Tech Thoughts Daily Net News – February 13, 2012

Microsoft Online Store in India Hacked, Passwords Stored in the Clear – Those visiting the Microsoft Online Store in India this morning were greeted with the haunting image of Guy Fawkes warning them that this “unsafe system would be baptized”. A hacker group known as the Evil Shadow Team has taken responsibility for the attack, and has even released proof that passwords stored on the server were not encrypted.

Google Wallet Suspends Prepaid Credit Card Functions – Google has suspended prepaid capabilities on credit cards linked to its mobile wallet after a security flaw was exposed. Saturday’s move comes following the airing on the Internet of a flaw in the wallet’s design that could allow an unauthorized user of a phone to tap into an existing balance on a card by reconfiguring the wallet’s settings.

6 Ways to Defend Against Drive-by Downloads – These stealthy downloads are particularly dangerous: As their name suggests, they automatically install software on end users’ computers without them knowing.

How to Reset Your Windows Password – Here’s our guide to resetting your Windows password if you don’t have access to a previously created password-reset disk. However, if you don’t have a password-reset disk and you need to reset your Windows password, I suggest using the following Sticky Keys trick.

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Format FAT32 drives beyond 32GB limit – With the help of a special utility application, you can indeed format a FAT32 drive beyond the 32GB size limit.

Five pieces of scamware to watch out for – From fake antivirus apps to uninvited toolbars, scamware can bog down your users’ PCs — and sometimes do a whole lot worse.

Top apps for removing crapware – Get rid of that unwelcome crapware by running one of these safe, easy-to-use tools.

10 ways to get the most out of Evernote – Evernote’s flexibility and convenience have millions of users hooked. Here are some of the best ways to put this note-taking tool to good use.

Create or Improve Your Own Websites Using These Great Tools – More than ever before, it is easy to create content online and get your message out into the world. Many tools let you create beautiful websites, both personal and business-oriented, without writing a single line of code. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned Web developer, here are some of the best tools and services available for putting your content online today.

How to Set Up a Wireless Router – Setting up your new wireless router is simple as long as you have a PC with a wireless network adapter and an active high-speed Internet connection. Here’s a quick guide to getting your wireless router running smoothly.

Best Hosted Mobile Stores for Less Than $30 – A hosted ecommerce store can help you optimize for any computing trend — including mobile commerce. We look at five hosted ecommerce software services priced $30 per month or less.

Don’t blame Motorola for not wiping returned Xooms – Consumers must take responsibility for protecting their personal data and stop relying on manufacturers or retailers to wipe returned devices.

Company News:

Mozilla’s plan for 2012: break the ecosystem lock – Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon–all are targets for Mozilla’s plan to use Web apps to free people from ecosystem lock-in. Also: new Firefox features aplenty.

Sprint, T-Mobile Ask FCC for More Information on Verizon’s Spectrum Plans – Verizon Wireless was surely hoping its deal with Comcast and three other cable companies would proceed quietly—the mirror opposite of what happened when AT&T tried to buy T-Mobile in 2011. But, no such luck. Sprint, T-Mobile, DirectTV, the Rural Telecommunications Group and the Rural Cellular Association believe that too little information about the deal has been released and are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to halt its review until details of the agreement have been made clear.

Apple Files Another US Patent Suit Against Samsung – Apple wants a federal judge to halt sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, specifically targeting Ice Cream Sandwich as infringing on Apple patents.

Off Topic (Sort of):

Online Dating Sites: Seek Love, Find Privacy Violations – The Electronic Frontier Foundation evaluates privacy efforts from online dating sites and finds little substance.

Litigation lunacy: Silicon Valley’s lost its mind – The dreary details differ, but the same theme informs–we’re good, they’re bad, and dear judge: would you please kneecap these guys for us?

Google Earth: Power Tips and Tricks – Here’s your chance to discover a new dimension to Google Earth: Find out how to create your own maps, scroll through historic imagery, or fly across the globe.

Reddit bans sexually suggestive images of children – In response a great deal of criticism and controversy, Reddit has decided to ban the posting of sexually suggestive or exploitive images of minors.

Today’s Quote:

“When a true genius appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

–     Jonathan Swift

Today’s Free Downloads: – Windows Repair 1.6.4 – – Windows Repair is an all-in-one repair tool to help fix a large majority of known Windows problems including registry errors and file permissions as well as issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Update, Windows Firewall and more.

Kaspersky TDSSKiller – Kaspersky Lab has developed the TDSSKiller utility that allows removing rootkits. A rootkit for Windows systems is a program that penetrates into the system and intercepts the system functions (Windows API).

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