unaware of this shortcut. Yes, I know, you’re shaking your head and thinking – but, everyone knows that. Maybe everyone you know does – but, I can assure you there is a surprising lack of shortcut knowledge in the “tech savvy” generation. Particularly, when it comes to shortcuts that can help make a repetitive task flow a little smoother.

Here’s an example of a repetitive task which I perform every day, while setting up the Tech Thoughts Daily Net News column – made much easier than it might otherwise be, simply by setting the Mouse pointer to automatically select the “Insert”button in the “Insert Hyperlink” dialogue box.

First – I select the address I want to link with.


Second – I copy the link.


Third – I select the text I want to link with.


Fourth – I open the Hyperlink dialogue box.


Fifth – as you can see, the web address has been inserted automatically and the “Insert” button, has been automatically selected.


Performing this same task, 30 or more times, while building a column, can be mind-numbing in its repetitiveness. So, I rely heavily on this auto feature. And, I’ll tell you frankly – I don’t bother looking to ensure  all is well – I don’t even look at the dialogue box – I simply click the Mouse button.

This feature works in most (but not all) dialogue boxes and, if you should decide that you could benefit by selecting this option – here’s how to do it.

Open “Mouse Properties” and select – “Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialogue box”.

Pretty simple.   Smile



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2 responses to “Point Your Mouse In the Right Direction – Automatically

  1. pmshah

    You think this is strange. I will give you another example. One of my first client ladies (from 15 tears ago) and working for an NGO had a problem with her latest acquisitions, a laptop. She called me and I tried to solve her problem on line. At one point I asked her to hit “Esc” key. Her response was very similar “huh ! Where is that?”

    BTW I deliberately disable the “default button” feature as in my experience it lands on the box I DID NOT WANT TO CHOOSE. Regardless of how careful a person is a single inadvertent click of the mouse can land you in a whole lot of trouble, especially with all the web advertising and dangerous behaviour of majority web sites.

    I do however accelerate the mouse pointer (pointer speed) to the max to get fast result from minimal mouse movement.

    • Hi Pmshah,

      Yes, it can often be quite amazing just how the simple things can be missed.

      I understand your reluctance – you’re right, one misdirected click and……….