Brr! Bundle Up With Serif Software’s Super Line Of Freebies

imageRegular readers will remember yesterday’s link to Acronis True Image Personal 2010 – a freebie offer, in which participation was restricted to the United States and Canada.

Today, lets take a look at how a highly regarded U.K. based software developer, Serif Software – a company which understands that the World Wide Web is indeed, World Wide – generates interest in their product line. With over 6 million customers, Serif is a strong player in the application marketplace.

Recognizing, that restrictive download policies are a non-starter – Serif seems to be driven in this respect by – You live where? We don’t care! You want it?  You got it!

Serif had, for years, provided free access to slightly older full versions of  their full product line – top quality popular products which I’ve reviewed here many times. Here’s a stat which helps put some perspective on how just popular Serif products have been on this site alone – 71,000+ download clicks in the last 3 years, or so.

Now here’s the puzzler – virtually all of those clicks came from European and Asian users. I suspect, that’s a factor of name recognition in local markets.

There’s been a major change since I last had an opportunity to drop in on the Serif site (a visit prompted by the Acronis offer) – a very positive change, I think. Serif’s focus is now on providing Starter Editions of  all their current software.

I use Starter Editions of several popular applications – including Microsoft Word (who can afford MS Word on every machine  Smile ). While Starter Editions do not have all of the features of the full product – generally, I’ve found these applications meet, or exceed, most of my needs. Realistically though – that is not always the case.

Application available for download include – desktop publishing, image editing, graphic design, web publishing, and more.


As an added bonus – free web templates, as well as free print templates, are available for download.


Please note: As is so often the case – you will be required to “open” an account.


Following which you’re good to go – as illustrated below.

Serif 2012

Subsequent downloads will require you to sign into your account. Having downloaded several applications this morning, including MoviePlus and PagePlus, I was pleasantly surprised to see how simple subsequent downloads are.


Just another day in Toolbar land – so, caution is the byword – as always.


All Serif applications are Wizard driven so, don’t worry if you lack experience in using a particular application – here’s a quick shot of MoviePlus Starter Edition which I’ve just opened to take for a quick spin.


System requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download at: Serif Software


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8 responses to “Brr! Bundle Up With Serif Software’s Super Line Of Freebies

  1. delenn13

    Just a heads up: Serif is comparable to Ashampoo when it comes to emails. Use a throwaway or an email account you don’t care about if you sign up.

  2. Don

    I was about to suggest the same thing as DELENN13 did! I do it for a number of reasons, not the least being the onslaught of Spam offers. I’ve been able to easily determine who the culprit was in past transactions with companies that swear on a stack of bibles that they will absolutely NOT sell your name, etc. Yeah, right! In anycase, this looks promising Bill. I don’t really need any of the offerings but it’s nice to know what’s out there, thanks to you! Best as always.

  3. Grr

    A good news Bill.

    Thanks, Grr

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