Crave World Clock License Giveaway – The Winners Are….

imageI’m happy to announce the 20 winners of a free license for Crave World Clock, a must-have world clock application for people who need to keep track of the current time in different cities and time zones around the world. The current time can be displayed on a real world map, along with day and night effects.

You can add cities of your choice on the world map.

You can set the world clock as your desktop wallpaper, or use it as a screensaver.

You can add analog clock and digital clock on your desktop, to keep track of time for multiple cities.

Congratulations to the winners:

Grr, Nil, Ankit, yılmaz, Bob Slyker, Stfan, Mal, John d, TRY, John, Hipockets, Alvin Bruce, Jerry Chance, ha14, Brennan Krieger, delenn13, Don Naphen, Briareoushex, Mike M, David.

Each winner will be notified directly by the developer – please allow up to 4 days for the developer to contact you.

If you weren’t one of the lucky winners, you can download a 14 day trial version of this great application.

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7

Try the full version free for 14 days.

Download at: Reflection Software Solutions

Purchase: $14 USD.


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28 responses to “Crave World Clock License Giveaway – The Winners Are….

  1. delenn13

    Hey Bill,
    Woohoo! Many thanks to Reflection Software Solutions and Bill Mullins for the opportunity to have this cool clock. Now I will have the – Time .

    OT: Love Hans Zimmer Forgot how many movie soundtracks he has done..

  2. Jerry Chance

    Yabeedabeedo!! Profound thanks Bill and of course also to Reflection Software Solutions. I have friends living overseas and my daughter lives in Australia – so this accessible universal clock will be really useful.

    Thank you!


  3. Bob Slyker

    Hey Bill,

    Now I’ll always know where and When I am, if I can finally find out who I really am, I’ll be all set …sure could use an app for that (ha-ha!).

    Thanks Bill

    Thanks Crave World Clock



  4. Hey Bill,

    Thank you very much ever.

    Regards …

  5. Congrats to all the winners

  6. Grr

    Thanks Bill!!
    I’m one of the lucky winner.


  7. Mal

    Hey Bill,
    Thankyou very much. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  8. ha14

    Congrats to all and enjoy time everywhere on planet EARTH.

  9. Alvin Bruce

    To Bill Mullins, thank you very much. I got my license key from Crave World Clock Support.

  10. Mike M

    Received my license key today and want to Thank You for your giveaway.

  11. TRY

    Thanks a lot Sir for the amazing prize and congrats to all other winners.
    Looking forward to use Crave World Clock 😀

    Best Regards

  12. John

    Hi Bill,
    Many thanks to you and to Reflection Software Solutions firstly for the opportunity of going in the draw to win Crave World Clock, and secondly to be one of the actual winners, HIP HIP HOORAY.

    I was’nt sure I was one of the winners when the names first went up, but my licence was waitiing for me today when I logged on.


    • Hi John,

      My fault – could I have been any less clear? A “W” thrown in, might have helped a wee bit. 🙂

      Happy to see you win one -especially following your comment re: keeping track of time elsewhere from Oz. Congrats. That makes 2 winners from the great Down Under.



  13. Hi Bill,
    The winners list for me. But the World Clock has not yet come License. What to do?

    • Hi Yılmaz,

      The developer sent the license on Feb 17, 2012, to the email address you provided (I have a copy of the email). Have you checked your spam folder.