Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – February 14, 2012

Mozilla Issues Critical Update for Firefox 10 – Barely two weeks after being released, Mozilla is already updating Firefox 10. Firefox 10.0.1 was released late Friday with no advance notice from Mozilla. That’s not exactly a good way to handle the first update for an enterprise release IMHO. The 10.0.1 update however isn’t just a quick fix for a minor bug though. The fix is for a critical flaw that Mozilla obviously felt needed to be patched ASAP.

Five data recovery apps that could make you a hero – When you get a panicked call from someone whose hard disk has crashed (with precious files that weren’t backed up), one of these apps might save the day.

How much online privacy do you really have? Less than you think – An independent group called PrivacyChoice has undertaken the formidable effort of assigning a numeric score to popular websites, measuring their published policies and how much tracking they allow. The results are eye-opening.

Plex Media Server for Windows – Plex Media Server for Windows (free) changes this situation in a fundamental way, turning a home PC into a streaming media center that’s just as slick, appealing, and versatile as commercial services. Overall, Plex is a great way to share media over a home network and spice up the delivery and selection process.

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Whitney Houston death video leads to scams – Facebook users are lured in by messages posted on their friends’ walls saying “I Cried watching this video. RIP Whitney Houston” and offering a link to a “Whitney Houston Death Video Exclusive”. Clicking on the link takes the users to a Facebook page that contains another link to the video, which then leads them to a survey scam site via a number of redirections.

Online Dating Sites Getting Around With Customers Data – Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the privacy watchdogs over at the Electronic Frontier Foundation have put together a guide for those tempted to dance the algorithm electric. Their findings: online dating services may be getting around with your personal data.

Best practices for online banking security – There are two common misconceptions about online banking security which are holding financial institutions back from offering their customers the best services possible. One typical misconception in online banking is that security begins and ends with securely authenticating account access.

A Social Network Exclusively for Small Business – Network with other small business owners, plus we’ve got two other Web tools and resources to help you run your small business. Best of all they’re free.

Prediction: Handful of Malicious Networks Will Spawn Most Attacks In 2012 – A shadowy web of malicious networks, or “malnets” will be the source of two thirds of online attacks in 2012, according to a report from the security firm Blue Coat.

Company News:

XConnect Revenue and Usage Surged in 2011, with Next Spurt Likely to Come from Video Communications – XConnect, the leader in federation-based IP voice and video interconnection and ENUM-registry services, said today it saw revenue and multimedia network traffic surge in 2011, with demand for video communications services poised to become the next engine of growth and new mobile opportunities on the road map. In 2011, XConnect launched the Video Interconnection Exchange (VIE), the world’s first neutral federation for video communications. The company has since established strategic alliances with such video ecosystem players as BCS Global and IPV to expand the video community, making video calling as easy as voice calling.

Citrix releases open source cloud platform – Today Citrix announced the availability of Citrix CloudStack 3, the first release of the open source cloud platform under the Citrix brand. CloudStack is already the world’s most successful platform for public clouds, powering over $1B in revenue for more than 85 large scale production clouds, including some of the biggest brands in the industry. With the new CloudStack 3 release, Citrix brings the power of true Amazon-style clouds to customers of all sizes.

Mozilla’s Windows 8 Firefox Plans Include Metro Browser – Mozilla’s plans for Firefox on Windows 8 include both a classic and Metro version, the better to port the browser onto a variety of devices running the operating system.

Kaspersky Lab unveils virtualization security solution – Kaspersky Lab announced Kaspersky Security for Virtualization, focused on protecting evolving corporate IT infrastructures from malware and cybercriminals. The solution integrates with VMware vShield Endpoint Security, providing protection for virtual data centers, virtualized servers and desktops. It automatically detects every virtual machine on the network, delivering files to the Kaspersky Lab client for real-time anti-malware scans.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Humor: Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized – The parents of 13-year old Caitlin Teagart have decided to end her life, saying she can now do nothing but lay on the couch and whine about things being “gay”. (recommended by Michael F.)

Piracy Driven by Overseas Film Release Lag Time, Researchers Say – Online piracy gets a lot of headlines and prompts crackdowns from content creators. But researchers say a bigger sales foe may be the lag time between when a movie is released in the U.S. and when it is available overseas.

Sony Shows Power Outlets That Can Control Electricity by User, Device, or Source – Sony is developing electric wall sockets and plugs that can control power consumption by appliance, user or original power source.

Frontier Justice – In 1881 a federal trial judge in the Territory of New Mexico, presiding at Taos in an adobe stable used as a temporary courtroom, passed sentence on murderer José Gonzales. We don’t know the details of Gonzales’ crime, but it must have been extraordinary — here’s the sentence: (recommended by Michael F.)

Today’s Quote:

“Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”

–     Henry Van Dyke

Today’s Free Downloads:

PicPick 3.1.2 – PicPick is an all-in-one graphic program that provides full-featured screen capture tool, intuitive image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair and even whiteboard.

PCWorld’s Favorite Downloads of 2011 – These programs and services are the ones we reviewed for PCWorld Downloads and also kept using for our own productivity and enjoyment. Perhaps you started using them this year, too…and if not, well, a shiny new year is right around the corner.


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    According to the National Park Service website for Fort Smith National Historic Site, the entry for “Frontier Justice” is unproven folklore.

    It is interesting reading though.