The “My 7 Links Challenge” at Tech Thoughts

imageI’ve been smiled on by the Goddess of Good Fortune since I first sat down at a Keyboard and started pounding away at what I know (and, in some cases – don’t know), about technology. A large part of that good fortune has been; the  surprising number of friends I’ve made out in the wild blue of the Internet.

Friends that encompass the spectrum of common interest – not always related to technology. Friends that include – journalists; application developers; law enforcement techs; company guys and gals – at all levels; Homeland Security technologists; fellow IT professionals ………….; and best of all – you – the reader who drops in here regularly. From the highbrow intellectual – to the super geek (which describes many of you), and on to the average Joe and Jane.

When I stop to consider that readers here come from every continent – I’ll exclude Antarctica – just for now   Smile –  I’ve been smiled on indeed.

One class of Internet friend holds a special place with me, and that is – my fellow committed bloggers – since we all push the pen – so to speak. Tougher to do consistently than many might imagine.

A few days ago, I received an invitation from my Super Blogger friend (one of those law enforcement types – now ex), Rick Robinette, Webmaster over at What’s On My PC, to join in a “challenge” – My 7 Links Challenge.

According to Tripbaseblog, the originator of this challenge, here’s the scoop:

The goal of this challenge is to unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

But, more particularly, from the blogger’s perspective:

The most beautiful post.

The most popular post.

The most controversial post.

The most helpful post.

A post whose success surprised me.

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved.

The post I am most proud of.

That sounded like something I could wrap my head around – so, I decided to participate – but, I’m late – as usual. Although, working through 2,700+ articles is a bit mind-boggling.

The following are my posts  in each of those categories:

The most beautiful post Sorry – not on the horizon. I’m much too curmudgeonly to do “beautiful”.

The most popular postActually seventh on the list of most popular – but, the previous six are specific “how to remove” particular rogue applications. So, I’ll skip over those and go toFree Malwarebytes – Is it the Best Secondary Malware Scanner?

The most controversial postExplain to a parent that there is no conclusive evidence that video games are addictive and, you better settle in for a long battle. Video Game Addiction – True, or False?

The most helpful post – In the broadest context only, since it deals with the digital IQ gap. Part Of The Tech Savvy Generation? How Tech Savvy Are You Really?

A post whose success surprised meA post designed to test the “crazy clicker” theory. I was not disappointed. Surprised at its popular – but, not disappointed. Hey Sucker – Read This! Michael Jackson’s Not Dead!

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deservedSince this article reviewed a free tool which makes blogging a little easier – not to mention the benefits available to any Net surfer – I was somewhat surprised there was little comment on this.  Still, with 12,000+ reads it was hardly a failure. Surf Smarter – Take A Sneak Peek At Links With CoolPreviews Firefox Add-on

The post that you I am most proud ofRemembrance Day 2011 – Lest We Forget

The final piece of this challenge is “To pass the blogger’s torch on, and to keep the My 7 Links Challenge going” – to quote Rick. So, I’m extending a challenge to the Webmasters of the following sites.

Paul’s Home Computing Blog

Sargastic Irrevalence

Paul Andrew Russell

Chicago Mac/PC Support

Scoroncocolo Tech Pages

Accepted the Challenge:

My 7 Links Challenge – Paul Andrew Russell



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10 responses to “The “My 7 Links Challenge” at Tech Thoughts

  1. Bill,

    Just got in… What a fantastic roundup from a PRO! You did good, as they say. I especially got a good chuckle out of that “most beautiful post”.


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  4. Paul Andrew Russell

    Hi Bill,

    I’m just finishing for the night. I had no idea you’d posted this. Thank you for the compliment.

    I’ll get on it tomorrow. (This old man needs his sleep).

    PS I’ve changed my blog address

    I’m back on

    Best Wishes


    • Hi Paul,

      Good to see you back at the old WP. I’ve made the necessary changes – including on the Blogroll.

      Take your time with this – I’m figuring that unlike me, you’ve got a bagful of beautiful posts. 🙂

      And, why not? You write some very warm stuff. 🙂



      • Paul Andrew Russell

        Well, I finally managed it. lol 🙂

        But after the ‘lost blog’ disaster I didn’t have as many posts to choose from as I’d have liked. Oh well, it was fun anyway Bill. 🙂

  5. delenn13

    Enjoyed the read. Thanks. Cool Previews is one of my “must haves”. Been using it about the same time I switched over to Firefox..about 6 yrs ago..I think.