Search Google Images More Efficiently With Google Image Ripper

Good friend, and regular reader, Michael F., recently introduced me to a neat little free tool – Google Image Ripper –  an alternative to the conventional Google Image Search.

From the site:

The Google Image Ripper improves on the existing Google image search tool by allowing you to safely and easily search through the results as thumbnails and also as a gallery of full-size images without having to surf to each website.

You have the option to show the link to the website where the image is hosted but don’t have to risk visiting a malicious site just to see it.

A quick walkthrough:

Since I use a lot of graphics in blogging, at the site, I’ve entered the search term “malware”.


Results: The screen capture below shows partial results only. The hand icon indicates the image I’ve selected.


Using the context menu “copy” command generates a 350×270 capture. (original size). Saves a visit to the originating site.


The same search using Google, requires a click on “Images”.


A click on “Images” generates the following (a very small representation of the actual results). I’ve selected the same image as shown previously.


Using the context menu “copy” command generates a 256×197 capture (not the original size).


Or, a visit to the site (another click) will allow for the viewing of the image in its original size (another click).


If capturing an image is something you do on a regular basis, then Google Image Ripper can save you a few steps along the way.

If you’ve taken a quick trip with this tool and found it worthwhile – then, I suggest that you save the site to Bookmarks/Favorites for future use.


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11 responses to “Search Google Images More Efficiently With Google Image Ripper

  1. Chinook

    That Google Image Ripper is EXACTLY what I needed!!!
    Thank you,

  2. Thanks for the tip on Google Image Ripper. I’ll give it a try.

  3. ljencarnacion

    It’s easier to find image now. Thanks!

  4. delenn13

    This is cool. Thanks!

  5. delenn13

    Forgot to say..I actually made this into a bookmarklet…because I may find myself using this a lot.

  6. ER

    that is so cool, thank you from a longtime lurking fan of your blog